Monthly & Weekly Emails to Inspire Creativity

Over the last few years, newsletters have begun to rival podcasts in the race to provide exciting content. And what better way is there to strengthen your own content than by learning from other writers? These 12 newsletters, from experts in all areas of writing, are invaluable for improving your skills, communing with like-minded people, and staying up-to-date on the latest in the industry.

Whether you’re a copywriter, a freelance journalist, or an aspiring author (or all the above!), you’re sure to find something worth subscribing to. (Can’t get enough? Head here for more regular e-mail newsletters we know you’ll love).

1. One More Question

Britany Robinson is just a fellow freelance writer who wants to figure out this industry with you. Her newsletter is for her peers who “are determined to make it work—even when this industry just keeps getting harder.” She shares brief interviews from writers and editors, as well as insightful essays on writing and paid writing opportunities. Although the rate at which One More Question lands in your inbox tends to vary, the quality of the content never does. With a paid subscription, you can even get Britany’s advice on one pitch per month.

2. Total Annarchy

Ann Handley is a writer, best-selling author, and “digital marketing pioneer.” From her tiny home in Massachusetts, she shares writing tips, tools, and marketing advice in a biweekly newsletter. Always on the hunt for efficient and effective copywriting, she shares examples from large and small businesses—always with an air of whimsy. In the end, Ann believes writing and marketing should be fun for both readers and content creators. Her newsletter sure is!

3. Deez Links

It’s no surprise that Delia Cai’s day job is reporting on growth and trends for Buzzfeed—because her newsletter captures peak millennial internet culture. The casual low caps emails cover everything from funny TikToks to interviews with the media’s rising stars. In addition, Delia has teamed up with Study Hall (see below) to distribute a weekly classifieds section, including job openings, pitch calls, and new projects. Subscribe for the “dailyish” dose of humor and stay for the hot takes on the latest industry happenings.

4. Study Hall

Speaking of Study Hall, they are a fantastic resource as well! The online platform and newsletter is a support network for media workers by media workers. Founders P.E. Moskowitz and Kyle Chayka originally created a freelance co-working space but have since taken the idea online to foster a global community for writers in all stages of their careers. For $2/month, you can get their weekly updates on the industry and in-depth essays, while other subscription plans give you access to a comprehensive list of job opportunities, editor databases, pitch calls, pitch guides, and more. 

5. The Where to Pitch Newsletter

Freelance writer and avid traveler Susan Shain started her website Where to Pitch to “help writers find homes for their stories.” The site offers a search feature for instantly finding relevant publications to pitch to for your vertical! Her newsletter builds on this resource with monthly tips, tools, and advice for getting your writing to the right places. Join a community of freelance writers learning to pitch smarter, one email at a time.

6. Millennial Writer Life

Prince Shakur is a queer, Jamaican-American artist and activist whose work has been widely published and recognized. Prince started out as a “broke traveler” but now has a literary agent and a debut book in the works. His newsletter, Millennial Writer Life, is geared towards black millennial artists. Each week, he sends tips and tricks for those trying to make it as a writer without giving up on their passions.

7. Natasha Khullar Relph

Natasha Khullar Relph doesn’t just want you to get your writing published—she wants you to make money. The award-winning journalist’s newsletter consists of tips and writing advice for freelancers trying to up their game. In addition to daily emails, your subscription allows you access to Natasha’s free resources, which can be found in full on her blog-turned-website The International Freelancer. Email templates, video training, informative reports, and even several guide books are available for download and purchase through the site.

8. The Freelance Beat

Specifically geared towards journalists, The Freelance Beat contains weekly resources and guidance for just $1/month. Tatiana Walk-Morris brings her own journalistic expertise to the table by sharing successful pitch samples, writing gigs, and news to keep you in the loop. Along with the newsletter, Tatiana’s wisdom can be found on her site through public blog posts. The Chicago-based professional has your back in “this ever-evolving media eco-system.”

9. Agents and Books

Literary agent, teacher, and writer Kate McKean has compiled all your FAQs about finding an agent and writing books “all in one place.” In addition to her free emails, she sends out weekly Q&As for paid subscribers and helpful essays for aspiring writers. Get inspiration, words of encouragement, and reality checks in one email. If you’re hoping to publish a book, Agents and Books is a great place to start. 

10. The Write Stuff

Each Monday, full-time freelance writers Kirstie Taylor and Eva Gutierrez send out three links to articles, videos, podcast episodes, and more to help you “write the right stuff.” The duo also founded the Patreon-based mentorship program Content Writers Mastermind. Both platforms provide a path for content writers to build their brand and grow their client list in order to cultivate a sustainable freelance career. They’ve made it happen for themselves, and now they’ll help you do it too.


Based in London, POLARI Print is a queer publishing house and art collective. The new and independent company is “by & for QTIBIPOC, neuro-divergent, and [dis]abled queer folk,” according to their social media. Through a triannual zine, published books and workshops, POLARI aims to carve out space for underrepresented voices within the UK. Their weekly newsletter is an extension of this work. Every Thursday, POLARI sends collections of creative endeavors connected to queer survival, expression, discovery and more.  

12. Not A Writer’s Club

I’d be remiss not to mention Celeste Scott’s newsletter! The Good Trade’s former social media manager has created a supportive space to gather inspiration and exercise your writing muscles “even when it’s hard.” The monthly emails showcase Celeste’s innate talent for looking at the world in a unique way with a relevant writing prompt at the end for those so inclined. You won’t be sorry you subscribed!

Writers, what other content are you reading? ✍🏻Share in the comments below!


Audrey Stanton was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently based in Los Angeles. She works as a freelance writer and content creator with a focus in sustainable fashion. Audrey is deeply passionate about conscious living and hopes to continue to spread awareness of ethical consumption.