“Let the dead leaves drop.”
– Rumi

With the approaching new year (and new decade!), our team’s been discussing the not-so-healthy habits and thought patterns we wish to leave behind, along with the practices and rituals we hope to implement in 2020. We’re not making resolutions, per se, but resounding to prioritize the things we love, along with the practices that serve us. We’re also bidding a big farewell to the things that, well, don’t.

Are you resolving not to make resolutions this year, but have a few things you wish to leave behind, or bring with you into 2020? Share with us in the comments below! ✨


Leaving Behind | Unfiltered Content

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie on a plane (simply because the media was available) when I realized I wasn’t even interested in the film. It served no purpose for me, and I was only consuming it because I was bored—and because I’ve become accustomed to hearing/seeing/consuming something at all hours of the day. (Oops.)

Moving forward, I’m resolving to be more aggressive about my content consumption. This includes screen time, but also literature, radio, and really any form of media (goodbye, email subscriptions). It’s concerning how easily I absorb content without a filter, even in subconscious ways. The background noise and constant tech impacts my mood and steals my attention, often without my permission. So, I’m setting strict boundaries. I’m not sure what that looks like yet, but I’m eager to reel things in—by a lot. In 2020, it’s all about slow-content, and even slower-consumption.

Bringing Into 2020 | Family Mealtime

My partner and I rarely eat meals together at a table. Instead, and due to inconsistent work/study schedules, we’ve cultivated a bad habit of eating late at night in front of the television (again with the constant content). We both grew up with family mealtime, though, and intentional dinnertime conversation isn’t something I’m willing to sacrifice any longer. So, we’ve purchased a dining table for the new year. I even splurged on some placemats and velvet chairs. Let the screen-free mealtimes commence!

Staff Writer

Leaving Behind | Doubt

I’m leaving behind doubt in 2019, and good riddance! Whether it’s imposter syndrome professionally, insecurities about my looks/body, or simply doubting myself, I’m done with it. This year more than ever before, I’m more sure of who I am, what I deserve, and what I can best do for myself—and doubt’s not included in any of those anymore! (Or at least, I’m going to try my best to banish it.)

Bringing Into 2020 | intentional rest

One thing I’m bringing into 2020 is intentional time to rest. I have lots of professional and personal milestones coming up in this next year that will keep me busier than ever, and I need to prioritize alone time. As I’ve gotten older, I need more personal time and space as an introvert, so resting will include limiting my weekend plans, prioritizing sleep, and actually disconnecting instead of simply logging off.

Managing Editor

Leaving Behind | Self-Judgment

I’m leaving self-judgment in the dust of 2019 (or doing my best to, hah!) It’s been a year of feeling guilty about how I spend my leisure time, criticizing my goals as not “good enough” or “big enough,” and just generally being my own worst bully. I’m ready to remove the attachment of judgment from everything I do and allow myself to just be. I’m building a new vocabulary for my self-talk and reaching out to my support network to help me implement it.

It’s not easy to switch into a new mode overnight, so I’m also giving myself plenty of wiggle room and accepting that some days will be better than others. (Because if I judge myself for judging myself, then we’re right back where we started, right?)

Bringing Into 2020 | Calendars

2020 is the year of the calendar for me. Google calendars, planners, schedules written on diner napkins—you name it. I’ve been plotting my schedule at the beginning of each month since November, and the structure is allowing some of that aforementioned judgment to ease away. When I can see that I have a busy week ahead, I’m happy to give myself room to rest (and space to be tired, too).

I’ve also been planning out my leisure activities and phone calls with friends—a structure that makes me feel proactive and supported. And best yet? I’m managing and canceling plans way in advance because I can tell when something is just going to be too much for me. And that’s what we call boundaries, baby.

Courtney Jay
Associate Editor

Leaving Behind | Self-Doubt

That’s right, I am leaving this limiting mental habit in 2019, the year that tested me with obstacles and forced me into growth (growing pains are real). I feel extremely inspired to come into myself in a new way in 2020. Maybe it’s how 2020 rolls off the tongue, or the fact I am turning 29—one step closer to being 30. I feel called to leave some of the stuff that has held me back at 2019’s overbearing door.

Bringing Into 2020 | Tools for Growth

What I plan to bring into this new year are unexplored tools to assist in growth. Tools like committing to seeing a Life Coach to plan my future, saying goodbye to a therapist I’ve outgrown (read more about how you can do that here), and signing up for classes to assist me in moving forward in my career and passions. I’m eager to take a writing class and become certified as a prenatal yoga instructor, I’m also looking to develop a new approach for getting things done, as well as for how I look at myself in the new year.

Co-Founder & CEO

Leaving Behind | Bleached Hair

Trivial as it may be, I am done bleaching my hair. I’ve paid my dues (literally) to the California cool-girl, sun-kissed, blonde aesthetic. Woof. It’s pricey (really, extremely!), it’s chemically toxic, it requires a ton of upkeep—and without fail, I always endure a minor panic attack under the processing lamp (which is not so friendly to the mildly claustrophobic among us). I am inspired by the effortlessly chic, French-girl lob (translation: long brown bob), but who am I kidding, I grew up in Kansas. As plain Jane as they come, Mother Nature made me a brunette, so a brunette I will be. At least for 2020.

Bringing into 2020 | Plant-Based Foods

Headed into the new year, I’m excited to explore an increasingly plant-based diet—a win-win-win for sustainability, ethics, and personal health. I’m looking forward to cooking more at home and digging into these resources for clean, plant-forward cooking while following a flexitarian approach.


Kayti Christian (she/her) is an Editor at The Good Trade. Growing up beneath the evergreens in the Sierra Nevadas, she returns to California after a decade split between states—including three years lived abroad. With an MA in Nonfiction Writing, she’s passionate about storytelling and fantastic content, especially as it relates to mental health, feminism, and sexuality. When not in-studio, she’s camping, reading memoir, or advocating for the Oxford comma.