How To Dry Brush Skin

Dry brushing—an ancient technique—is a wellness treatment aimed at helping not just your skin but your body, too. In fact, there are many benefits to dry brushing!

Dry brushing exfoliates away old skin cells and primes your skin for newer, healthier ones. As it helps with unclogging pores, dry brushing also increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Brighter, healthier skin? Fewer toxins in the body? We’re here for it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Most dry brushes can’t get too wet (though some can be used while bathing), so we recommend dry brushing before your shower when your skin is dry.

  • Take your dry brush and gently massage your body in circular upward motions, starting at your feet. Apply slightly firm pressure throughout, and adjust to your preference.

  • Make your way up through the body, from calves and thighs (don’t forget the backsides!), up to the lower back, abdomen, and chest. Finish with your arms, from the hands to the shoulders and the neck.

  • Avoid using a body dry brush on your face as your skin may be too sensitive; opt for a facial dry brush instead, as these have gentler bristles.

Slowly take your time and lighten pressure if you notice dry brushing irritating your skin. After each use, tap the brush to remove old skin cells and debris, and be sure to check your specific brush’s directions for long-term care and sanitization. Post-shower, don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizing lotion or body oil to nourish your new(er) skin.

For seven dry brushes we love, check out the brands below—made using sustainable fibers like jute and sisal, responsibly sourced wood, and ethical production practices.

Remember: Our skin’s needs change as the seasons do, so we should update your skincare routine for winter accordingly, too—including dry brushing!

1. Pursoma

Best For | Gentle daily use
Materials | Jute fiber
Ethics | Ethically harvested materials, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable packaging
Price | $24.99

Pursoma’s mission is to make our bathrooms and bedrooms the sanctuaries we deserve, and its Detox Beauty Dry Brush helps us get closer to that vision. Crafted with ethically harvested jute fiber in Sri Lanka, this dry brush can be used daily all over your body. If you’re new to the practice, you can also watch Pursoma’s founder use the dry brush as part of a step-by-step tutorial.

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Best For | The helpful handle
Materials | Beechwood, sisal fibers, & cotton
Ethics | Plant-based & sustainably sourced materials, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging, eco-friendly practices, carbon-neutral, gives back
Price | $28

Out with the old (skin) and in with the new! OSEA’s Plant-Based Body Brush effortlessly sweeps away dead skin, thanks to the sisal fibers and helpful handle. Best used before a bath or shower, this dry brush offers unparalleled exfoliation. Plus, it’s vegan, carbon-neutral, and the company gives back.


3. Baudelaire

Best For | Your budget
Materials | Sisal fibers
Ethics | Plant-based materials, cruelty-free, vegan, solar-powered, gives back
Price | $10

Since 1987, Baudelaire has focused on rest and relaxation, primarily with its bath and body care goods. The Dry Brush effectively sloughs off dead skin both in and out of the shower—as opposed to most dry brushes, which can’t get wet. And at just $10, it’s the best affordable, sustainable option for smoother skin.

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4. Esker Beauty

Best For | Shower-friendly
Materials | Grass tree wood, natural bristles, hemp
Ethics | Sustainable materials, cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable packaging
Price | $18

Esker Beauty is body-first and sustainability-forward. This cruelty-free, low waste, and eco-friendly brand knows that sometimes the best solutions come right from mother nature. Its Dry Brush is a testament to that: The brush is made from all sustainably sourced and natural materials, right down to the hemp twine. The natural bristles, which can be used in the shower, aren’t as coarse as other brushes you’ll find.

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5. Iris Hantverk

Best For | Facial use
Materials | Birch wood & goat hair
Ethics | Crafted by visually impaired artisans in Sweden, responsibly sourced materials
Price | $28

Iris Hantverk has been around since 1870—yes, you read that correctly! Since its launch, the brand has worked with visually impaired artisans in Sweden to make natural fiber brushes, and that continues today. The Dry Face Brush, in particular, works beautifully even on sensitive skin, thanks to the super-soft goat hair. Don’t sleep on the body and bath brushes, either.

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6. Redecker

Best For | Firm bristles
Materials | Beechwood & Tampico plant fibers
Ethics | Sustainably & ethically sourced materials, handcrafted in Germany
Price | $14.99

Upgrade your bathing routine into a ritual with Redecker’s dry brush. This family-owned business has been making natural brushes for both home and body since 1935! This wooden dry brush, for example, is made with untreated beechwood, Tampico plant fibers, and a cotton cord for a plastic-free clean. This brush is best for those who prefer stronger, firmer buffing on their skin.

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7. EcoMax

Best For | Australian readers
Materials | Jute fibers, FSC-certified timber, nontoxic sealant
Ethics | Fair trade, ethically made in Sri Lanka, sustainably sourced materials
Price | $19.95 AUD

Australian readers, we didn’t forget about you! The EcoMax Jute Dry Face Brush is one you’ll love: It’s biodegradable, ethically produced in Sri Lanka, and finished with a nontoxic sealant. Plus, with jute fiber, you’ll enjoy a softer, gentler exfoliation than synthetic bristles. If this isn’t what you’ve been looking for, check out EcoMax’s other brushes and mitts—there’s something for everyone.

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Featured image via OSEA

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