It’s no secret that our team loves podcasts, and this is especially true when it comes to learning about the Enneagram. (Start here to discover your number.) These particular podcasts advocate for inclusion and intersectionality, making the Enneagram a welcoming space for all.

If you resonate with a specific host or show, consider supporting them on Patreon. You can also check out our list of Enneagram books, as many of these hosts are also authors. And if you know of others doing similar work or have a favorite Enneagram podcast, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below! 

1. Conscious Construction

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Recommended Episode | Mind Body Connection with Zahra Mohamed Ali

Spiritual hardhats are recommended for Conscious Construction, hosted by Enneagram teacher and forthcoming author Abi Robins (they/them). I love this podcast for its expansive range of topics, including yoga, tarot cards, and—what Abi calls—“queering the Enneagram.” Tune in for transformative teachings and conversations. (If video is more your style, Abi also offers similar content on their YouTube channel.)

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2. Enneagram and Coffee

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Recommended Episode | Power and Vulnerability with Chichi Agorom

Whether you’re at the beginning of your Enneagram journey or have been doing this work for a long time, Sarajane Case’s podcast is wonderful for furthering self-compassion and navigating the harder aspects of this tool. What I love most about Enneagram and Coffee is its brevity (most episodes are less than 20 minutes), and Sarajane’s commitment to amplifying marginalized voices in the Enneagram space.

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3. Do It For The Gram

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Recommended Episode | Enneagram With Color (ft. Amhad Wazir)

Take your Enneagram knowledge a bit further as host Milton Stewart breaks down subtypes, instincts, passions, and more on Do It For The Gram. Stewart also hosts mini-series on his podcast that span over two to three months—the latest highlights how this tool can impact communities of color and become a more inclusive space.

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4. The Evolving Enneagram

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Recommended Episode | Sacred Activism

Join Rev. Nhiên Vương and Rev. Ogun Holder on The Evolving Enneagram as they discuss transformation through spiritual practices. This podcast is brand new, so there are only a few episodes thus far, but I anticipate it will be an excellent resource for approaching the Enneagram through a spiritual, social, and contemplative lens.

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5. The Modern Enneagram

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Recommended Episode | How Astrological Sun Signs Correlate With Enneagram Types

With more than 10 years of Enneagram experience, Gina Gomez and Kristy Fountain are sharing all of their knowledge on The Modern Enneagram podcast. Episodes are short—usually less than 20 minutes—and cover an array of topics. For our astrology lovers, don’t miss the episode about the correlation between sun signs and Enneagram types!

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6. The Enneagram Journey

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Recommended Episode | An Interview with Jamie Grace

Suzanne Stabile was one of the first Enneagram teachers I stumbled upon, and I was instantly drawn in by her warm tone and compassionate messages. Her podcast, The Enneagram Journey, radiates grace and wisdom, making it a little bit easier to face our shadows and confront hard truths.

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