A Guide To Sustainable Shaving

When it comes to plastic waste, we often think of straws, packaging, or utensils, but disposable razors are to blame, too. A study by Statista found that nearly 160 million Americans alone used disposable razor blades in 2019, most of which are made of plastic but aren’t recyclable as they are. And when we multiply that by the number of times we typically switch blades, well, you see where we’re going…

Instead, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact (and take it easier on our skin!) with sustainable shaving tools. By making the switch to safety razors that remain durable over time, we’ll cut down on our razor and refill usage for years to come. Pair that with sustainable shaving oils or bars, and both Mother Earth and our skin will thank us in the long run.

And when you’re ready to make the full switch, check out our essentials for a plastic-free bathroom beauty routine.

1. Safety Razor | LISSE 

This beautiful rose-gold safety razor is made to last so that you can skip the razor refills. Crafted from solid brass (no rusting here!) and lightly weighted, the Lisse safety razor will give you a closer, smoother shave. Plus, it comes with five replacement blades. Your purchase makes a positive impact, too: two percent of gross sales are donated to a women’s charity organization. 

Shop | $59

2. Organic Shaving Soap | Eco Roots

Bumps, beware: This natural shaving soap made of organic oils suds up into a rich lather that will leave your skin nourished. Indulgent but not overly foamy, you can tackle unwanted hair wherever needed. Not only is this bar organic, but it’s also cruelty- and plastic-free, so it’s the ultimate in sustainable shaving. 

Shop | $9.57

3. Hydrating Body Gloss | Oui the People 

How many of us have suffered from dry skin, only to use products that leave us feeling greasy? We say, no more! Oui the People’s Body Gloss is the perfect in-between that will leave you with a glow post-shave. This combination of vegetable-derived squalane, rosehip, and avocado oil comes in a glass bottle with recyclable packaging. 

Shop | $65

4. Zero Waste Shave Kit | Package Free  

Want an all-in-one? This Zero Waste Shave Kit contains everything you need in a reusable drawstring bag, including a three-piece stainless steel safety razor, shave soap made of olive and coconut oils, and 10 replacement blades. When you’re done, you can recycle the razor and blades in metal recycling or ship it to the Albatross blade take-back program for responsible disposal.

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5. Shave Oil | Olio E Osso

A blend of grapeseed, bergamot, neroli, tea tree, and olive oils, this is the nutrient-rich shave oil you’ve been looking for. Crafted in small batches out of Portland, the Olio E Osso team is led by dedicated women who know a thing or two about nicks, burns, and ingrown hairs. But say goodbye to them all; this shave oil will keep you protected and nourished on even the most sensitive parts of your skin.

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