For When You Have To Be Outside 😉

Braving the cold this winter? It’s time to bundle like Bernie, keeping warm in a good pair of mittens, your favorite winter boots, and a cozy coat!

For the best in handknit mittens, check out these seven sustainable brands. Most use upcycled fabrics or fibers like cashmere sweaters and mules-free wool (which is more ethical for the sheep), and almost all are women-owned. Plus, the beauty of handknit mittens means there’s little waste! Bernie would be so proud. (Just don’t forget the most essential part: invest in a quality pair of mittens and care for them properly, so you can use them for years and years to come).

Want to make your own? Pick up some yarn and check out this guide for a 101.

1. élé and papi

Made In | Ohio Ethics | Woman-owned, made-to-order Price | $25

Azure’D launched élé and papi in honor of her grandmother (Madea), and her great-grandmother who taught her how to knit in her early teens. She now knits and crochets mittens, beanies, and scarves, making each pair with a wool acrylic blend for the best in comfort and fit. Since every pair of these Les Mitaines is made-to-order, you can choose from over a dozen gorgeous colors.

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2. The Mitten Company

Made In | Minnesota Ethics | Family-owned, 100 percent recycled wool Price | $14.99–$44.99

The Mitten Company offers wool mittens for the entire family, available in eight different sizes! They’re all hand-sewn in Minnesota using upcycled wool sweaters (see wool types here) and then lined with high-quality polar fleece to keep your fingers warm. Family-owned, affordable, and sustainable? Yes, please.

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3. Rose Brown

Made In | The UK Ethics | Woman-owned, responsibly sourced materials, low waste, eco-friendly packaging Price | £38

Rose Brown is a UK-based brand offering handmade hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, and more. Every piece is designed in Margate and knit in the Manchester area with ethically sourced materials like soft (and cruelty-free) lambswool. The brand is committed to sustainability, and each pair is made to exact specifications to minimize waste. Plus, all packaging is compostable and recyclable! Shipping is available worldwide.

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4. Jack and Mary Designs

Made In | Maine Ethics | Woman-owned, upcycled and organic materials Price | $28–$46

Jack and Mary Designs blends style and sustainability with their upcycled mittens, made from sweaters and leftover fabrics. By repurposing locally sourced apparel, the brand avoids water pollution, textile waste, and toxic chemicals all together—all while providing jobs for local women in Maine. In addition to mittens for all genders and ages (including fingerless mittens!), you can also order custom “Memory Mittens,” turning your most cherished memories into keepsakes.

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5. The Artful Mitten

Made In | New Jersey Ethics | Woman-owned, recycled materials Price | $32–$45

For the coziest and cutest mittens, check out The Artful Mitten in New Jersey. Each pair is knit from recycled wool and cashmere and embellished with adorable hearts, patterns, and buttons; plus, it’s all one-of-a-kind, so whatever you pick up will be for you alone. With five stars and nearly 1,500 positive reviews, consider these handknit mittens a crowd-pleaser!

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6. For Knit Me Not

Made In | Minnesota Ethics | Women-owned, responsibly sourced materials Price | $80

Minnesota-based Quinn and Ashley launched For Knit Me Not to bring their love of knitting to the masses; today, they work with multiple fiber artists and retail locations across the US. These cozy mitts are made with a luxurious Peruvian alpaca and wool blend, so you’ll stay warm without that (notoriously) frustrating itch.

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7. Moose Mountain Mittens

Made In | Minnesota Ethics | Woman-owned, upcycled materials, gives back Price | $25–$94

Cathy of Moose Mountain Mittens has been handknitting wool mittens for over a decade, and the quality is evident. All adult pairs are made with upcycled fabrics and finished with an ultra-suede across the palm and thumb for added durability. The brand regularly donates to animal rescue groups, women’s shelters, and veterans; to date, they’ve also donated more than 500 pairs of mittens. Pick up your own pair to warm your hands and your heart.

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