Bathtime Was Never The Same 🛁

At any given moment, I have three towels hanging in the bathroom of my apartment. To the left of the sink, a hand towel; to the right, one for my face; and draped from the shower door handle, the headliner for my body. I deep-condition my hair once a week; indulge in a three-part nightly face care routine; and never fail to moisturize my body from literal head to toe post-bathing.

This is to say, I use my towels a lot, so it doesn’t go unnoticed how quickly (or slowly) they fray, pill, dry, etc. But because I keep my water consumption and waste in mind too, I also like to get a lot of use out of my towels. If they begin to shed after laundering; how they retain water or odors; if they’re too short and barely skim my upper thigh(!)—it all matters to me.

Pact, the Colorado-based maker of (affordable!) GOTS Certified organic cotton clothing and bedding, recently re-launched its bath collection with three new towel materials: Luxe, Airy Waffle, and Spa Rib. Knowing the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices (like using chemical-free dyes, biodegradable packaging, and carbon-offset shipping), it came as no surprise that the same care would be extended to its series of bath sheets, towels, and mats.

Each piece is crafted in a GOTS Certified factory in Turkey from premium, long-staple cotton and then finished with a clean hem. And because Pact’s organic cotton uses 81 percent less water than its conventional counterpart, over 680 gallons of water are saved in production.

We tried (and dried 😉) the entire collection, so let’s get to it!

New customers, use code GOODTRADE20 for 20% off full-price items through 4/30.

—The Luxe—

The Luxe in Cement

First up, I picked the towels that most closely resembled the ones I currently own. Described as having a “timeless” design, the Luxe is mid-weight, low pile (meaning it has short terry loops), and features two border stripes—which I learned are more than just a decorative accent but a means to prevent unraveling too! These towels felt like home, like all the places and spaces I’ve felt welcomed and comfortable in; they felt refreshingly familiar.

They also felt reliable—after washing and drying my hands, I didn’t walk away with that icky feeling of having still-damp fingers, like how a thin kitchen towel often leaves you 🤢.

They felt refreshingly familiar [and] reliable.
— D.C.

And its thread composition–packed and woven closely together–meant that when I rubbed the towel over myself after bathing, I got a soft scrub, a gentle buffing to the body, a polish for my person ✨. You get it!

The Luxe is aptly described as “crisp [and] classic,” which I couldn’t agree with more. It’s equal parts soft and sturdy and would look chic in any bathroom, whether yours or a guest’s.

Available in Cement; Charcoal Grey; Sea Glass; White (8-piece set, $140)

—The Airy Waffle—

Next: the towels I was most excited to touch. As Pact’s “lightest bath fabric yet,” the Airy Waffle didn’t look like any towel I’d owned in adulthood or even used as a child. And I mean that in a good way. It features a checkered pile pattern that’s textured dimensionality results in something fluffy, plushy, and super soft. It quickly became my favorite of the two. (My fiancé agreed.) 

The Airy Waffle in Fog Grey

Bouncy and breathable, the Airy Waffle is both absorbent and quick-drying, meaning it’ll get the moisture off of you without then retaining it—a must-have when you want to avoid, well, musty smells.

It even inspired a #treatyoself moment in me (and who knew a towel could do that?). Wrapping myself in this after taking a shower felt so good that I wanted to lean into its luxury even more, so I vowed to pre-warm my towel with a spin in the dryer next time to get a full spa-like experience.

I’m admittedly more of a robe woman, but this is the kind of towel you wouldn’t mind lounging in. You know how you twist-and-tuck a towel’s fabric into your upper chest to wear like a strapless dress around the house? Do that.

It’s checkered pile pattern…results in something fluffy [and] plushy.
— D.C.

Available in Fog Gray; Indigo Blue; Shale (8-piece set, $140)

—The Spa Rib—

The Spa Rib in Mineral

Last is the towel I tasked with holding my wet, curly hair (like this: 🧖‍♀️). After a thorough shampoo and condition, I always wrap my hair into a towel, twist it above my head, and leave it there while I lotion my body. Once done, I unravel the towel, add some product to my tresses, and go about my styling.

But there’s a happy medium that needs to be struck at this point in the process and the Spa Rib ended up being perfect for it.

Here’s why: once my hair is unwrapped, my curls can’t still be soaking wet nor can they be completely dry in order for my leave-in conditioner to work the way it’s supposed to.

The Spa Rib’s light-to-mid weight made this easy to achieve because it didn’t absorb so much moisture that it left my curls dehydrated, but it also didn’t leave my ends dripping water all over my bare feet and floor.

It didn’t [leave] my curls dehydrated, but it also didn’t leave [them] dripping water.
— D.C.

I imagine it could do the same for our bodies as it features a striped, rib-knit construction and longer, twistier loops than the Luxe. Plus, it felt softer after a single laundry cycle, so its longevity won’t mean a loss in quality.

Available in Cotton; Mineral; Raw Sienna (8-piece set, $140)


As a daily tool often used inattentively, towels can be overlooked. But when you consider that they too can contribute to a more sustainable life—without sacrificing luxury—why not give your bathroom (and yourself) an upgrade?

New customers, use code GOODTRADE20 for 20% off full-price items through 4/30.