Super Soft, Sustainable, & Safe!

After nearly a year of wearing face masks, we’ve learned a thing or two: Invest in reusable options, always wear your mask over the nose, and prepare for maskne! Most importantly, we’ve been reminded of the importance of organic fabrics and materials, particularly now that we’re breathing through them.

For asthma and allergy sufferers alike, organic cotton is considered supreme: It’s naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and effective. And we’ve found a handful of masks that are as affordable as they are long-lasting. Stock up and stay safe, friends!

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1. Botanica Workshop

Made In | Los Angeles, CA Price | $15+/mask; $45/3-pack

Focused on intimates and personal wear, Botanica Workshop is dedicated to sustainability and slow fashion, releasing just a handful of collections per year. The shop uses leftover fabric to create zero waste double-layer masks, along with stunning hand-dyed organic cotton masks. Some tie behind your head while others snugly fit over your ears, so pick whichever you prefer! However you choose, your mask will be 100 percent one-of-a-kind.

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2. Colored Organics

Made In | India Price | $10/mask

Colored Organics makes cozy and conscious goods for the little ones in your life, including affordable organic cotton masks. Available in four colors, three sizes, and at just $10 each, these over-the-ear masks are sustainably sourced, ethically produced, and perfect to stock up on for the whole family. For sizing, youth runs from 2–5 years old, medium for 6–16 years, and large for adults. Each month, Colored Organics gives back a portion of proceeds to nonprofits around the world.

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3. The Simple Folk

Made In | Portugal Price | $10/mask

Co-Founders Abi and Jamie wanted The Simple Folk to be a one-stop shop for timeless, ethical, and sustainable children’s apparel. All of their pieces are crafted in an eco-friendly Portuguese factory using GOTS and OEKO-TEX® Certified materials, so these masks are safe for both you and the planet. The Simple Folk’s sustainable mask is made of deadstock organic cotton and comes with over-the-ear elastic for a gentle yet effective fit. For every mask sold, the shop donates one to women and children in need.

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4. Anchal

Made In | Louisville, KY Price | $20/mask

Anchal is a nonprofit social enterprise supporting the livelihoods of local artisans in India and in Kentucky by offering long-term holistic support, training, and education. Anchal’s face masks are made with upcycled organic cotton that would have otherwise been wasted. The original fabric was embroidered in India and then sent to the US to be cut and sewn. If you are looking for a reusable, adjustable, and reversible mask, this is a worthwhile investment.

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5. Groceries Apparel

Made In | Los Angeles, CA Price | $20/2-pack; $30/3-pack

Looking to stock up on a few masks at once? LA-based Groceries Apparel offers eco-friendly options for the whole family in two and three packs. Using GOTS Certified and GMO-free organic cotton and nontoxic dyes, each mask comes with elastic straps for the head and neck. With every three-pack purchased, three more are donated—so you’ll be supporting living wages, sustainable practices, and essential service workers.

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6. Pact

Made In | India Price | $30/3-pack

For durable and thoughtful protection, consider Pact’s Fair Trade Certified three-packs. Made with leftover organic fabric from earlier collections, each one comes with an antimicrobial liner as well as a splash-resistant layer, so you’ll be set no matter what comes your way! Each mask lasts for more than 50 washes, too. Sustainable, ethical, and safe for everyone… What more can we ask for?

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7. Graf Lantz

Made In | Los Angeles, CA Price | $18+/mask; $64/3-pack

Graf Lantz takes an elevated approach to some of the world’s best fabrics and materials, particularly Merino wool, vegetable-tanned leather, and GOTS Certified organic cotton. With four different organic cotton and linen styles, a customizable noseband, reduced fogging, and a filter pocket, these are some of the highest quality masks around. Plus, the brand gives back: 10 meals are donated to Feeding America with every purchase.

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8. Avocado

Made In | Los Angeles, CA Price | $30/4-pack

Avocado, most known for its popular mattresses and bedding, shifted to create masks at the onset of the pandemic. To date, the team has handcrafted 500,000+ masks, with thousands going to nonprofits, hospitals, and election workers. These 100 percent GOTS Certified masks combine two layers of organic cotton with your choice of print and straps (over the ear or tie straps). All purchases from Avocado are also climate neutral, as an added sustainable bonus!

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9. Made Trade

Made In | Portland, OR Price | $40/3-pack; $80/6-pack; discounted kid sizes

If you’re wearing a mask for long hours each day, check out Made Trade’s super comfortable and sustainable face masks. Available for both children and adults, the pleats are made with a soft blend of recycled hemp and GOTS Certified organic cotton and finished with an OEKO-TEX® Certified elastic that’s flexible without losing its fit. Best of all, Made Trade partnered with a local organization, Altar, to employ sewers and makers in Oregon who would otherwise be out of work.

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10. Amour Vert

Made In | San Francisco, CA Price | $20/3-pack

Based in California, Amour Vert is a brand dedicated to sustainability at all levels, including when sourcing fabrics, packaging, and giving back. The same principles apply to its masks, sewn from deadstock fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills. For every purchase, a mask is donated to an essential worker in the San Francisco area. Should you have a preference, you can go for a woven mask or a knit one, but all are doubled layered and lined for added protection.

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11. Wawwa Clothing

Made In | Manchester, UK Price | £12/mask

Wawwa Clothing is turning sustainability on its head in the UK, working only with organic, recycled, and cruelty-free materials and plant-based packaging. Each mask is made-to-order from 100 percent organic cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane. We love the extra mask pouch where you can store your mask on-the-go and even connect it to your keys!

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