Fresh Vegan Trainers For Every Season

As the seasons change, so does our shoe collection. This summer and fall, we’re seeking out sneakers to take our wardrobe (and our impact) to the next level. Because while regular sneakers can do the job, we’d rather opt for less damage to animals, plants, and planet earth overall.

We’ve found eight brands with vegan sneakers and trainers that are upping the game worldwide, from France to Brazil to the US. Stock up on these vegetarian shoes—we’ll be wearing these to the beach, the park, and everywhere in between.

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1. Veja

Features | Vegan, organic
Based In | Paris, France
Our Pick | Esplar SE Canvas
Price | $100

Need a pair of vegan sneaks for work, hanging out, and while running errands? Veja’s Esplar SE Canvas sneaker will be your new go-to’s, especially since they are unisex! Made with organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazonian forest, these shoes come with a simple V across the side. Pair with cropped jeans and a denim jacket for an effortless look. Based in Paris and handmade in Brazil, Veja creates stylish looks that are as socially-conscious as they are timeless.

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2. Native Shoes

Features | Vegan, ethically made
Based In | Vancouver, Canada
Our Pick | Apollo 2.0
Price | $95

Since 2009, Native Shoes has been leveling up our wardrobe and our environmental impact, while staying as affordable as ever. Crafted with eco-friendly and vegan materials, the Apollo 2.0 will give you the pop of color you’ve been looking for. We love the blossom pink, animal-free microfiber leather that makes these shoes ultra-light and perfect for travel. These slip-ons are just asking to be matched with an all-white outfit or with ankle cuffed jeans.

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3. Ahimsa

Features | Vegan, ethically made
Based In | Brazil
Our Pick | Sneaker 772
Price | $139

Started in 2013, Ahimsa believes in creating high-quality products with love. These vegan sneakers are ethically made in Brazil using vegan leather and high-quality microfibre material. Forever sleek, these are the casual sneakers that can be worn anywhere, anytime, so it’s the ideal staple to add to your closet. (PS: Ahimsa remains the only 100 percent vegan shoe factory in the world—talk about socially conscious.)

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4. Matt + Nat

Features | Vegan, eco-friendly, ethically made
Based In | Montreal, Canada
Our Pick | Gia Lace-Up
Price | $110

For years, Matt + Nat have been pioneers in the vegan and eco-friendly fashion world, and their domination continues. Their Gia sneakers are perfect for a day out on the town. These lace-ups are urban and modern and remind us of our favorite ‘90s sneakers with their white-and-black, chunky look. We’d throw these on with white or black capri-length pants and a tee, while we’re on the go.

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5. Thousand Fell

Features | Vegan, responsibly sourced materials, gives back, 1% for the Planet
Based In | Brazil & New York City
Our Pick | The Slip-On in Green
Price | $120

Thousand Fell knows that the first step to eliminating waste—since 97 percent of shoes end up in landfills—is wearing your sneakers for longer, so the company is focused on durability. Designed in New York and made in a family-owned factory in Brazil, the lace-ups and slip-ons use recycled rubber & bottles, and natural materials like coconut husk, palm leaf fibers, and quartz. Thousand Fell also collects its used sneakers and the recycled materials are either upcycled or reintegrated into its supply chain.

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Features | Buy one, give one, vegan
Based In | Santa Monica, CA
Our Pick | Drizzle Grey Chambray Sneakers
Price | $74.95

Get your vegan athleisure look on with TOMS’ Drizzle Grey Chambray Cabrillo Sneakers. With a removable molded insole and custom outsole, these sneakers are modern and sporty, but don’t feel like typical running shoes—we might even be bold enough to pair it with a dress. And of course, for each pair you purchase, TOMS gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need around the world.

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7. Keep

Features | Vegan, ethically made, gives back
Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Our Pick | The Homer
Price | $120

Keep’s Hunter’s Moon low top Homer sneakers have us obsessing. The marbled pattern is unique to each shoe and created in collaboration with master marbler Paige Cleveland of the Rule Of Three Studio. And no animals were harmed during the production of these, as they’re made with a cotton upper. Sitting at the ankle, this silhouette is our go-to for movie night, BBQs, and even summer strolls on the boardwalk. Turn the classic kicks on their head with this modern twist.

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8. Nae

Features | Vegan, sustainable & recycled materials
Based In | Portugal
Our Pick | Edda Maxi Sole Sneaker
Price | $143

Nae stands for “no animal exploitation,” so you can be sure no furry friends are harmed in the crafting of its Portuguese quality footwear. The shoes are manufactured in certified factories where the team works with natural & recycled materials like cork, pineapple leaf fibers, airbags, and plastic bottles. And not only does the Edda boast vegan leather, but it’s lined with 100 percent recyclable OEKO-TEX Certified microfiber.

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9. Ethletic

Features | Vegan, fair trade
Based In | Germany
Our Pick | Fair Sneaker: Randall
Price | 60€

Ethically made by fair trade employees in Pakistan, the Randall in Rose Dust from Ethletic is hard not to love. Made for skaters and sporty types worldwide, they’ve included multi-layered fabric, ventilation, and extra stitching to create durable, sustainable sneaks that will last throughout seasons. Going with the current fashions, this Rose Dust is in—but if you’re looking for more timeless options, they’ve got these in additional colors as well.

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10. Beyond Skin

Features | Vegan, ethically made
Based In | East Sussex, UK
Our Pick | Taylor Cream Trainers
Price | $145

Beyond Skin’s Taylor Cream Trainers are ideal for urban fashionistas and transition well between seasons, giving your ankles the warmth and comfort they deserve. They’re handmade in Spain using faux leather and recycled rubber, avoiding the killing of cows and water waste. And Beyond Skin goes an extra step (see what we did there?)—they donate a portion of proceeds to environmental and social causes.

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