Handmade Jewelry Is Our Favorite Gift This Season

As the season springs up, so do special occasions. From birthdays to graduations, it’s difficult to decide what to get as an appropriate gift for each person and event.

Nature is full of personal touches and vibrant flowers. Take inspiration from the season, and give the gift of handmade jewelry. Here are a few ideas on where to start!

Stamped Jewelry

For the individual that doesn’t like frills, stamped jewelry is a thoughtful gift. For the couple with an anniversary, the date of marriage or initials may be inscribed on a bracelet. A motivational or healing quote may be inscribed on jewelry for someone making a life change or experiencing a loss. For the graduate, a charm bracelet with customized stamped charms would be perfect to mark each milestone of their lives.


Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been a popular trend in the last few years, with varied, colorful options to select from. Flower crowns have moved from the head to being placed over the heart as a necklace, declaring the beauty and elegance of the wearer, which makes these perfect for a bridal party to wear together for a wedding and photos.

No matter if you want a sweet or edgy look, statement necklaces may be given for a variety of occasions as well, such as a Sweet 16 or the receiving of an award. Larger stores at the mall, like Claire’s or Charming Charlie, carry these, but for a special occasion, handmade is best.

That’s when you turn to the talented crafters over at Etsy. Flower bib necklaces can be more dramatic, like arranged bouquets, and the textile art looks like the real thing. Statement necklaces are simple, yet bold, pieces of jewelry to mark an occasion.


Wire-Wrapped Crystal Jewelry

Straight from the heart of the Earth, crystals and stones come in vibrant colors and have much symbolism interconnected with each one. For example, rose quartz symbolizes love and friendship, and tiger’s eye symbolizes adventure, creativity and courage. For birthdays, a wire-wrapped birth stone would be a lovely gift. Consider this individual’s milestones and their personality as you pick the perfect stone.

Wire wrapping is a great start to jewelry making for the beginner, and you only need a few simple tools, such as wire, wire cutters and pliers (round and flat nose). Imagine the crystal as a tree, and that the wire is the vine wrapping around it. Go slowly, using the pliers to bend and curve the wire into a secure position, and finally, tie it off at the top to insert a string through.

Several YouTube video and DIY written tutorials are free on the internet and are very helpful to learn how to wire wrap, and you can even find local classes at your area arts center. Many jewelry makers employ wire wrapping these days, and a commissioned custom creation isn’t far from a trip to an arts center.


Occasions to gift handmade jewelry

The best kind of gift is handmade, and spring is blooming with ideas. Prepare in advance, and you can have handmade jewelry ready for many different occasions:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Mother’s Day
  • Loss or memorial of loved ones

The buds of spring blossoming and vines winding their determined way up trees, through obstacles offer the perfect inspiration for handmade jewelry.

If you are patient, handmade jewelry doesn’t have to look thrown together. It takes time to craft a beautiful handmade piece, just as memories are painstakingly and lovingly crafted and treasured.