Green Gifts For Home Gardeners

Plants are truly the gift that just keeps giving—they grow, remind us to drink water, and bring such a feeling of warmth and home to a space. Plus, taking care of something and helping it to thrive has felt extra meaningful in these times. Whether you’re gifting to a seasoned plant parent that can name their leaf-babies by variety, or they’re just getting started and are curious about sprouting from seed, we’ve got the gifts to satisfy all the junior-botanists in your life.

If you really want to go all out, you can include this plant set from The Sill with your accessories—talk about going above and beyond! Don’t forget to check out our favorite sustainable gifts for this year (and gifts for him, too).

1. Potting Tarp | RT1home

This potting tarp makes the perfect gift for any houseplant aficionado—especially when there’s limited access to outdoor space! This sturdy, reinforced tarp makes cleanup after repotting plants a breeze, and we love that it rolls up small for convenient storage in a smaller space.

Shop | $48–$138

2. Terracotta Propagation Set | Folia Collective

This terracotta propagation set makes growing plants from cuttings (aka propagating) a breeze. All you’ll need is a vessel that stores water and whichever propagation lid best supports your leafy-friends. If you’re new to propagating and want to take a stab—er, cut—at it, these will be sure to make it successful.

Shop | $20

3. Nesting Danish Garden Tools | Food52

These bite-size tools from Rig Tig are perfect for indoor gardening, and their stacking nature means they’re great for apartment dwellers! The set includes a shovel, rake, and weeding tool, so all your repotting bases are covered. Made of powder-coated steel, you can be sure these will work on even the toughest of roots (Monstera, anyone?).

Shop | $25

4. Plant Support Sticks | Made Trade

When your frond friends need a little pick-me-up (and don’t we all, these days?), look no further than these plant stakes by Lyon Lips Ceramics. They come in a variety of squiggled shapes and earth-toned shades to support your plants in style.

Shop | $32

5. Hanging Planter | Made Trade

Getting plants is one thing, getting them a stylish new home is another. We love supporting small businesses and what better way to do that than with this ceramic hanging planter? Crafted by Victoria Buchler Ceramics, we love the textural element and that it comes in a variety of sizes!

Shop | $42–$85

6. Smart GrowBar Grow Light | Modern Sprout

Even the most sun-deprived apartments are capable of growing the right plants, as long as they have the right tools. We love this sleek, unassuming grow light that can be mounted under a cabinet. Its LED light can feed a variety of plants with the “sun” they need, and it can be controlled by the Modern Sprout app.

Shop | $109

7. Case Study Ceramics Table Top Cylinder | Modernica

The crème de la crème of planters, if we do say so ourselves! A true midcentury gem, these Case Study ceramics planters are sure to turn heads. We love this smaller, tabletop version for compact spaces (and for an easier price point).

Shop | $110

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