How To Find The Right Craft For You 

You don’t have to be an artist or a self-described “creative” to enjoy crafting. Unless you’re entering a crafting competition (shout out to ”Making It”) or selling your creations, hands-on hobbies are just for fun. Crafting is for expressing yourself, sparking joy, bonding with friends, or relaxing solo. Because our culture is obsessed with the “hustle and grind” mentality, stress tends to leak even into our leisure activities—but don’t let it.

You don’t have to be an artist or a self-described ‘creative’ to enjoy crafting.

There’s no perfect formula for finding your particular craft. In truth, finding the right craft for your personality, lifestyle, living situation, and budget requires experimenting with a few different mediums. Luckily, you’ll never get bored as there are endless types of crafts out there! To start this journey, here are some suggestions for discovering your next favorite hobby. 

If You’re Looking For a Social Activity

A babysitter I had in elementary school introduced me to collaging, and it rocked my world. I loved that you could take a symbol of exclusivity, like a fashion magazine, and make it your own. There is truly no rhyme or reason to collaging; all you need is some glue, paper, magazines, and scissors to bring your ideas to life. You can create a collage to set intentions for the new year, to start a wardrobe mood board, to make as a card for a loved one’s birthday, or simply to free your mind. This craft is great for roommates, partners, and of course, with your besties over Zoom.

If You Want To Stay Cozy and Unwind

My mom owns a knitting shop near my hometown, so this craft holds a special place in my heart; it’s been ever-present throughout my life. Throw away the stereotype that knitting is only for a certain demographic and dive into the beautiful world of yarn! Knitting can be a social or mobile activity—my mom would knit at my dance recitals and soccer games—though there’s nothing like making yourself a calming drink, wrapping yourself in a blanket, and knitting with your favorite show in the background. 

Throw away the stereotype that knitting is only for a certain demographic and dive into the beautiful world of yarn!

This craft will most likely require an in-person tutorial to get you started. Youtube tutorials are great for learning tips and tricks thereafter. The internet is your oyster! Just be on the lookout for sustainably sourced yarn, like those from Wool & The Gang or through Fibershed.

If You Want To Join The DIY Movement

Throughout history, embroidery has moved from status symbol to casual fashion trend. The craft is a beautiful way to capture an image, spice up a t-shirt, or upcycle a pair of jeans. Some basic sewing knowledge is required to join this part of the DIY movement, but a local or online embroidery class can get you up to speed. Start simple or follow a template to begin, and then branch out into creating your own patterns, adding beads, and mixing colors. Check out Katrina Rodabaugh’s “Mending Matters” for a comprehensive guide.

If You Need Consistency In Your Life

Weaving brings a combination of softness and strength to our lives.

It’s impossible to scroll through social media these days without happening upon a photo of a weaving project. Weaving is incredibly popular right now due to the combination of softness and strength the craft brings to our lives. Weaving requires commitment and diligence, and during this tumultuous time in our country and world, having something to turn to consistently is a blessing. 

Additionally, weaving will give you even more respect for the skilled artisans who produce woven garments worldwide. To start weaving, check out online guides, tutorials, or patterns. Once you know the basics, you can let your imagination run free!

If You’re Looking To Focus Your Energy

In elementary school, my antsy best friend and I thought it would be a good idea to try beadwork. Although we often annoyed our instructor with our incessant chatting, we fell in love with the tedious craft. There’s something so therapeutic about beadwork because of the required attention to detail. It’s almost impossible to think of anything else when you’re attempting to string a handful of tiny beads in a flower pattern. (Which is inevitably why our chatter irked our instructor; talking meant we weren’t working.) 

Depending on how artistically inclined you are, you may want to find a local beadwork class, though there are many beginner tutorials online.

If You Want To Meet New People

Unless you’d like to buy your own kiln, this craft requires venturing out into the world and finding a pottery studio to practice—but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. A friend of mine recently fell in love with pottery. It brings her so much joy that she makes room in her budget for classes and studio time. Many find pottery soothing and meditative, though it also creates an opportunity to join a new community of makers. Slightly more involved than other crafting activities, yet undoubtedly satisfying, pottery is a perfect craft if you’re looking to relax solo or make new friends. Follow Alyssa Julian, The Good Trade’s Community Lead, for pottery inspiration!

If venturing out isn’t a fit for you right now due to COVID-19, consider using air-dry clay.

My number one tip for finding the craft that’s right for you? Patience. Regardless of what medium you choose, be patient with yourself as you journey from crafting newbie to crafting expert. And don’t forget to have fun!


Audrey Stanton was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently based in Los Angeles. She works as a freelance writer and content creator with a focus in sustainable fashion. Audrey is deeply passionate about conscious living and hopes to continue to spread awareness of ethical consumption.