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Deux Mains

Ethical, Sustainable & Well-Made Shoes

19 degrees north of the equator you’ll find a small workshop where artisan owners turn local leathers and discarded tires into Deux Mains (deu-meh) designs. The employee-owned fashion company is undermining the harsh poverty experienced in Haiti through their artisan workshop, and you can click here to meet their artisans and see the incredible impact their work is having.

Deux Mains was born from the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. With the help of a nonprofit partner, Rebuild Globally, Deux Mains is part of a social business ecosystem committed to building financial security for the most vulnerable in Haiti. 

In addition to their social mission, Deux Mains is also committed to creating a modern sandal brand that is authentic, slightly eccentric and proudly unique. It is difficult to find well-designed, quality shoes that are both ethical and sustainable, but my Deux Mains sandals fit all these criteria. They are comfortable, durable and versatile and a perfect go-to pair.

The Kenneth Cole Love-Haiti Sandals

Kenneth Cole has been committed to rebuilding Haiti since the catastrophic earthquake 5 years ago. On his last trip, he visited the Deux Mains sandal workshop and in collaboration with Deux Mains shoemakers, Cole designed “The Love-Haiti Sandals” to support the local community.


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