Tasty & Spooky Halloween Recipes 

What’s our favorite part about Halloween, you ask? The sweets of course! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Halloween, at its core, is a Celtic celebration from the eighth century or thereabouts, but now it’s an excuse to eat candy, dress up, carve pumpkins, and scare people (boo!).

While trick-or-treating may be yet another thing we lost to the Great 2020, it doesn’t mean Halloween festivities are totally out the window. We’ve rounded up our favorite spooky treats so you can throw on a cozy character onesie, watch “Hocus Pocus,” and make your home as festive as possible.

Looking for all vegan options? Head here for our favorite plant-based comfort foods. And if you’re not in the mood to cook, check out our guides to fair trade chocolate and sustainable snacks.

1. Chocolate Mice
Recipe by Delish

These are the only mice we’d want to see anywhere near a kitchen, let alone on our plates! With three kinds of chocolate, they’re sure to be a decadent little treat that’ll leave you shrieking—for more, that is!

Review | “This was so so so so so so so so good for Halloween.” – GreenChefHat

Make Chocolate Mice

2. Chocolate PB Spiderweb Brownies
Recipe by Beaming Baker

A gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan treat for all to enjoy! If you’re looking for something that’s ultra-gooey, rich in flavor, and a little spooky, look no further. Besides, who can resist the deadly combo of chocolate and peanut butter?

Review | “Chocolate and PB make the best combo ever…I think I could devour these ALL in no time!” -Gayle

Make Spiderweb Brownies

3. Bloody Cups for Halloween
Recipe by Elephantastic Vegan

These vegan and gluten-free chocolate cups ooze a raspberry sauce “blood” that’s as tasty for adults as it is for kids! We can’t get enough of these super simple, three-ingredient snackers. 

Review | “More like bloody good!!!! I love these! Raspberry and chocolate is a fantastic tart, rich, but sweet combo!” – Strength and Sunshine

Make Bloody Cups

4. Meringue Ghosts
Recipe by My Baking Addiction

Boo! Bet these little guys got ya, didn’t they? Meringue can be a little tricky (you have to get the right consistency), but with just a few ingredients, it’s certainly worth a try! These are the cutest ghosts we’ve seen since Casper.

Review | “These are the cutest things….ever…and I never thought I would say that about ghosts!!” – Julie D.

Make Meringue Ghosts

5. Oreo Halloween Truffles
Recipe by Chelsea’s Messy Apron

There are few things we love more than a five-ingredient recipe, especially when one of those ingredients is Oreos! These cute little one-eyed monsters (Mike Wazowski, anyone?) are such simple, one-bite sweets that we can’t resist! Bonus tip: You can make these any color you’d like! Or leave them white to look like eyeballs.

Review | “Wow, really, I can’t get over that delicious taste! So simple and yet – sooo great. Thank you for this recipe – it’s a real keeper” – Roshani

Make Oreo Halloween Truffles

6. Strawberry Ghosts
Recipe by Taste of Home

Perfect for when you’re looking to squeeze in one of your five a day, these strawberry ghosts will have you howling for more! They’re sweetened with a pinch of almond extract, but you can absolutely omit if it’s not your speed. These would make a perfect Halloween date night treat!

Review | “I used these for Halloween this year and everyone LOVED them!! So easy and cute and my gluten-free daughter could eat them, too!” – geopchick

Make Strawberry Ghosts

7. Caramel Apple Slices
Recipe by Domestically Blissful

For those craving a little fall flavor without the spooky sights, we love these caramel apple slices, which are sure to be easier on your teeth to eat than the whole thing! We also feel like this apple-to-topping ratio works in our favor more than the whole shebang. The topping possibilities are endless, but we suggest caramel, chocolate, and sprinkles!

Review | “I like the idea of slices. I like caramel apples enough, but have always hated biting into them. This is a wonderful alternative. 🙂” – Carole

Make Caramel Apple Slices

Got any other spooky sweet treat recipes? Share them in the comments below!


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