Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating those we love. We lavish them in gifts and thoughtful little surprises to show them just how special they are. It’s great that we take time to show our appreciation for our partners, but that’s only half the picture. There’s one relationship that’s seen us through everything, that’s been there through thick and thin, that will be there right up to the end. Ourselves. No love is more important than self-love and yet all too often we give everything we have to everyone else, leaving only crumbs of love with which to nourish ourselves.

This Valentine’s Day it’s time we put ourselves first. No more waiting around for gifts. No more feeling awkward if we’re single. It’s time to love ourselves as only we know how. Go ahead and get yourself a little something, you deserve it!

1. Manos Zapotecas

These fair-trade bags carry the rich history of the Zapotec women of Mexico in every fiber. Manos Zapotecas is a collective of 5 designers and 50 weavers who work closely together to combine traditional motifs with modern styles into a totally unique and timeless bag. 

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2. Jewels & Aces

Diamonds may be girl’s best friend, but cubic zirconia is the eco-fashion woman’s jewel of choice. Jewels and Aces creates elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication to any look. Their eco-friendly cubic zirconia and conscious production mean you can look as good as your ethics.

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3. Divine Chocolate

Satisfy your sweet tooth was a luscious bar of fair-trade chocolate. Divine Chocolate is the only 100% Fair Trade chocolate company co-owned by the cocoa farmers. They also work to improve gender equality throughout their partner co-ops in Ghana and on the world stage.

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4. Only Hearts

Fine lingerie should be a daily indulgence. Treat yourself and slip into organic cotton lingerie by Only Hearts. Whether you’re running errands or dancing your heart out you’ll feel like a queen in their fun and flirty prints.

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5. Besame Cosmetics

Valentine’s Day was made for old Hollywood glamour. Get that perfect ruby-red pout with Besame Cosmetics. Besame sources vintage makeup and then recreates them perfectly with modern ingredients for long-lasting wear. Made in limited-edition runs and collectable tins, this is beauty for the starlet in all of us.

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6. Freedom Scents

Everyone deserves to smell beautiful without all those nasty chemicals. Freedom Scents uses only the highest quality certified-organic and wildcrafted ingredients and are always vegan and cruelty-free. Try the Gold Fusion Eau de Parfume to awaken your inner goddess.

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About The Author

Benita Robledo is an eco-fashion blogger who raises social awareness about the global impacts of the fashion industry. By breaking down complex ideas into manageable bites she empowers and educates her audience to improve the world one article of clothing at a time. She’s also effecting change in Hollywood as a Latina director and by mentoring young female filmmakers through Camp Reel Stories.

You can find more of her writing on her blog Compassion Fashion and on Instagram @benita_robledo