8 Ethical Fashion Instagram Influencers Who Will Inspire You To Have A More Conscious Closet

Inspiration For Your Next Fair Fashion OOTD

Looking to spice up your feed? Not sure how to incorporate a sustainable wardrobe into your daily lifestyle? Search no further than these lovely ladies below. Learn their stories as you scroll through their perfectly curated pages and why living a conscious life is important to them. Grab daily tricks of the trade on how to style pieces you already own in with ethical purchases. Who knows—maybe you’ll get so inspired you’ll be on our next list!

1. Kathleen | @consciousnchic

Blogging since 2009, Kathleen—aka Kat—has been sharing her knowledge and experience on sustainable and ethical fashion. Currently residing in the US, Kat’s Instagram is the destination for learning how to live a more stylish and conscious lifestyle firsthand.

What Inspires Us | Her dedication to causes like women’s issues and labor trafficking. Also bringing light into our insta feed through wonderful quotes and chic ways to style ethical goods.

Words from Influencer | “Style is Queen but fit is King! Don’t follow trends. Dress to compliment your body and werk it!”

2. Michelle | @michelleforgood

Los Angeles conscious lifestyle influencer Michelle Chavez is focused on purchasing products that do not hurt people or the environment and creating amazing styles while doing it. Her Instagram is an insight into her busy day-to-day life filled with fun loving fashion.

What Inspires Us | Not being able to find the ethical fashion products she desired, Michelle set out and co-founded The Tote Project, which creates amazing bags that empower survivors of sex trafficking worldwide.

Words from Influencer |  “Some people will tell you that once you wear an outfit or take photos in it, you shouldn’t be seen wearing it again, but I completely disagree… If something looks good on you why not enjoy it instead of buying into hyper-consumerism that leads to pollution.”

3. Aditi | @aditimayer

Based in Los Angeles, 21 year old Aditi Mayer’s beautifully-curated Instagram is where she shares her love of fashion photography and sustainable fashion. She aims to bring together looks that unite style, sustainability, and social politics.

What Inspires Us | The wonderful way Aditi uses visual storytelling to bring nature into her stunning photos. Aditi is also able to engage with her followers on the best ways to unite activism and ethical fashion.

Words from Influencer | “Integral to the rise of ethical fashion in mainstream fashion culture are brands that are appealing in their aesthetic as well as ethics.”

4. Jessica | @englishlassinla

Jessica is, as described, an English lass exploring her new home in Los Angeles. Focused on ethical fashion and living a sustainable lifestyle, her vibrant Instagram gives a fun take on how to create the life you want while helping others and the earth.

What Inspires Us | Her passion for clothing with purpose and being able to give back to communities in need through fashion.

Words from Influencer | “As the world grows more ethically conscious and consumers look to understand the ecological and human footprint of their clothing, this movement for timeless, higher-quality clothing will only grow, which I’m really excited about.”

5. Corinna | @kissenundkarma

Dreaming of cozy fog filled mornings in the fall and summer farmer’s markets while living a sustainable lifestyle? Then Corinna’s Instagram is for you. Based in Germany, her mix of secondhand clothing and ethical fashion create the perfect casual day looks.

What Inspires Us | How involved she is in educating others on ways for every individual to get involved in ethical and sustainable fashion while also informing her followers of the exact ways her clothing fits in.

Words from Influencer | “Take a moment to clear your mind, breathe deeply and think about what you’re grateful for. Nature always helps me to refocus on what’s important.”

6. Swati | @swatidixit28

Swati Dixit is a fashion blogger exploring the road to responsible fashion from Bangalore India. Her feed is filled with wallpaper-worthy images showing off her bright and colorful sustainable wardrobe all over the world.

What Inspires Us | Swati’s love for styling and ethical fashion is evident in all her ‘grams but most importantly she is out there inspiring girls to find their personal style and follow their dreams by sharing what inspires her.

Words from Influencer | “I feel like there’s no greater joy than being yourself and being happy with the way you are. Its totally OK to be inspired by someone but always remember to be original.”

7. Leah | @unmaterialgirl

Twenty-five year old Australian born, Milan-living Leah had her eyes opened to the world of slow fashion when she took a volunteer trip to Brazil and has been an advocate ever since.  Her chic city style will have you booking a trip to Italy in a heartbeat.

What Inspires Us | Leah brings light to how living a minimalist lifestyle and wearing sustainable fashion is attainable for the every girl. She also advocates for business being a force for good, inspiring young women entrepreneurs to go after their goals.

Words from Influencer | “I’m a bag minimalist. For as long as I can remember, I’d only own one perfect bag (at the moment it’s my leather backpack) for years, until it would eventually fall apart”

8. Amber | @theconsciouscut

Amber’s motto is that style shouldn’t be without substance and through her wonderfully curated Instagram we can see how much style is involved! Her girly beachy style is like taking a mini vacay when visiting her page.

What Inspires Us | That Amber is always giving us the facts. She is completely transparent with what her clothing is made of and who it benefits.

Words from Influencer | “Fashion should be for the people, not the other way around. Trends shouldn’t dictate how you dress, nor how you feel about yourself. You decide who you are. You express who you are by what you choose to wear and the way you live. Nothing else.”

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