Trusted Organizations for Disaster Relief

Between Puerto Rico, Texas, and Mexico, the recent wave of natural disasters around the world has deeply affected the team here at The Good Trade. As conscious global citizens, we find it core to our values to use this platform as a force for good during these times.

In this past month, Hurricane Harvey brought record-breaking rain and flooding to the Gulf Coast, most notably Texas, followed by Hurricane Irma leaving islands across the Caribbean in ruin. In Mexico, three separate earthquakes have collapsed buildings and killed hundreds. And just last week, Hurricane Maria struck the US territory of Puerto Rico, leaving more than 3 million American citizens without power, shelter, and food. 

Recovery in these regions will be long, but cannot be done without the support of all of us, together. We’ve found a number organizations that are working tirelessly on the ground for relief and aid, specifically in these affected regions. We encourage all of our readers to give what they can – your day’s cup of coffee, or your fancy dinner out. Everything helps and keeps us more connected to our global communities. 

Puerto Rico

  1. Hispanic Federation

  2. Unidos Por Puerto Rico

  3. Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico Relief Fund

Hurricanes Maria & Irma

  1. Global Giving

  2. United Way of Miami-Dade

  3. Oxfam

  4. Hurricane Maria Community Relief + Recovery Fund

Hurricane Harvey

  1. Greater Houston Community Foundation

  2. SBP

  3. Houston Humane Society


  1. Topos de Tlateloco

  2. Oxfam Mexico

  3. UNICEF Mexico