Make Your Money Work For You

Navigating finances during any stage of life can feel intimidating, especially when it comes to investments and making your money work for you. Whether you’re new to investing (as in, you’ve never considered investments and aren’t sure where to begin) or you’re ready to deep-dive into stocks and index funds, these five financial podcasts have you covered. Our favorite part? They’re inclusive.

While Wall Street may conjure images of men in suits, the world of stocks and investing doesn’t belong to men—because everyone is invited to the investment conversation! Here’s where to tune in:

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1. The Investing For Beginners Podcast

Start Here | A Refresher Episode on Some Investing Basics
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Why invest? How does it work? Where do I even begin? If these are the questions rattling around your brain, you’ll want to download this podcast ASAP. Hosted by self-taught investors Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern, The Investing For Beginners Podcast answers all the above questions—and countless more. Learn to decode Wall Street jargon and understand complicated investment principles. Make sure to catch up on the archives, too. Past content includes a handful of mini-series addressing introductory investment questions (check out episodes 43-47 & 60-64). 

Reviews | “Andrew & Dave, hosts of The Investing for Beginners Podcast, highlight all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t-miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!” – Brooke C, iTunes Review

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2. The Fairer Cents

Start Here | Money Things Women Aren’t Taught
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Do you feel overwhelmed navigating investments and finances in a world traditionally safeguarded by men? The Fairer Cents podcast is committed to changing that. This podcast is essential listening for anyone who’s had to “fight to break even” with the patriarchy. Expect empowering chats, inspirational interviews, and smart, feminist hosts (Kara and Tanja). Don’t take our word alone—Forbes, The Cut, and US News sing similar praises.

Reviews | “This podcast gives me the language and the courage to think and talk about money in my own life. I have a solid understanding of all the “right” things to do with money, but am bad at implementing them. Kara and Tanja help contextualize money in both a personal and systemic way, and in just ten episodes I’ve already gained the confidence to talk more openly about money and finally implement systems that work for me.” – Kathryn L, iTunes Review

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3. BiggerPockets

Start Here | Full-Time Job, Full-Time Mom, and Full-Time Wealth From Rentals
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If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, this is the podcast for you. A self-proclaimed “real estate investing without all the hype” web series, this show is for anyone looking to invest their hard-earned dollars into property. The hosts even know how to banter, weaving jokes with practical real estate investment advice and industry expert interviews. Equally informative and entertaining, the BiggerPockets podcast is perfect for real estate newbies. 

Reviews | “For anyone interested in real estate, start here! Phenomenal podcast with constant and incredibly valuable information. Love it!” – Justin P, iTunes Review

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4. Clever Girls Know

Start Here | Women and Money – A Deep Dive Discussion
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An investment and financial wellness-focused podcast for women, Clever Girls Know is an information hub for all things money-related. Whether you have questions about loans, need support for eliminating debt, or simply want to hear investment advice from badass women, this podcast is a one-stop-show. Episode content ranges from interviews to advice from the host, Bola Sokunbi (Certified Financial Education Instructor). 

The podcast is a smaller project from the Clever Girl Finance education platform, and it’s only one of the fantastic resources available to women. If you love the show, make sure to check out the book, YouTube videos, and online courses

Reviews | “Straight talk on money, mindset & building real wealth. Bola covers money topics all women need to know. From relationships and money, investing, mindset and managing money, Clever Girls Know is a great way to listen and learn!” – Melisa B, iTunes Review

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5. Money Girl

Start Here | How to Choose the Best Investments – 6 Dos and Don’ts to Follow
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The Money Girl podcast has been successfully producing content for more than a decade. The first episode debuted in 2008 and, while not primarily focused on investment, this finance podcast covers an array of money-related topics, including taxes, debt, credit cards, and, of course, investment. Join Laura Adams—personal finance expert, author, and speaker—as she takes complicated topics and turns them into bite-size audio clips. A perfect podcast for your daily commute. 

Reviews | “I’ve made many mistakes regarding money but Laura’s advice has helped me be more mindful when it comes to my finances. I am getting out from under a lot of debt and on top of that affording to live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. She’s given me to tools I need to take control of my money.” – Heather L, iTunes Review

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