Organic Dog Food For Our Best Friends

For most of us, our pets are beloved members of our family and they deserve the best. That applies to their food and health, too: oftentimes, pre-made food we buy our pets can make them sick or unhealthy. Instead, we can opt for organic dog food that will make them healthier than ever from their teeth to their fur.

New to organic dog food?

Here are the basics: organic dog food—whether it’s meat like beef, fish like salmon, or vegetables like carrots—means it is made as naturally as possible. For meat, that means it was raised free-range without hormones or antibiotics; for fish, this may mean they were caught in the wild. And of course, for vegetables, they were untouched by pesticides or fertilizers.

Why opt for organic dog food?

Most dogs require a mix of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, but we don’t want to opt for the processed carbs, fillers, and excessive fats because that’s where the problems begin. If your pup is growing or has allergies/sensitivities or has issues with their digestive system when eating grains, then organic dog food may be the way to go. Many owners credit switching to organic for alleviating their poor pup’s upset stomachs, diarrhea, and vomiting, and instead building up their immune system.

If you’re interested in making the move over to organic food, here are a few last tips to keep in mind: be sure to read the label and research if it’s truly organic, natural, or none of the above. Double check your dog’s food allergies since some recipes have a blend of everything from blueberries to kale—you never know what they might be sensitive to. And lastly, only buy the formulas that align with their stage of life. Giving an older dog food intended for puppies or vice versa can do more harm than good, so definitely be mindful of which organic brands serve your pup best.

We’ve found 3 organic dog food brands that are perfect for puppies to seniors, and everyone in between. These three use higher protein meats, lower carbs, and zero chemicals or fillers, so both owner and pet will be very happy for years to come.

1. Wellness

Ethics | Natural, made in the USA
Features | 100 percent grain-free, blend of turkey and chicken
Where to Buy | Online (Chewy)
Best For | Adult dogs
Price | $40.99 for 12 lb. bag

Wellness’ CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food brings together turkey and chicken for all the protein your pup needs each day, no matter how active they are. This grain-free food contains only premium and all-natural ingredients, like real vegetables and fruits, essential vitamins and minerals, and fresh meat. And it’s all proudly made in the USA, so you know where your dog’s food comes from. From head to toe, your dog will be in its best shape yet.

Core Review | “I am a dog owner and dog trainer with a thirst for knowledge. I tried a number of premium brands and formulas before this came out and nothing, including the regular line by this brand, can hold a candle to CORE. It’s not the most affordable, but at least in MN, I can’t find a better price for this. My dogs are constantly observed as extremely healthy by vets and trainers alike. They have noticeably softer coats since switching them to CORE and less skin issues. I also no longer deal with frequent gas – something several premium brands caused.” – Nicole B.

2. Sojos Complete

Ethics | Natural, made in USA
Features | Grain-free, gluten-free, freeze-dried & dehydrated
Best For | Adult dogs
Where to Buy | Online (Chewy)
Price | $24.99 for 1.75 lb. bag

“Just add water” is the simple instruction for Sojos Complete’s Beef Recipe for Adults. Once poured, the grain- and gluten-free freeze-dried becomes more than 10 pounds of fresh, natural food. Made in the USA, Sojos believes in small batch baking, with real beef, sweet potatoes, celery, and more. Easy to make, store, and eat—a win-win.

Sojos Review | “Our pups love this stuff! It’s easy to make and stores in the fridge for days. I feel like it’s a healthy alternative to dry food.” – Carly B.

“My husband’s [Golden Retriever] had a series of GI problems, allergies, skin problems, and other issues but since the food change, her health is noticeably improving. I highly recommend this food! It may seem like a lot up front but you do end up spending a lot less in vet bills.” – Let, an Amazon customer

3. Newman’s Own

Ethics | Natural, gives back
Features | Blend of chicken & organic rice
Best For | Older dogs
Where to Buy | Online (Chewy)
Price | $24.99 for 12.5 lb. bag

Newman’s Own was founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, and all proceeds support nonprofit organizations around the world. The Adult Dog Formula is a mix of chicken, organic brown rice, and crunchy kibble so that all pups can be strong inside and outside—including their teeth. You won’t find any artificial enhancers, colors, wheat, or corn here, just a few carbs, protein, and a whole lot of flavor. Your pup will be the healthiest in the neighborhood.

Newman’s Own Review | “The healthiest dog you can find: my German Shepherd mix has been feasting on this since I rescued him from a shelter a decade ago and he’s fit as a fiddle. Using natural ingredients and not relying on sugar to entice dogs to eat it, as other so called healthy dog foods use, this is the only brand I trust with my dogs health. He means the world to me so this is very important.” – Rose T.

4. Ollie

Ethics | No fillers or artificial flavors, made in the USA
Features | Human-grade food
Where to Buy | Online
Best For | All dogs
Price | $6/day on average

Ollie doesn’t believe that one size fits all. Instead, the subscription-based dog food company designs and delivers your pup’s meals based on its weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies. Ollie teamed up with canine nutritionists to develop the cooking methods, and the recipes are crafted by veterinarians. They don’t contain any fillers (like soy, corn, and wheat) or artificial flavors, and the high-quality meat is sourced from family-run farms. Plus, the human-grade dishes contain nutritious ingredients like carrots, cod liver oil, and spinach!

Ollie Review | “Bogey’s energy levels are way up and Ollie is helping improve his immune system.” – Anonymous