Conscious Vloggers We Love

Searching for content on minimalism or need quick tips from a zero-waste pioneer? YouTube has you covered. The online content platform is home to thousands of sustainable and intentional living vloggers, all of whom are making valuable and engaging content for their audiences.

We anticipate that we’ll be spending a lot of time watching and learning this year. Here’s a list of who we’re following!

1. Shelbizleee

Watch For | Eco-realist tips and attaining a zero-waste lifestyle 
Start With | How To Tell If A Brand Is Greenwashing

Shelbizleee (pronounced shell-biz-ul) is an eco-realist. She’s passionate about ditching plastic straws, thrift shop hauls, and speaking out against body shaming. We love her Youtube channel for real talks about all things zero-waste living, as well as her product reviews and the day-in-the-life videos she makes with her partner, Madison.

Shelbizleee on YouTube


2. simply by christine

Watch For | Videos that highlight a slow and minimalistic lifestyle
Start With | 3 Simple Ways To Compost

We love simply by christine for calm and inspiring videos about all things sustainable living and minimalism. Whether you want to learn how to garden and compost or you’re looking for minimalist brand recommendations, Christine likely has a video on the topic. Watching her day-in-a-life vlogs feels like spending time with a close friend—her home, wardrobe, and overall aesestic are so warm and inviting!

simply by christine on YouTube


3. Aime Maggie

Watch For | Accessible conversations about sustainability and climate change
Start With | Climate Activism 101

Ready for some sustainability real talk? Then you’ll want to tune in to Aime Maggie. The vlogger who lives in Paris (and often documents her life there) has been using Youtube for a while now to bring viewers accessible and straightforward information about climate change. Expect an array of pertinent topics and conversations, all of which are relevant to current climate conversations, including our favorite video series on green housing and cities.

Aime Maggie on YouTube


4. Meghan Livingstone

Watch For | Warm and inviting videos about holistic living & wellness
Start With | Improve Your Digestion

For YouTube videos about holistic and healthy living, Meghan Livingstone’s channel is where you can find us in 2019. A Toronto-based blogger and Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Meghan’s warm personality shines through every video and we love her healthy recipe suggestions, simple living tips, and thoughts on self-care. She’s also an excellent source for videos about gut health and digestion.

Meghan Livingstone on YouTube


5. Lavendaire

Watch For | Personal growth and wellness talks
Start With | How To Have More Compassion For Yourself

With over 1.6 million followers, Aileen Xu champions personal growth and development for creatives, dreamers, and artists alike. Her channel Lavendaire is “for the artist of life” and includes videos about goal setting, vision boards, decluttering challenges, and financial planning advice. A helpful channel for setting intentions and new goals.

Lavendaire on YouTube


6. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Subscribe For | Vintage love, parenthood and disabilities content
Start With | Chronic Illness Diagnosis Tips

A channel that combines parenting and love with chronic illness stories, and, oh, also vintage fashion tips? Hits Subscribe. Follow Jessica and her wife Claudia (+ babies and pups) for uplifting and educational content about everything from lgbtq+ history and disabilities q&as to fashion inspiration and lifestyle videos.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard on YouTube


7. Ahsante the Artist 

Subscribe For | Self-care advice & social and cultural awareness talks from a Harvard grad
Start With | How to Be a Good Ally – Identity, Privilege, Resistance

Learn, grow, do better, and be better is the mission behind Ahsante the Artist’s thriving Youtube channel. Focusing on content that inspires social awareness and encourages self care, Ahsante’s videos are both entertaining and moving—we always find ourselves challenged to better humans after consuming her content.

Ahsante the Artist on YouTube


8. Amy Maxine

Subscribe For | Natural wellness tips and clean beauty tutorials
Start With | My Natural Skincare Routine

Have you ever wondered how to make your own beauty products? Amy Maxine has a video for that. A British Youtube personality loved especially for her episodes about caring for and styling naturally curly hair, Amy’s content is informative, inspiring, and all about embracing natural and more simplistic living. She’s also a new mom (or mum, as they say in England). So, expect more episodes in 2019 about positive parenting and natural baby food.

Amy Maxine on YouTube


9. Matt D’Avella

Watch For | Professional, quality videos about minimalism & mindful living 
Start With | What I Learned From Journaling For 30 Days

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker and the creator of the award-winning documentary Minimalism. He invites YouTube viewers into his home as he shares about everyday topics from a minimalist perspective, including wellness routines, habits, finances, and mindful living spaces.

Matt D’Avella on YouTube


10. Fairyland Cottage

Watch For | Weekly videos on simple, healthy, low waste living
Start With | Journey To A Simple, Sustainable Life

Broadcasting from the Irish south east coast, the makers of Fairyland Cottage create soothing videos about sustainable and slow living. Content includes DIY tutorials as well as relaxing footage of nature and country gardens. Watch with a cup of tea to inspire your own sustainability journey.

Fairyland Cottage on YouTube



Watch For | Videos on creativity, wellness, and art
Start With | Self-love & How To Gain Confidence

HINDZ’s videos offer a dose of self-love and positive energy—two things we find ourselves wanting more of these days. Watch for chats about creativity and wellness, as well as gentle challenges that often go against the norm for cultivating inner love and peace.

HINDZ on YouTube