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While Instagram may be known for creating widespread superficiality, it has also fostered strong communities across the globe. At its best, social media can bring connection and empowerment to people who need it most. If we choose to make a positive impact on the world through social media, we can change the narrative of this growing technology.

Transgender and non-binary communities are severely underrepresented in mainstream media. Instagram creates a path for anyone—no matter their gender, size, or race—to build a platform and use their voice for the betterment of all. Not every non-binary person has the same story or the same look, which is why social media is a wonderful place for these individuals to showcase their self-expression.

Each of these influencers below is breaking stereotypes and rewriting the rules around identity and inclusive fashion. These inspiring voices come from artists and activists of all types, showing that everyone deserves to own their unique story. If you don’t see your favorite non-binary or transgender Instagrammer on this list, add them in the comments below!

1. Jamie Windust | @jamie_windust

Jamie Windust (formerly @leopardprintelephant) is a writer, speaker, model, and LGBTQIA+ activist. They are a contributing writer for publications such as Dazed, The Independent, and Gay Times. Aside from writing, Jamie has also blown up on Instagram as an influencer. Their style is full of bright colors, mixed prints, and larger-than-life silhouettes, yet impeccably curated! Jamie uses their platform to constantly push for inclusion and representation in the fashion industry for LGBTQIA+ folks. Check out Jamie’s recently launched book, In Their Shoes.

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2. Alok V Menon | @alokvmenon

Alok V Menon is an artist and ‘fashionista’ who identifies as a transfeminine and gender non-conforming individual. Alok dabbles in various mediums including writing, performance art, and public speaking. Through their vibrant page, Alok uniquely expresses themselves with bold clothing, bright makeup, and creative hair—including body hair. The influencer is passionate about combatting gender norms and experiments with both masculine and feminine aesthetics. They create a look that is unique to them and inspiring to others.

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3. Kenny Ethan Jones | @kennyethanjones

Kenny Ethan Jones is a model, activist, and writer, who’s best known for his historical appearance in Pink Parcel’s IM ON campaign—as the first trans man to front a period campaign. He’s written for Metro, Self, Polyester, and more about gender, sexuality, and menstruation. In his feed, you’ll find subtle, colorful, and classic looks (we’re getting all the blazer/jacket layering inspo from Kenny!)

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4. Hari Nef | @harinef

Hari Nef is an actress and model is best known for her role on the show Transparent, and is the first transgender woman signed to IMG Worldwide. Her career has continued to blossom and, at just 22 years old, she has starred in a movie and has been in a high-profile fashion campaign for Gucci. Although Hari has garnered much attention, she is committed to being in charge of her own narrative. She prefers to speak through her work and maintains certain levels of privacy in the face of her growing fame. 

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5. Vick Franco | @lavickybeauty

Vick Franco (previously @vittoriofranco_kweer) is a makeup influencer who does not follow gender norms. Their colorful beauty looks are inspiring and you can see even more behind-the-scenes on their Tik Tok. They both dive headfirst into all shades of the rainbow with their artistic expression. Vittorio, also known as ‘Kweer,’ doesn’t hold back—which may be exactly why they have gained more than 25,000 followers on the social media platform.

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6. Eli Erlick | @elierlick

Eli Erlick is a queer trans woman passionate about transgender youth activism. She works as a writer, speaker, and organizer in order to fight for some of the most vulnerable in our nation. After coming out as transgender in her small town, Eli experienced verbal and physical bullying. At only age 16, she co-founded the organization Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER). Since then, she has helped to fight for equal rights and fair treatment of transgender individuals in any way she can.

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7. Umber Ghauri | @umberghauri

Umber Ghauri is a non-binary makeup artist, model, and speaker making electric waves on social media. Their Instagram feed consists of personal and professional makeup masterpieces that feature those of all genders and shades—including Alok V Menon! Umber’s website confirms that their services create ‘beauty for everyone.’ The makeup artist uses their platform to not only share creative work but promote inclusive brands and products. Umber aims to take their responsibility as an advocate for their peers seriously and provide beauty support for everyone.

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8. Andreja Pejic | @andrejapejic

Andreja Pejic was known as one of the first androgynous supermodels before coming out as trans. She is now still a renowned model, and is starting to make a name for herself as an actress. She is starring in her first feature film and—amid public perception and comments about her identity—is defining herself by her work rather than her gender. Andreja’s feed is equal parts selfies and statements. She features her modeling work right alongside her social activism, proving that one can be a complex and informative force on Instagram.

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Audrey Stanton was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently based in Los Angeles. She works as a freelance writer and content creator with a focus in sustainable fashion. Audrey is deeply passionate about conscious living and hopes to continue to spread awareness of ethical consumption.


Header image: Jamie Windust for Noctis Magazine