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These Instagram accounts align with The Good Trade’s ideals of minimalism, social consciousness, and sustainability. Looking for a way to drown out your ex’s grams on your feed or gain some inspiration for future Insta’s? We’ve got you covered. Some accounts here are already wildly popular, with others flying under the radar. No need to check the explore page, we’ve done it for you. Spice up your feed with these Instagrammers, curated for your style from adventurer to foodie.


Matt Gee | @mattbg

Calling all hipster travelers: Matt Gee’s Instagram is for you. He creates a perfect balance between peaceful and thrilling shots from Iceland to the Pacific Northwest.

Morgan Phillips | @morganphillips

Morgan Phillips’s Instagram reminds us of the Dixie Chicks song “wide open spaces” because that’s what he gives you. Relax into the world with his stunning shots of the great outdoors.

Dan Tom | @dantom

Dan Tom makes clouds come to life with his traveling photos. His account is centered around sunsets and waves, most with a hint of millennial pink.

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Molly Cranna | @mollycranna

Edgy, fresh, bold. We sound like a stereotypical modeling agent, but Molly Cranna’s Insta really is those things. Her bright, bold images will be sure to jumpstart your creative juices.

Tanya | @percxption

Looking to up your still-life photography? Check out percxption. Focused on creative minimalism, Tanya will shed a whole new light on your everyday items.

Dezeen | @dezeen

Travel around the world through architecture with Dezeen’s Instagram. Both interior and exterior shots will definitely make you see new angles to your own city.

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Reformation | @reformation

We are obsessed with Reformation’s beautiful, sustainably-made clothing. From their show-stopping dresses to daily wear. They truly live up to their motto “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2”

Emma Watson | @emmawatson

If you haven’t heard of Emma Watson, you’ve probably lived under a rock and have no fear of Voldemort, but what you may not know is that Emma is dedicated to keeping up a sustainable wardrobe. Gain insight to her red carpet gowns (all eco-friendly), as well as her humanitarian causes.

Sai De Silva | @scoutfashion

Sai De Silva beautifully curates her Instagram chronicling the style of herself and her children. Showing off the latest trends, she makes them approachable with an air of easy everyday wear.

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Adeline Waugh | @vibrantandpure

Creator of the mermaid toast, Miami-based Adeline Waugh will brighten up your Insta feed with her whimsical smoothie bowls and colorful fun takes on all your favorite recipes.

Sarah B | @mynewroots

Sarah B creates vegetarian dishes straight out of every foodie’s dream, her out-of-the-box recipes will breathe life into a tired kitchen. Her seasonal local plates will keep you on your toes all year long.

Athena Calderone | @eyeswoon

Athena Calderone creates a great balance between a little bit of her daily lifestyle aesthetic and lots of great food snaps. She really shows off the beauty of dishes with helpful hints on how to achieve swoon-worthy creations.

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Dia Art Foundation | @diaartfoundation

Clean, crisp art shots is what you’ll find on the Dia Art Foundation’s Instagram. See people interacting with the artwork and broaden your imagination for some Insta’s of your own on your next museum excursion.

Rupi Kaur | @Rupikaur_

Rupi Kaur’s Instagram is like a good friend offering daily nuggets of wisdom for being your best self. A mix of her poetry and drawings will bring some love into your endless scrolling.

Charity: Water | @charitywater

Charity: Water is an organization focused on bringing clean water to people in need around the world. By following their Instagram, you’ll meet individuals now with clean water available, see the profound impacts of the charity, and learn about ways to get involved.

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Erin Loechner | @erinloechner

For a little bit of everything, follow Erin Loechner. Her feed ranges from adorable pics of her kids to home design goals  – and everything in between, all perfectly curated. She’ll motivate you to see the beauty in everyday life.

Palomaparrot | @palomaparrot

Let palomaparrot’s Instagram become your minimalist muse. Capturing the little lovely things that make life worth living, her ‘grams always bring a smile to our faces.

Amanda Jane Jones | @amandajanejones

Amanda Jane Jones documents her minimalist design aesthetics with a mix of sustainable goods. She showcases her fashionable children and general everyday life with beauty and poise.

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