Creating Space To Live A Life You’ll Love

We all know that good feeling when taking true action; distraction-less within an effortless rhythm and flow. It’s as if time magically disappears, and there’s nothing else but the moment before us as we follow our heart’s movement. However, many times there are surrounding components, or clutter for lack of a better word, that leave us feeling weighed down, overwhelmed and perhaps frustrated. There’s nothing worse than having those feelings get in the way of doing what we love most.

To allow for more indefinite action on our life’s path, here are 7 steps to clear the excess so we can have more space for our goals, dreams, and special moments in between.

1. Get Clear

Make space for intention. By deeply visualizing our ideal lifestyle, goal or dream we must first question and identify why we want to live the way we do. How does it feel? Look? Smell? How are we interacting with others, staying true to our values, beliefs and the environment?

2. Get Specific

Make space for growth. The more specific and detailed we can be about our intention, the better. This is where we can ask ourselves what it is we can take action on, starting today. One step at a time is all we need to know and that, in and of itself, can bring us closer to the growth we want to ignite.

3. Categorize

Make space for mindfulness. Mindfully sift through one item and category at a time. The closet is a great first place to start. Have boxes with labels such as “giveaways”, “sell”, “donate”, “trash”, “recycle”, “deep storage”, “emergency”, and of course “keep” for each category within your belongings. Think of what items could be enjoyed having a second life repurposed.

4. Discard

Make space to let go. The easiest way to know what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t. It’s important we don’t hold onto things just for the sake of holding on, or thinking it might be of use “someday.” In moments of questioning, taking a step back to view the sole intention again can make it easier to let go of what no longer serves us. Honor this process, celebrate, and repeat.

5. Restore

Make space for beauty. After discarding, recycling or donating, we decide where to store, organize and place the remainder of our belongings. The process of renewing our space can reawaken our items with special meaning and defined purpose, where each item has its own role and reason. Within the organic process of restoration, there is no right or wrong way, or end game to this step, as our spaces are always evolving as we grow too.

6. Evaluate

Make brain space. Clearing the clutter isn’t all about the physical environment. Evaluate what has worked so far and what doesn’t, questioning what feels good and what doesn’t, and then make modifications if necessary. This step is surprisingly easier if written down. We don’t need to keep everything stored in our brain.

7. Relax!

Make space for gratitude. It’s a healthy reminder that we are human beings, not human doings. In a doing-culture that moves so fast, it feels good to slow down, give thanks, and find glimpses of beauty, reverence and awe in this wide open space. If we can remind ourselves to love what we already have, we just might see that we have everything we already need. How’s that for the best of decluttering hacks?

Goals are important, but they exist in the past and the future. Action exists only in the present moment. It is through these action steps that our brain space, workspace, and heart space will be thanking us.

In this space is where the magic happens; where intentions can grow through mindfulness, knowing when to let go and allow for beauty to fill our minds and hearts with gratitude. Decluttering allows us with more space to do what we love and love what we do. Whether this be to live more ethically, leave an impact, or perhaps just simply feel good, it all starts with an intention.