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It can be challenging to find tailored yet affordable clothing for the business casual environment, especially when it comes to ethically made pieces that we can feel proud wearing. But look no further! We’ve found 15 ethical workwear brands for women, ranging from durable denim workwear to business casual and formal.

Whether you’re working from home or heading to the office, these professional styles will leave a lasting impression—on Zoom or IRL!

For a full workwear upgrade, don’t forget to find some sustainable shoes. And if you need a tote or purse for your work supplies, these eco-friendly purses and handbags are sure to do the trick!


   $ | Typically under $50
$$ | Typically $50–$100
$$$ | Typically $100–$150
 $$$$ | Typically $150 or more

Best Overall | Best Business Casual | Best Business Professional

1. Quince

Best For | Washable silk, affordable cashmere, capsules
Sustainability | Eco-friendly fabrics & packaging, ethical production, fair wages
Price Range | $–$$

SF brand Quince makes affordable and sustainable workwear clothes, perfect for the office or for working from home. The brand keeps costs down by shipping directly from its factories, cutting out the middleman and excessive packaging. As for fabrics, eco-friendly materials include recycled polyester, organic cotton twill, and washable silk (a workwear staple if you ask us!).

2. Everlane

Best For | Capsule wardrobes, trousers, blouses, accessories
Sustainability | GOTS certified organic cotton, bluesign® Systems Partner, Cradle To Cradle Gold Certification, Global Recycling Standard certification of recycled materials, no virgin plastic usage in their supply chain, goal to net zero carbon emissions by 2050
Price Range | $$$–$$$$

Everlane always tops our lists for denim and office dresses, so it’s no surpise that it’s a favorite for general workwear too. We’re looking to this brand for everything from tapered trousers to chic button downs, comfy but professional flats, and showstopping totes. We love how easy it is to see the impact of each piece right on the site, and their sustainability page that outlines all of their programs and environmental initiatives provides the kind of transparency that makes us feel good about stocking up on these chic looks.


Best For | Capsule wardrobes, comfortable WFH apparel
Sustainability | Vegan & recycled fabrics, responsible & eco-friendly production, recycling program, gives back
Price Range | $$–$$$

Technical. Seasonless. Sustainable. Those are the core tenets for ADAY. We love this brand for its gorgeous workwear staples but also for the sustainably minded production processes and responsible fabrics (all cruelty-free, majority vegan, and some recycled). The company also prioritizes OEKO-TEX and Bluesign-approved partners to ensure that the chemicals used to treat the fabrics aren’t harmful to the environment.


Best For | Blouses, sweaters, denim, dresses
Sustainability | Fair labor & wages, eco-friendly production, organic & GOTS certified cotton, LWG-certified & responsibly sourced leather
Price Range | $$–$$$

ABLE’s motto is to “move fashion forward.” These thoughtfully designed pieces are ethically made by women all over the world, who are paid more-than-living wages and given safe, ethical working conditions. Most apparel is made with responsibly sourced cotton blends, and we love the elevated yet simple styles you can find here—like the puff sleeve tee, fitted jackets, and perfectly slouchy sweaters.

5. People Tree

Best For | Patterned blouses, dresses, trousers
Sustainability | Fair trade certified options, eco-friendly & organic materials, GOTS-approved dyes, take-back box, gives back
Price Range | $$

UK brand People Tree has been a leader in the Fair Trade movement for years. The brand values transparency, and under each piece on the website, there’s a note about where it was made and by whom. This collection will surely have you feeling confident and comfortable—whether you choose a printed skirt, tailored slacks, or an elegant blouse!

6. Sézane

Best For | Blouses, skirts, work dresses, shoes
Sustainability | Certified B Corp, fair labor standards, natural & sustainable materials, gives back, recycled packaging, powered by renewable energy
Price Range | $$$–$$$$

Looking to spruce up your spring workwear collection with a gorgeous flowy skirt or an intricately knit blouse? Sézane may be a great fit! This Parisian brand is our go-to for sustainable staples, and we love that these garments can be styled for the office, date night, or weekend brunch. In addition to giving back, Sézane focuses on responsible and eco-friendly production.

7. Reformation

Best For | Outerwear, coats, jackets, and blazers
Sustainability | Climate Neutral Certified, Leather Working Group Certified tanneries, sustainable & regenerative fabrics, safe & fair working conditions, living wages
Price Range | $$–$$$$

Whether you’re hopping from Zoom to school pick up, or the board room to dinner with friends, the piece that can most instantly transform an outfit into a professional look is the jacket. Reformation knows that it’s this top layer that can really make all the difference. Pop one of their sustainable Tencel blazers, elegant wrap dusters, or premium recycled wool coats to tell the world that you mean business. We love that you can easily mix and match with suggested trousers to create versatile suits too.

8. Boden

Best For | Bright blouses, patterned skirts, & dresses
Sustainability | Member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, responsibly sourced & recycled fabrics, gives back
Price Range | $$–$$$$

Boden’s workwear collection comprises of bright colors and bold patterns, while being tailored to perfection. Founded over 25 years ago, the company is a longstanding member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, which requires its suppliers to meet minimum standards relating to working conditions, as set out in the ETI Base Code. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spring cardigan or bootcut pants, Boden has a wide range of pieces ideal for the business-casual workplace.


Best For | Lightweight fabrics, petite sizes, cardigans
Sustainability | Certified B Corp, organic, recycled, & sustainable fibers, ethical & eco-friendly production, gives back, secondhand shop
Price Range | $$$$

Designing products that delight the spirit and simplify life is the mission behind EILEEN FISHER. Whether you’re searching for a coat, cardigan, vest, or jumpsuit, this sustainable line has investment pieces for everyone. The brand also boasts an impressive work culture and a social responsibility model. Initiatives include water and energy conservation programs, fair and ethical labor with frequent audits, and a secondhand shop.

10. Thought

Best For | Dresses, tights, work socks, cardigans
Sustainability | Natural & GOTS certified organic fabrics, gives back, slow shipping, ethical production, recycling program, plastic-free & eco-friendly packaging
Price Range | $$

Based in London, Thought is an eco-friendly and organic apparel brand, perfect for women’s work basics, including trousers, work socks, bamboo tights, and dresses. Prioritizing ethics and environmental sustainability, Thought utilizes practices like slow shipping, carefully sourced fabrics, and charitable giving. The brand also offers worldwide shipping!

11. Tradlands

Best For | Button-ups, basics
Sustainability | Fair wages, sustainable practices, secondhand shop, natural materials, made in small batches
Price Range | $$

Founded by Sadie Roberts in 2012, Tradlands is on a mission to make pieces you’ll wear 50 times over, instead of just a handful. The brand creates effortless looks and garments while using a slow and sustainable process. Tradlands pieces are made with natural fibers, crafted within two trusted family-run factories. Check out its Worn Well Exchange for secondhand pieces at discounted prices.

12. Cuyana

Best For | Classic tops, bottoms, dresses, and loungewear; neutral palettes
Sustainability | GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton & modal, recycled materials including regenerative linen and recycled plastics, Leather Working Group Certified, family-owned factory & ethical production, Lean Closet initiative, secondhand shop
Price Range | $$–$$$$

Cuyana is a brand synonymous with premium sustainability, with a “fewer, better” philosophy that capsule wardrobe aficionados know well. Timeless, elegant, and chic is the name of their game: go here for beautiful neutral palettes, sumptuous textures, and classic silhouettes. With craftsmanship designs to stand the test of time, we love that the brand provides thorough care guides to get the most out of these investment pieces. (Check out their secondhand shop for discounted pieces!) The perfect treat yourself WFH pieces, if you ask us!

13. Amour Vert

Best For | Dressy casual tops, bottoms, layers, and dresses; secondhand shop
Sustainability | Sustainable & upcycled fabrics (TENCEL, Cupro, Beechwood fier, silk), responsibly made in California, one tree planted with every tee purchased, recycled packaging, secondhand shop
Price Range | $$–$$$

Amour Vert is passionate about sustainability, and their use of responsible supply chains with artisan-made, pure- and low-impact materials, conscious packaging, and circularity proves it. In addition to high-quality, slow-made investment pieces, they also have a pre-loved store called ReAmour, where you can find secondhand pieces from past seasons at fair prices. Styles are just professional enough for your daily meetings without being overly stuffy or formal. We love to kick up a favorite tee a notch with some of their pleated, sustainable twill and Tencel trousers. 

14. Wildfang

Best For | Gender neutral & androgynous suits
Sustainability | Climate Neutral Certified, ISO certified ethical & sustainable production, gives back 1% of all revenue
Price Range | $$$

Wildfang puts a unique, statement-making spin on their genderfluid suits: from playful prints to empowering silhouettes, these are garments made for work and play. The Portland-based brand also creates a line of brightly colored denim workwear geared toward outdoor labor– office workers shouldn’t have all the fun! We love their attention to detail (pockets in everything!) and their record of giving back to causes like ProjectQ, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Tegan & Sara Foundation, RAICES, Girls Inc, and many more.

15. Loup

Best For | Jumpsuits, vintage-inspired workwear
Sustainability | Made in USA, small brand, repair program
Price Range | $$–$$$$

For a more casual workwear wardrobe, we love the Parisian-inspired brand Loup. The cotton rompers and dresses are perfect for spring, and we’d style the jumpsuits all year long—for work or play! All made in NYC, Loup is a small biz prioritizing curvy fits, inclusive sizing, and clothing that lasts. If your garment rips or tears, the brand will even repair it for you or reimburse your tailoring receipt.

Featured image from ADAY