For over 5,000 years, names have been—in their simplest form—proper nouns, a way to address one another, or used to command attention. In reality, names have a complex and meaningful power to them. For some, birth names are intertwined with long-storied backgrounds, reminding us of our rich family history or heritage. For others, birth names are identities and the ways in which we’re perceived in the world—and vice versa. 

Now more than ever, gender-neutral names are widely accepted and respected—open to interpretation and uninhibited from the binary. We’ve found 26 baby names from around the globe, derived from values like strength, joy, and kindness, whose power will permeate beyond sex or gender.

Amari (Uh-mahr-ee)
Origin | African-Yoruba
Meaning | Strength

Billie (Bill-ee)
Origin | English
Meaning | Protection

Cahaya (Cuh-eye-uh)
Origin | Indonesian
Meaning | Light

Devin (Dev-inn)
Origin | Latin
Meaning | Poet

Emery (Em-ree)
Origin | German
Meaning | Brave, powerful

Finley (Fin-lee)
Origin | Scottish
Meaning | Warrior

Gael (Guy-ell)
Origin | Celtic
Meaning | Joyful

Hudson (Hudd-sin)
Origin | German
Meaning | Hug

Izumi (Ee-zoo-mee)
Origin | Japanese
Meaning | Fountain, spring

Jamari (Juh-mahr-ee)
Origin | Arabic
Meaning | Handsome, beautiful

Kai (Kye)
Origin | Chinese
Meaning | Victory

Lennon (Len-on)
Origin | Irish
Meaning | Lover

Marley (Mar-lee)
Origin | English
Meaning | Meadow

Nour (Noor)
Origin | Arabic
Meaning | Divine light

Ode (Oh-d)
Origin | English
Meaning | Poem, lyric

Pax (Packs)
Origin | Latin
Meaning | Peace

Qadan (Cuh-dan)
Origin | Mongolian
Meaning | Cliff

Riley (Rye-lee)
Origin | Irish Gaelic
Meaning | Valiant, lively

Shay (Shea)
Origin | Irish Gaelic
Meaning | Admirable

Taj (Taaj)
Origin | Sanskrit
Meaning | Crown

Uri (Yur-ee)
Origin | Hebrew
Meaning | Flame

Valen (Val-in)
Origin | Latin
Meaning | Strong, healthy

Wisam (Wiss-um)
Origin | Islamic
Meaning | Attractive

Xiao (Sh-yaow)
Origin | Chinese
Meaning | Dawn, morning

Yildiz (Yil-dizz)
Origin | Turkish
Meaning | Star

Zorion (Zoh-rye-in)
Origin | Portuguese/Basque
Meaning | Happy

Do you know of any other pronunciations of these names? Do you have a favorite gender-neutral name? Share them in the comments below!