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Our editors have traveled with sustainable luggage to every corner of the globe — these are our top picks that are eco-friendly, durable, and easy to travel with.

Travel season is upon us! And by that, we mean every season can be travel season if you’ve got the right luggage. If you’re looking to upgrade your travel gear (or gift an upgrade to a loved one!) consider choosing sustainable luggage from these eco-friendly, fair trade collections from the best luggage brands we could find.

Why is sustainable luggage important? 

When traveling, choosing sustainable luggage makes all the difference in minimizing our carbon footprint. By utilizing luggage that’s made with eco-friendly materials that are recycled and natural, it reduces the use of non-renewable resources to make these essential goods. Unfortunately, many luggage brands contain toxic materials in their products like phthalates, which can harm our health and our environment. The good news though is that many sustainable luggage brands emphasize the use of nontoxic materials that not only benefit the environment but also protect our health and promote safer manufacturing processes. Meaning that by purchasing sustainable luggage you’re supporting ethical practices, fair labor conditions, and a healthier planet!

Coming in an array of styles, colors, personalizations, and sizes, these sustainable suitcases are made by eco-conscious brands, many of which are committed to ethical practices and environmental conservation efforts. Most importantly, these eco-friendly luggage lines are built to last; this means less waste and a bag you can travel with for years to come.

Our criteria:

Our editors have used and researched the top sustainable luggage brands for years. These are our top picks that are thoughtfully made, built to last, and super convenient to travel with. We add new brands that we love to this list when they meet the following criteria.

  • SUSTAINABLE/ECO-FRIENDLY | These sustainable luggage brands are made with eco-friendly materials like recycled fabrics and aluminum that are nontoxic and safe for all to use! 
  • DURABLE | We’ve selected sustainable luggage brands that craft their luggage using durable and long-lasting materials that are tough and wear well against the harsh effects of travel.
  • EASY FOR TRAVELS | With features like 360-degree wheels, TSA-approved locks, and high-quality handles, these sustainable luggage brands are easy to use for travels short and long!

For that “one personal item” on planes and trains, see our guides to sustainable backpacks and eco-friendly purses and handbags for stowing your travel essentials!

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Best Weekender

1. Paravel

Climate neutral
OEKO-TEX® certified
Plant trees
Recycled materials

Best For | Carry-on luggage & packing cubes
Product Range | Wheeled luggage, duffles, weekenders, totes, handbags, backpacks
Prices Start At | $395 for a carry-on

Paravel is reimagining travel, and not just with its collection of chic suitcases. This NY-based brand has a forward-thinking sustainability model; to date, the company has recycled 5 million plastic water bottles (and counting!) into what’s called negative nylon. This material is used for Paravel’s packing cubes, totes, backpacks, and the interior lining of the Aviator suitcase. The luggage shells are made with recycled polycarbon exterior, an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle, vegan leather details, and recycled zippers.

All of this plus the timeless designs, beautiful color schemes, and Paravel’s five-year warranty? We know precisely what suitcase we’re rolling into our next adventure. Weekenders starting at $295 make this the kind of investment you won’t regret. Read our Paravel review for an in-depth look.

Editor Review | “I can happily recommend this luggage […] having a reliable carry-on made a huge difference for me while navigating unfamiliar cities and language barriers all on my own.” – Emily McGowan (Read the full review.)

2. Quince

Budget friendly
Eco friendly packaging
OEKO-TEX® certified

Best For | Hard-shell cases
Product Range | Carry-on suitcases, check-in suitcases
Prices Start At | $130 for a carry-on

For a classic hard-shell suitcase that will hold up to the wear and tear of years of work trips and family vacations, we love Quince. Choose from five beautiful but practical hues including dark green or a clear, bright blue in case you want to easily find your piece in a sea of black (although black is classic for a reason, and they have that too!). With Japanese-crafted Hinomoto 360-degree wheels, a removable laundry bag, and a TSA-approved lock, these two pieces also nest easily for storage. Crafted ethically with BCSI-certified production and at a combined price of just over $300, this could be the last travel set you need for a long, long time.

Customer Review | “The Quince luggage looked just as sleek and chic as a piece that costs $100 more — and it performed just as well! With the packing cubes, we were able to easily pack for three weeks with room for souvenirs. And the piece held up great to the wear and tear of checked luggage, while being comfortable to travel through the streets (even cobblestones!).” – Kayti Christian (Read the full review.)

3. Solgaard

B corp
Recycled materials
Small business

Best For | Built-in Shelving
Product Range
| Carry-on luggage, check-in luggage, backpacks
Prices Start At | $265 for a carry-on

Overpackers rejoice! Solgaard is making it easier than ever to pack everything you want with their innovative trunks, which are both a suitcase and a closet combined! Coming in a medium or large carry-on size or a sleek, hard-shell check-in size, these unbreakable suitcases have removable built-in shelves (!!), making unpacking easier than ever. With a lifetime warranty and the knowledge that these babies help to recycle up to 6 lbs of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities, what’s not to love? Their circular backpacks, starting at $165, are also the perfect personal item. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic, these bags can also be recycled when you’re finished with them!

Customer Review | “I just went on a 13 day work trip through LATAM and brought my new Solgaard carry on luggage. It fit everything I needed to have in there for my business trip and was an amazing travel companion. I can highly recommend this might little giant. Can’t wait to go on my next trip with it.” – Patrick R. (Read all reviews.)

4. Monos

1% for the planet
Climate neutral

Best For | Functional, timeless matching sets
Product Range | Carry-on luggage, check-in luggage, hybrid luggage, backpacks, duffels, totes, weekenders
Prices Start At | $255 for a carry-on

If you are a frequent flyer looking for the perfect timeless luggage set that is equally as functional as it is stylish, look no further than Monos. Named after the Japanese concept of “mono no aware,” or the appreciation of beauty in fleeting moments, the brand is committed to creating travel products that will help you do just that. Their mindfully designed luggage line offers TSA-approved carry-ons to check-in-sized premium travel cases that all nest neatly together between trips.

We love the attention to functionality in their designs, like the sleek front compartment on the Carry-On Pro Plus for easy access to laptops, books, and more. Mix and match starting with their versatile (and beautiful) backpacks that start at $200. Build a set in matching hues for each person in your family over the next several gift-giving occasions to ensure a lifetime of sleek, stylish, and functional journeys to wherever life takes them!

Customer Review | “The luggage cover was absolutely necessary. I will never travel without one again — no matter the color of my bag. It was completely destroyed and disgusting after each flight, yet it kept the exterior of my suitcase in pristine condition. The packing cubes are a game changer, and I loved their anti-microbial fabric.” – Kayti Christian (Read the full review.)

5. Cuyana

Circular fashion
Natural materials
Recycled materials
Second hand
Woman owned

Best For | Natural leather totes
Product Range | Weekenders, totes
Prices Start At | $298 for a weekender bag

For short trips and weekend adventures, we’re loving Cuyana’s Easy Travel Tote. Made with buttery soft Italian leather that’s LWG certified, you can trust this handy tote to carry everything you need with it’s sleek and smart design. Though it looks slim, this tote is super roomy and includes a 16” laptop holder, a phone pocket, and a key clip. Not to mention, two giant storage pockets for easy organizing! The base is also removable and since the bag is so lightweight, it makes it effortless to fold up and store till you need it next. Get it monogrammed for an added touch of personalization!

Customer Review | “I never travel without this bag. It is beautiful and very well constructed.” – Lindsay A. (Read all reviews.)

6. Patagonia

1% for the planet
B corp
Fair trade
Recycled materials
Second hand

Best For | Heavy-duty wheeled duffels
Product Range | Duffels, travel bags, backpacks, totes
Prices Start At | $359 for a wheeled duffel

Known for its expansive line of outdoor clothing and accessories as well as its sustainability efforts, it comes as no surprise that Patagonia’s collection of bags and gear includes a truly heavy-duty wheeled duffel that could withstand a lifetime’s worth of trips around the world. Sold in 40L, 70L, and 100L sizes and starting at just $159, this weather-resistant, waxed bag is designed to haul your gear on sturdy wheels and with a telescoping handle. Made from 100 percent recycled body fabric, lining, and webbing, this duffel is perfect for long-term trips and outdoor travel.

The brand is so committed to sustainability and reducing waste that they not only back every product with an ironclad guarantee that it will last, but they also offer repairs and include DIY repair & care instructions on their site. We are also big fans of their secondhand shop Worn Wear, for trade-ins, buying used, or recycling their items to reduce consumption and extend product life.

Customer Review | “This is my 3rd bag purchase from Patagonia, also have a carry-on and a non-wheeled duffel. This wheeled duffel is solidly constructed, rolls easily and the handle feels strong and study. 70L size is also great, big enough for extended trips but not so big that you end up packing a lot of extra stuff you don’t need.” – Brian (Read all reviews.)

7. Lo & Sons

Budget friendly
Family owned
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Day trips
Product Range | Backpacks, totes, weekenders
Prices Start At | $178 for a deluxe duffel

Imagine a bag that’s as stylish and eco-friendly as it is functional: Say hello to Lo & Sons’ Catalina Deluxe tote, starting at $178. Made with organic canvas or recycled polyester, this sustainable luggage is ideal for anyone and everyone you know! With a roomy shoe compartment, a padded messenger strap, suitcase handle, and plenty of pockets, it’s spacious and durable. No wonder it’s one of the brand’s best-selling bags.

When Helen Lo saw a need for better backpacks and luggage, she worked with her two sons to make it possible. Today, this small Asian American, family-owned business uses organic and recycled materials whenever possible, strives to be fully sustainable, and donates five percent of proceeds to community action organizations and nonprofits local to their NY base.

Customer Review | “I have several Lo & Sons bags at this point, and I can safely, say, the Catalina Deluxe is my go-to for travel. It has SO much space, I could pack more than a week’s worth of clothing and shoes in here, and still have space! Once again, Lo & Sons have outdone themselves with quality workmanship.” – Erin P. (Read all reviews.)

8. Baboon to the Moon

Recycled materials
Warranty offered

Best For | Luggage to last
Product Range | Backpacks, totes
Prices Start At | $280 for a carry-on sized backpack

Baboon to the Moon’s (say it three times fast!) mission is to bring color to our world and they do just that and more! Their bold and vibrant Go-Bags are backpack-duffle hybrids that are durable, colorful, and as functional as you can get. Made with nontoxic phthalate-free PVC, each comes in three TSA-approved sizes including, checked, carry-on, and personal. What’s most impressive is how much these bags can carry — the Go-Bag Big can hold 5+ days of clothes, is double layered, and features details we all can appreciate like lockable zippers and an external zip passport pocket. Reviewers even report how well Baboon to the Moon’s bags can hold heavy equipment like ski gear, with room to spare! Sold!

Customer Review | “a life changing purchase. if anything, this bag has moved me to be a world traveler. fits your entire apartment if you try hard enough. baboon to the moon will love you to the moon and back and back again.” – Ericka Shaira S. (Read all reviews.)

9. Roam

American made
Recycled materials
Small business

Best For | Customizable luggage
Product Range | Carry-on luggage, check-in luggage, backpacks, totes, duffels
Prices Start At | $495 for a carry-on

From former TUMI employees comes Roam, one of the world’s most customizable luggage brands. From monograms to selecting the color of your bag’s stitching, this collection is fun, unique, and created to reflect each traveler’s personality. (Or you can choose from its existing gallery!) Even the totes are customizable (and starting at just $95!).

Roam is also passionate about local business and job creation in the USA. Every one of these suitcases is designed, made to order, and handcrafted at a workshop in Georgia. Each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee to cover non-cosmetic damage.

Customer Review | “I am writing to express my satisfaction for my new beautiful suitcase. I just packed it up for my first trip and I am more than satisfied!! The compression pads on the inside are my favorite part. I absolutely love that I was able to customize the colors and add my initials. The wheels are very strong and the handle is sturdy and holds my backpack very well.” – Katie (Read all reviews.)