A Conscious Choice For My Values & Health

Studies say that moving, marriage, loss of a job, starting a new one, and the death of a close family member are some of life’s biggest stressors. For my husband and me, we recently experienced all of the above within three months. Because of the stress, which can take a toll on our bodies, I started dealing with gut and digestion issues and breakouts—and realized it was time to upgrade my vitamin routine.

For most aspects of my life, from secondhand shopping to mindfulness to being vegetarian, I try to be as conscious as possible—so I wanted to approach my own health and wellness in the same way. That thoughtfulness is precisely why HUM Nutrition stands out against the other supplement brands I’ve come across.

HUM’s mission is to help you feel and look your best from the inside out, with clinically proven nutrients. The brand offers targeted solutions for specific goals, like clearer skin, stronger immunity, and in my case, healthier digestion. I also knew the brand was a long-time practitioner of sustainability, and recently announced a transition to using 100 percent ocean bound plastic for all their bottles. Consider me intrigued!

I was impressed with the brand’s clean ingredients, the thoughtful research behind each formula to reach specific goals, and the transparency behind its studies.

HUM’s products already had rave reviews but I wanted to learn more. I was impressed with the brand’s clean ingredients, the thoughtful research behind each formula to reach specific goals, and the transparency behind its studies—triple-tested, standardized, and verified by independent labs. It’s not always easy to find a brand that’s rooted in science and backed by studies to support it; seeing that made me feel even more confident about trying the products. Plus, HUM’s formulas are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients, which was even more comforting considering my sensitive stomach.

And since I care deeply about sustainability too, I was excited to hear about the company’s recent transition in packaging. Now the first-ever supplement brand to do this, HUM’s bottles are made with 100 percent ocean-bound plastic (!!), using plastic waste collected from at-risk coastal communities that would otherwise litter our oceans. Instead, the plastic goes through a rigorous recycling process to be upcycled into HUM’s bottles, which can be recycled over and over again—including the cap!

This move helps save 6 million plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean this year alone—and HUM’s goal is to prevent 50 million bottles by 2025 and eliminate single-use plastic altogether. These changes translate to a lower carbon footprint, complete traceability, and fully recyclable products.

HUM’s sustainability commitments translate to a lower carbon footprint, complete traceability, and fully recyclable products.

When it was time to get started, I began with a three-minute quiz for my personalized results. Hoping I’d finally find some relief, I excitedly answered questions around my lifestyle and what I hoped would change. Yes, my diet includes lots of vegetarian and vegan meals; no, I didn’t have sleep issues; yes, I wanted to focus on digestion and brightening my dull skin.

The results surprised me for two reasons.

One, because when HUM said “personalized to your goals and needs,” the team clearly means it. My suggestions were Daily Cleanse, Flatter Me, and Gut Instinct—all of which would help detox my skin and body, support my digestion, balance my gut, and help boost my immune system. Exactly what I needed. (Though, as someone who generally practices body positivity, I wish ‘Flatter Me’ was renamed to something more empowering.)

The formulas looked powerful too; compared with a probiotic I used to take that had 500 million FCUs per serving, Gut Instinct came with 25 billion. Plus, I’d get all three for around $40 a month with discounted subscription.

My RD reassured me that I could reach out anytime to ask questions and ensure we’re making the right regimen.

And two, because after the quiz, I was immediately matched with a Registered Dietitian: Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, CDN. At first, I wondered if this was a bot or an outsourced support desk, but no! A real human being, with an established platform and verified credentials! She reassured me that I could reach out anytime to ask questions and ensure I’m on the right regimen. ”This individualized approach is unparalleled and one of the reasons I became a HUM RD,” she told me. 🥰 I felt comforted to have a nutritionist on standby, given my ongoing symptoms.

I began taking the recommended supplements, which consisted of one to two capsules per product. It came clear usage directions and colorful bottles I was happy to display on my kitchen counter (unlike the typical vitamins I hide inside the cabinet). And since I’m not a fan of chalky aftertastes, I was grateful that they came in a transparent capsule form versus a powdery tablet. It was easier than ever to incorporate into my daily routine.

And then…nothing happened. And that’s a good thing! I didn’t feel strange or “off” like I have with other supplements (looking at you, Magnesium). Instead, it feels like a nice self-care moment each day, pausing to sip and gulp mindfully.

Since I’ve started taking Flatter Me before meals, I’ve noticed immediate results with less bloating and better digestion. For Daily Cleanse and Gut Instinct, I’ve started to see some beneficial changes, too—and it’s only been a few weeks. Chelsey reminds me, “Consistency is key to see results from your supplement regimen,” so it may take four to six weeks to start seeing their full effect.

If results continue to improve after this three-month set, I’ll be setting up a recurring subscription. The extra-discounted haul comes with the flexibility to try new products, ongoing accessibility to Chelsey, and the convenience of coming straight to my door. It’s a worthwhile investment in my health for less than $50/month. You can even get another 15% off of $29+ with code ECO. My mother, the coupon queen, would be so proud.

Between my HUM supplements and Registered Dietitian, it feels good to know I am fully supported and on track towards achieving my personal wellbeing goals. An added bonus is knowing my vitamin routine makes a positive impact on the environment, aligning perfectly with my values.

My gut instinct is telling me HUM’s definitely a winner.




Henah Velez (she/her) is an Editor at The Good Trade. Prior to her work here, Henah worked in the nonprofit sector for more than seven years, including at She’s the First, a nonprofit fighting for a world where every girl chooses her own future. Based out of Santa Barbara, you can usually find Henah roaming around local downtowns and small businesses, hanging with her pets, or traveling as much as possible.