Summer’s warmer days and longer nights are perfect for rekindling love. Whether by way of adventure, revisiting a shared hobby or favorite place, or learning in our partner’s interests (or vice-versa), we’ve found that intentional and uninterrupted time together helps our relationships grow stronger (and fonder).

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer date night ideas—from getting all dressed up and going out to experiencing new activities and adventures together! Drop your date night ideas in the comments below! 💕

1. Grab a drink and blanket and head to a secret concert in your city. Sofar Sounds hosts live music in unique spaces around the globe. The artists and location are always a surprise!

2. Make a meal from scratch together—like really from scratch. Make your own bread, dressings and condiments, and top it off with a homemade dessert. Save the dishes for tomorrow.

3. Explore a botanical garden together and learn the names of plant species you didn’t previously know.

4. Go thrifting and create stories about the histories of the treasures you find.

5. Drive to the nearest natural body of water—ocean, lake, or pond and share your favorite water memories from childhood. (And go for a swim!)

6. Take a fitness or movement class together that’s new for both of you.

7. DJ a playlist for each other for a summer concert series at home.

8. If either of you has musical skills, break out the instruments. Write a song, play your favorite covers, and be easy on yourselves—it’s just for fun!

9. Teach each other a new skill. One of you can give guitar lessons; the other can give crochet lessons. Be patient with each other, and gain some new appreciation for your partner’s strengths.

10. Support your local theater in the park and watch a play together. Don’t forget the picnic supplies.

“Support your local theater in the park and watch a play together.”

11. Volunteer together for a cause you both care about.

12. Make a favorite bakery treat—cake, cookies, brownies, croissants—the sky is the limit. Rate each other’s creations for deliciousness and presentation.

13. Travel back in time and visit your local drive-in. Bring each other a surprise snack.

14. Find your nearest amusement park and spend a day riding roller coasters.

15. Alternatively, head to the fairgrounds for some cotton candy. It is summer, after all!

16. Visit your local library and create a summer reading stack for each other.

17. Support your local bookstore by checking their events calendar—head to a poetry reading or author panel and get inspired! (Pick up a book or two while you’re at it).

18. Take a scenic drive and simply enjoy each other’s company.

19. Get a little hot and sweaty by learning how to salsa—either in your living room or by taking a dance class!

20. Once you’re ready, take your new moves out in public and spend a night dancing away at a club.

“Soar to new heights in a hot air balloon ride with your significant other.”

21. Summer is the perfect time to listen to music outdoors. Find a nearby concert for a memorable date night.

22. Soar to new heights in a hot air balloon ride with your significant other. Take lots of pictures!

23. Soar even higher and challenge each other to try skydiving.

24. Bring your heart rates back down with an afternoon couples’ massage.

25. Or spend the whole day getting pampered at your favorite local spa!

26. Trying to save money? Bring the spa home by turning your home into a relaxing oasis. Light some candles, turn on some soft music, and give each other massages.

27. Find the best happy hours in your city and make a bucket list to try them all.

28. For a sober summer, sign up for a subscription to one of these booze-free elixirs. Make a tasting night of it with your SO!

29. Get creative in a couples’ paint class, then frame your art at home.

30. Sculpting classes are another great afternoon date for boosting creativity together—find a class near you or try one of these at-home pottery kits.

“Sculpting classes are another great afternoon date for boosting creativity together.”

31. This isn’t your typical wine and canvas night—make a new art piece for your home using your bodies together. 😉

32. We’re all in need of more laughter these days. Take your date to a comedy club for a lighthearted night to remember.

33. Take a leisurely bike ride around your city. Take turns leading and see where the roads take you.

34. Find an old polaroid camera on Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace. Spend an afternoon walking around your favorite streets and create a photo map of your neighborhood together.

35. If you need something new, give Randonautica a try. This app turns finding new things and places into a game, and you’ll discover anomalies in your neighborhood.

36. What is your city’s “thing”? Figure out what gets manufactured in your current city of residence, and look for factory tours. From pickle factories to local breweries to micro-molding manufacturing, take a tour and learn something new.

37. Eat your way through your city! Make a list of all the must-try restaurants (prioritizing hole-in-the-wall restaurants), and then put dinner dates on the calendar throughout the summer.

38. Catch a ballgame together, or attend a sporting match of your choice. Use Gametime for finding last-minute tickets.

39. Pack up your tent and sleeping bags for a date night under the stars.

40. If camping isn’t easily accessible, set the tent up in your living room. S’mores are just as tasty when made over the stovetop!

41. For the most adventurous couples, grab your packs for a weekend backpacking trip. Remember to pack out your trash.

“Rent kayaks or paddleboards for the day.”

42. Live near a lake? Rent kayaks or paddleboards for the day.

43. Closer to a river? Book a rafting adventure for a true bonding experience!

44. Leisure and water also pair well together. Consider a leisurely tube float or picnic or a river shore for a relaxing day date.

45. Sometimes the best date night calls for takeout and a good movie. Flip a coin for who gets to choose the food and who chooses the film. Share your tastes with one another!

46. It’s rare to sit and listen to an entire album these days. For an affordable summer concert, grab your favorite snacks and beverages, then snuggle up on the couch and listen to a whole album together.

47. Or bring the front-row seats to your living room by finding a full concert on YouTube (a Tiny Desk Concert works, too!)

48. Another affordable option is to find a secondhand movie projector, hang a white sheet, and grab a favorite film from your childhood. Then create a living room fort for at-home viewing. Snuggles encouraged!

49. A trip to your local vineyard and wineries can make for a fun summer afternoon. Just make sure to Uber!

50. Try a new board game together! 60 Second City is a collaborative game that requires good communication or get competitive with Rivals for Catan.

51. If your partner is a gamer, grab a controller! Spend an evening learning why they love it and play together.

52. Attend a local high school play, sports event, or performance. These are often affordable, and you’ll get to see some emerging talent.

“When your favorite fruit is in season, head to a local farm and pick your own.”

53. When your favorite fruit is in season, head to a local farm and pick your own. It’s a fun (and extremely delicious) way to spend time outdoors together.

54. Spend the day creating a home video or movie. Take turns playing director and record your memories for nostalgia’s sake.

55. When the weather gets chilly, warm up some soup, light some candles, and get in your PJs. Play a board game or try your skills at chess!

56. Mini-golf never goes out of style.

57. Better yet, head to the driving range and learn the art of the long shot.

58. Get social with strangers and book an escape room date night!

59. Is either of you a coffee fan? Grab a late-night cup of Jo (decaf preferably!) at your favorite coffee shop. Or find one in town that has an open mic night.

60. Treat yourselves to some manis and pedis! If you’re going for color, why not select each other’s polish?

61. Not all date nights need to include talking. Head to a bookstore, pick out new novels and find a cozy nook to start reading. Just make sure to purchase the books and bring them home with you!

62. Catch the sunrise together by going for a hike at dawn.

63. Or, if you’re night owls, plan a hike during the next full moon.

64. DIY house projects don’t have to be a bore. Fasten your tool belts and spend the afternoon tackling a small renovation—like updating your light fixtures or adding a new backsplash!

“Make a cup of coffee and visit your neighborhood garage sales together. ”

65. For a weekend morning date, make a cup of coffee and visit your neighborhood garage sales together. Grab lunch at a cute cafe afterwards!

66. Learn something new about the universe by visiting a planetarium.

67. Likewise, find your nearest museums and art galleries and spend an afternoon getting lost in art and artifacts.

68. If you live near the beach, spend a day on the shore. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

69. Tackling a ropes course together is a great way to practice trust and courage.

70. Try your skills at geocaching—and bring a picnic lunch!

71. Volunteer in your city for a trash clean-up.

72. Water parks aren’t just for kids! Grab your suit and sunglasses.

73. For the competitive couple, a date night at an adult arcade is always a fun treat.

74. Book a lane at your local bowling alley.

75. Take a silent soundwalk together and compare notes afterward.

“Go on a picnic and conduct a blind taste test of some refreshing, sparkling spirits.”

76. If you imbibe, go on a picnic and conduct a blind taste test of some refreshing, sparkling spirits.

77. If you don’t imbibe, test your bartending skills to see who can make the best mocktail with these non-alcoholic alternatives.

78. Is that bouquet of flowers in your living room looking less than fresh? Dry, press, frame, and hang them!

79. While you’re at it, DIY some dried fruits for a sweet snack to enjoy together.

80. Are you and your SO fans of fright? Have a scary movie party and dress up in costumes to make it extra fun!

81. Speaking of dressing up, why not get all decked out for no reason? You can book a fancy dinner, or not! Maybe order take-out or fast food instead.

82. Explore what’s below and go snorkeling for the day. You don’t need to live near an ocean either! Snorkeling in a lake or swimming hole can be just as fun.

83. Make a new blanket for your home. Head to the fabric store (or thrift shop), pick out your favorite fabrics, and then use this easy DIY tie blanket tutorial.

84. Volunteer at your local kids’ summer camp. Be teachers for a day and spend time giving back to your community.

85. Make a meal together and then deliver it to your local fire station.

“Make a meal together and then deliver it to your local fire station.”

86. You can also spend a day serving at your local community kitchen.

87. Find out if your city has a community garden and join a gardening day with your partner. Get your hands dirty and give back! Maybe you’ll even come home with some fresh produce.

88. If you’re considering getting a pet sometime soon—or love animals but can’t have a pet right now—offer to spend the day caring for your friend’s dog. Take them to the dog park, bathe them, and see how you and your partner do as pet parents.

89. Find your community pool and spend the day lounging poolside together—naps encouraged.

90. Build a custom bird feeder for your garden or front porch.

91. Go out on the town but without any plans! See where the night takes you.

92. Get all dolled up and attend the opera.

93. Get dressed down and spend a day playing catch or frisbee in the park. Bring a blanket and snacks for relaxing afterward.

94. Spend an afternoon creating a list of dreams and aspirations you and your partner want to accomplish together. Planning for the future is sexy!

95. If you’re in the market for a home (or not), use the Zillow app to visit open houses in your area. This makes for a fun weekend date. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

96. (Safely) test drive your dream cars—maybe a Jeep or Tesla or something fast and fun!

97. Go through your phones and print out your favorite pictures together. Create a photo album to celebrate your relationship.

98. Host a summer dinner party for friends. Make it themed and have everyone dress for the occasion.

99. Grab a blanket and head to the backyard or a nearby park for an evening of stargazing.

Kayti Christian (she/her) is a Senior Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.