Snuggling Up & Settling Down

The colder months find us cozied up with our loved ones and practicing gratitude for the blessings the year has brought. For many lovebirds, it’s also the perfect time to embark on a lifetime journey together and say “yes” to each other!

Whether you’re planning an engagement or just hoping to get some sparkling inspiration, it’s a great time to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and browse all the beautiful conflict-free diamond rings on is a trusted jeweler with a long diamantaire legacy, from the founders all the way down to some of the programmers and marketers—they are truly diamond specialists, and one look at their jewelry will prove it.

A Diamond Bridal Jewelry Company With A Technology Soul

You don’t have to be a gemologist to build a ring with the perfect-for-you center stone, because offers the technology and support you need to craft your dream ring down to the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of your center stone.

Want to learn more about what goes in to discovering the right one-of-a-kind diamond for you? has an extensive education section that will walk you through every detail.

The Beauty Of A James Allen Ring Speaks For Itself. 

But did you know they’re made with conflict-free diamonds?

Commemorate your love by committing with a stone that is responsibly sourced.  JamesAllen.comis the exclusive retailer of CanadaMark® certified diamonds, which are sourced from world-class Canadian mines that are renowned for their positive social and environmental impact. CanadaMark® diamonds are particularly desirable as they are completely organic and free of the treatments sometimes used to artificially enhance a diamond’s appearance, while still giving you a brilliant stone.

The diamond specialists at go above and beyond when hand-selecting these stones, so you can be sure that your ring does not come at the expense of indigenous communities or the environment.

Sweet & Swoonworthy

Conflict-Free Canadian Diamonds

Don’t Buy Sight Unseen

Purchasing a ring online can seem like a gamble, because you don’t get the true picture of a diamond from certificates alone. has a complete catalog of their 150,000+ certified conflict-free diamonds, and thanks to their Diamond Display Technology, they have 360° HD images of each individual stone so you can pick the perfect one!

Better yet, viewing the diamonds this way gives you a more precise view than a jeweler’s loupe used in-store, so you can see every detail of the stone before buying.

We love scrolling through and browsing our favorite cuts and colors of diamonds and daydreaming about the sparkle—there’s even a ring builder option with stunning 360° views of the hundreds of gorgeous settings available in platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

The Benefits Of Online Engagement Ring Shopping

Not sold quite yet? Purchasing an engagement ring online from  JamesAllen.comcan save you 50% or more than what you’d spend in a traditional store because you are buying direct and their service representatives are non-commission. Plus, the stone selection is more extensive than brick-and-mortar stores, so you can find exactly what you want at the price you’re looking for.

Whether you’re designing the ring to surprise your partner, or you’re designing it together, buying online is the most modern and precise way to create the ring of your dreams. Add in the certified conflict-free stones, and you’re looking at a beautiful, custom, and impactful ring your partner will love talking about.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

If you need help choosing a stone, picking the ideal setting, or just need tips on how to sweep her off her feet with a magical proposal, has a customer service representative available to help you 24/7.

We love that their highly reviewed service department is non-commission, so you don’t have to worry about high sales pressure—they’re there to help you get the right ring.

After you find the ring,
All You Have To Handle Is The Proposal

When it comes to something as monumental as proposing, you or your partner shouldn’t have to sweat the details. offers a lifetime warranty on their rings, free resizing up to 60 days after purchase (I mean, who gets it right on the first try?) and hassle-free returns—100% money back and free shipping in the USA within 30 days.

This article is sponsored by our friends at James Allen