Pamper Yourself With Nontoxic Nail Polishes

With more than $700 million spent on nail products in a year, it is one of the most rapidly growing beauty industries. Unfortunately, many nail polishes include chemicals and fumes that can potentially damage our liver or irritate our skin and eyes. Even one manicure a week can add up to a lifetime of health problems.

The good news is that there are many brands who are formulating nail polish free from toxic chemicals, namely: dibutyl phthlate (DBP), formaldehyde as a preservative, toluene derived from tar, formaldehyde resin, and camphor which is a neurotoxin. We’ve rounded up 11 nontoxic polish and lacquer brands creating richly pigmented colors that are quick drying and long lasting, all of which are under $20. 


Nontoxic | 10-free and beyond, cruelty-free & vegan
Color We Love | The Perfect Bean
Price | $14

AILA goes above and beyond the 3-free, 5-free conversation and is completely free of more than 17 of the most common toxic and troublesome ingredients in nail polish. This opaque pastel mint green polish is the perfect addition to a bright and cheerful manicure.


2. Priti NYC

Nontoxic | 10-free, vegan, give back, cruelty-free
Color We Love | City Girl Rose
Price | $15

Priti NYC was founded to support organic farmers and decrease the amount of poisonous chemicals in nail polish, one manicure at a time. Their polishes are luxuriously glossy, fast drying, and chip resistant, along with being 5-free and nontoxic. This creamy coral polish will be your go-to this season, and can be shared between both moms and children.

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3. 100% Pure

Nontoxic | 10-free, vegan, & cruelty-free
Color We Love | Jam
Price | $12

100% Pure is an award-winning natural skincare and color cosmetics company, using 100% natural ingredients. You can enjoy using their gorgeous nontoxic nail polishes knowing they’re 10-free and cruelty-free, using fruit dyed formulas. This deep, vibrant red polish is perfect for sunny picnics and warm summer date nights—plus, we love how long this lasts without chipping.

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4. Tenoverten

Nontoxic | 8-free, cruelty-free, vegan, made in USA
Color We Love | Yes Way Rosé
Price | $18

Tenoverten began as a nail salon out of TriBeCa, and today has dozens of highly pigmented polishes that promote stronger, healthier nails. Not only are they 8-free, but they are designed to be smooth and streak-free so you can easily apply at home or bring to your next manicure appointment. We love sporting their playfully pink nude color, "Yes Way Rosé" for summer cocktail parties.

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5. LVX

Nontoxic | 7-free, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan, made in USA
Color We Love | Vermillion
Price | $18

LVX blends unparalleled luxury with an eco-friendly ethos to bring you gel-like lacquers that are clean and sustainable. Their ultra-pigmented colors stand out above the rest, especially this fiery twist on a classic red. With a tangerine hue, this rich vermillion color will add a pop to your easy, breezy summer outfits.

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6. Sundays

Nontoxic | 10-free, cruelty-free, vegan, made in USA
Color We Love | L. 02
Price | $18

Sundays prides themselves on creating premium nontoxic nail polish that anyone can use. Their dedication to quality knows no bounds—they spent an entire year perfecting their formula, and it shows. Made in the USA, this sweet periwinkle-toned pink is a perfect vacation polish for wearing poolside.

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7. Ella + Mila

Nontoxic | 7-free, cruelty-free, made in USA, & vegan
Color We Love | Lavender Fields
Price | $10.50

Ella + Mila marries healthy beauty, high quality ingredients, and stunning colors with their PETA-certified and 7-free lacquers. Made in the USA, their polishes are known to be chip-resistant and quick drying for the woman on the go—and they even have polishes specifically for kids, too! If you're looking for a unique pastel polish for summer—here it is.

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8. Little Ondine

Nontoxic | Nontoxic, natural ingredients, odor-free, vegan & cruelty-free
Color We Love | Buttered Rum
Price | $13.99

Little Ondine is changing the game when it comes to your manicure—their water-based nontoxic nail polish can be peeled off without any harsh removers. Not only are their formulas all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, but they are also odor-free so you truly can apply anytime and anywhere. This burnt sienna Buttered Rum color is the perfect balance between playful and classic.

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9. ncLA

Nontoxic | 7-free, made in USA, cruelty-free & vegan
Color We Love | Hot Summer
Price | $16

Born out of—you guessed it—sunny southern California, ncLA formulates premium lacquers showcasing their love of fashion and beauty. Proud to be cruelty-free and 7-free, they offer variety of nail wraps, lacquers, and gel colors. This hot pink is a great summer statement for all the neon-loving ladies out there.

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10. côte

Nontoxic | 5-free, cruelty-free & vegan
Color We Love | No. 13
Price | $18

côte promotes cleaner, safer beauty with their signature line of cruelty-free, vegan, and 5-free polishes. Their packaging is also carefully designed for easy application, using Italian glass and high-quality brushes. No. 13 is their most popular polish, and we can see why—this shimmering rose gold is an elegant shade year-round, and we'll be wearing it for all the summer weddings on our calendars.

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11. RMS Beauty

Nontoxic | 5-free, cruelty-free, organic & vegan
Color We Love | Spark
Price | $15

RMS Beauty is a leader in the organic and nontoxic beauty movement, crafting products that nourish and heal instead of harm. RMS’ nail polish is safe to use for all and can be easily removed with any polish remover. Curious mixes reds and corals for a super saturated tone that can be worn on hands and feet all year round. 

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