Welcome to Fashion Friday on The Good Trade where we explore some of the most frequently asked questions about sustainable and slow fashion! Thanks to our host, youtube creator, Dearly Bethany for hosting this series!
Please let us know any topics you’d like us to discuss in upcoming episodes!


Week One: Demystifying Slow, Sustainable & Ethical Fashion 


Week Two: Slow Fashion On A Budget


Week Three: Finding Your Personal Style


Week Four: 5 Brands for ethical staples


Week Five: Ethical Athletic Wear


Week Six: Affordable Minimal Jewelry


Week Seven: Getting Your Clothes Tailored


Week Eight: Keeping Your Clothes In Perfect Condition


Week Nine: How To Responsibly Donate Clothing


Week Ten: How To Start Loving Your Closet


Week Eleven: Prepping Your Closet For Fall


Week Twelve: Picking Your Autumn Wardrobe Staples