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Ceramics are labors of love, involving forming clay on the wheel, adding custom glazes, and firing it in kilns for days at a time. But the end result is a sight to see: durable, stunning goods that withstand the test of time and style. So if you’re looking to upgrade your drinkware, ceramic mugs may be your new favorite obsession (we know it’s ours). ☕

Since handmade ceramic mugs are truly one-of-a-kind pieces, we’ve found nine small shops and makers worldwide producing these in small batches or made-to-order. With these options, you’ll be sure to find your desired size or style, while also supporting small business.

While you’re at it, check out these fair trade coffee brands and minimalist coffee makers, too!

1. The Little Market

Made In | Morocco Materials | Ceramic & lead-free paint Size Range | 13 oz. Price Range | $26

The Little Market, a nonprofit social enterprise, supports those in need, including survivors of trafficking, domestic violence, and refugees. These fair trade ceramic mugs—available in white, pink, and gray with beautiful designs—are individually handmade by artists in Morocco. Whether you pick up a mug or a set, your purchase preserves Moroccan culture and empowers others.

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2. Grey Remedy

Made In | Chicago, IL Materials | Stoneware clay & non-toxic, lead-free glaze Size Range | 8 & 10 oz. Price Range | $62–$68

Grey Remedy founder Melissa J. Chin believes in savoring each grounded moment. That’s why this Black-owned small business loves modern, minimalist aesthetics for thoughtful, inspired mornings. Each ceramic mug is individually crafted from start to finish over six to eight weeks; if mugs are sold out, check for local stockists or follow along on social media for updates.

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3. Myrth

Made In | Boston, MA Materials | Porcelain clay & custom glaze Size Range | 12 oz. Price Range | $42

Handcrafted by Eric and Abigail Smallwood out of the Boston area, Myrth elevates the everyday with the dreamiest dinnerware and drinkware. This porcelain mug has a rounded handle and space for your thumb to perfectly fit into your hand. Choose from one of Myrth’s six custom glazes done in-studio for a truly unique piece.

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4. BAUGHAUS Design

Made In | Jamaica Materials | Porcelain & Jamaican clay Size Range | 12 & 16 oz. Price Range | $28–$75

Bring Jamaican roots and culture into your home with BAUGHAUS Design’s artisan goods. Built out of porcelain and Jamaican clay (some mugs also include Jamaican wood), these ceramic mugs capture the island’s essence of keeping things simple. The thumb indent provides extra grip and durability—and some character, too.

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5. Recreation Center

Made In | New York City, NY Materials | Stoneware, speckled glaze, rubberized handle Size Range | 8 oz. Price Range | $38–$48

Brighten up your morning (or someone else’s) with a colorful and speckled mug from Recreation Center. Started in 2012 by Josephine Noel, this small biz has a wide range of ceramics—from lamps and planters to plates and pet bowls. We especially love the ceramic mugs for their squishy handles (dipped in rubber), vibrant patterns, and colorful designs.

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6. Luvhaus

Made In | West Oakland, CA Materials | Stoneware & custom glaze Size Range | 12 oz. Price Range | $40

Luvhaus’ dedication to design and quality is evident with all of its durable dinner and drinkware. Each ceramic mug is made of high-fire stoneware and finished with a custom glaze, which means it can be thrown in both the dishwasher and microwave. Pro tip: Looking for more than one mug? A set of six nets you a 10 percent discount.

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7. Rose & Grey

Made In | The UK Materials | Stoneware or porcelain, glaze Size Range | 8, 10, & 12 oz. Price Range | £7.50–£32.00

What first started as a family-run online boutique in 2008 is now a homeware and furniture destination shipping across the UK. Rose & Grey sells handmade ceramic mugs as an extremely affordable addition to anyone’s kitchen. With limited inventory available, sign up for alerts on future re-stocks.

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8. Heo

Made In | Los Angeles, CA Materials | Ceramic Size Range | 8 & 12 oz. Price Range | $42–$56

Heo, an LA-based studio from artist Karen Tong, is influenced by Southeast Asian culture, the southwestern desert, and Pee-Wee Herman’s love of pop colors. The results include ceramic mugs that are both whimsical and functional, using bold colors and eclectic designs. Keep an eye out for new stock under its Ready to Ship section—or subscribe to the newsletter for early access to new drops!

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9. From Tree to Sea

Made In | Ontario, Canada Materials | Stoneware or porcelain, & glaze Size Range | 8, 10, & 12 oz. Price Range | $55–$125 CAD

Working out of Canada, From Tree to Sea brings ceramicist Lauren Strybos’ passion to life: the great outdoors. With soft neutrals and dainty designs, each wheel-thrown mug is handcrafted in small batches. Returning goods are restocked every four to six weeks and there are pre-order options. Follow along on Instagram or via the newsletter for more updates and new releases!

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Featured image via Myrth

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