Fair Jewelry At Fair Prices

Noémie is a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer fine jewelry industry, offering stunning pieces at fair pricing by cutting out the retailer markup. The brand works only with the highest quality conscious materials, using recycled 18K gold and certified conflict-free diamonds for their pieces.

high quality
conscious materials

Central to its mission, Noémie set out to offer women timeless jewelry that can be worn every single day. In contrast to trendy and short-lived pieces, Noémie’s jewelry pieces are timeless and easily buildable. The designers set out to build a foundation for a woman’s jewelry collection that a woman can customize and and mix in other products from other brands to create her own unique style.

All of their jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty, and diamonds arrive with IGI certification cards, eliminating any element of uncertainty when investing in fine jewelry. You can also visit the brand’s by appointment SoHo Loft to discuss the jewelry and design process prior to purchasing, and Noémie offers free overnight shipping and returns for online orders.

At The Loft, other than offering nice Japanese teas to sip on, the Noémie team educates consumers about jewelry to know what they are buying and best inform their decision.

Behind The Scenes With The Founder

We sat down with Noémie’s founder and designer, Yuvi Alpert, to hear more about his inspiration for the line and what is on the horizon for Noémie.

Noémie’s designs are stunningly minimal and elegant, can you tell us about your inspiration for the line?

In general we are focusing on modern essentials, the must-haves for every woman’s jewelry collection that we show in the classics collection. We’ve worked hard to ensure each is using the finest quality materials and priced as fairly as possible so that what was once an investment piece can become your essential.

We don’t design for the fashion calendar but are constantly trying to create based on everyday inspiration and travel
— Yuvi Alpert

Separate to our Classics, we create limited edition collections, the design process is less formal, we don’t really design for the fashion calendar but are constantly trying to create based on everyday inspiration and travel. We also love that we have such good relationships with our customers where we can learn what they’re loving and not loving, and design and evolve the collection around that as well.

Why Direct To Consumer Jewelry?

We have a factory direct model, with production partners that have over 40 years of fine jewelry expertise. We source our own materials, control design, manufacturing, and point of sale to offer the finest quality materials while providing a dramatically lower price. Noémie items are on average 60% less than that same quality would be in traditional jewelry retail. While direct to consumer brands like Everlane and Warby Parker are cutting out the retailer markup, we’re going all the way down to the production level to remove unnecessary markups by having production under one roof.

The Story Behind The Logo

Noémie’s Elephant logo shares some of the values that embody our dedication to our customers. Elephants are family oriented, loyal and compassionate even through the toughest times. We wanted to revive the trusted and meaningful relationships that in the past was more common to have with your family jeweler. The Elephant in our logo represents this trust and loyalty. The palm tree shows the elephant freely roaming in its habitat and represents a fresh approach, that we feel consumers should have access to in the fine jewelry industry.

We wanted to revive the trusted and meaningful relationships that in the past was more common to have with your family jeweler.
— Yuvi Alpert

Any new collections on the horizon?

The Noémie love your mama collection in time for mothers day. This collection was created for and inspired by the effortlessly chic mama who embodies that certain je ne sais quoi. Made of solid 18K gold, the collection is meant to become an everyday staple.

In the love your mama collection, you can also order a personalized necklace with your own name, mother’s name, your pet’s name, or any word that inspires you and we will custom make your necklace with our signature script. Crafted from 18-karat gold with impeccable attention to detail, the necklace can be ordered with or without diamonds. We will be the first luxury fine jewelry brand offering a custom necklace that include free returns and a full refund on any item that you aren’t 100% happy with!