From Toothpaste to Tampons

With stay-at-home orders affecting our ability to venture out to the drugstore or local brick & mortar, it can be incredibly inconvenient to find our personal care items. While some shops are completely out of products and others are currently closed, there is a growing number of businesses taking sustainable, natural personal care online.

From menstrual products to customizable shampoo to CBD wellness products, we’ve rounded up a few personal care subscriptions that can be sent right to your front door, making it effortless to keep up with your daily routines.

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1. Lola

Best For | Organic menstrual products Standout Ethic | Gives back Ships To | Contiguous US Price | Starting at $5 for trial set

Make “that time of the month” easier with Lola’s menstrual supply subscription. This woman-owned brand offers organic cotton pads, tampons, and liners, for every part of your cycle—all shipped on a recurring schedule. And the team gives back, too: Lola has given away over five million period products and fought against the tampon tax. Start with a monthly subscription that can be skipped, modified, or canceled at any time.

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2. Care/of

Best For | Sustainably sourced vitamins, minerals, and supplements Standout Ethic | Plant-based packaging Ships To | US & Canada Price | Starting at $5/vitamin for 30-day supply

Want to upgrade to a healthier lifestyle? Care/of’s subscriptions are the most convenient way to find sustainably sourced nutrients tailored perfectly to your needs. Whether you want calcium, Ashwagandha, or prenatal vitamins, you can have it all delivered to you in plant-based packaging made with wood pulp. Choose vitamins starting at just $5/month and build up from there.

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3. Ritual

Best For | Multivitamins for women of all ages Standout Ethic | Non-GMO, vegan certified vitamins Ships To | US Price | Starting at $33/month

For those of us wanting to simplify our routines, Ritual’s multivitamin is our go-to for daily supplements. The non-GMO, vegan, gluten- and allergen-free capsules cover all the basics of an effective multivitamin, while also taking it easy on your belly. At just a little over $1/day, this monthly subscription is a worthwhile investment in your health—and it comes with a 30-day guarantee.

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4. Prose

Best For | Personalized hair care with sustainable, natural formulas Standout Ethic | Certified B Corp Ships To | US Price | Starting at $25 for subscription

How many of us have gone to a drugstore to pick up a shampoo only to be disappointed by the same five options? Now, we can personalize our hair care with Prose’s sustainable, natural formulas free of GMOs, parabens, and sulfates. Designed specifically for you, this B Corp learns about your concerns, routine, and even ZIP code to create effective shampoos, conditioners, and more. Each month, you’ll receive your formula that will improve over time. Your next good hair day is just a few steps away.

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5. Billie

Best For | Nickel-free razors & clean shaving kits Standout Ethic | Made in USA Ships To | US Price | Starting at $9 for razor starter kit

If you haven’t heard of Billie’s award-winning razor, get ready. The five-blade, nickel-free razor is the star of the shaving kit. Made specifically for women and people who shave their legs—usually shaving ten times the surface area than people who just shave their face—the kit starts at just $9 (no pink tax here!), with four refill blades coming your way whenever you need them. Get ready for the closest shave of your life, every time.

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6. Seed

Best For | Pre- & probiotic supplements Standout Ethic | Biodegradable packaging, sustainable refills Ships To | Worldwide Price | Starting at $49.99/month

Seed looks at microbial sciences to improve not just our health but the planet’s, too. Its Daily Synbiotic is a prebiotic/probiotic supplement made with 24 clinically proven strains to help support your gut health—and the rest of your body. It’s vegan, gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free—and no refrigeration is required. It’s shipped to you in eco-friendly packaging the first time and then as refills from there on out. Sustainable, science-driven, and simple? Yes, please.

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7. by Humankind

Best For | Deodorant Standout Ethic | 100 percent carbon-neutral company Ships To | US Price | Starting at $10 per product subscription

by Humankind is changing the game when it comes to personal care. Rather than using the typical single-use plastic bottle, you can find its hand sanitizer, mouthwash, and body wash packaged in aluminum bottles, glass jars, and biodegradable paper. With a formula featuring plant-based squalane, we’re most impressed with bH’s Refillable Deodorant. Though the container is plastic, using and reusing it will reduce your single-use plastic waste by 90 percent. Better for your body and better for planet earth.

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8. Equilibria

Best For | Premium CBD wellness products Standout Ethic | Responsibly sourced hemp from partner farm Ships To | US Price | Starting at $49 for subscribe & save options

Anxiety and insomnia sufferers, rejoice: Equilibria is here. Using responsibly sourced hemp from Colorado, the CBD-based brand crafts premium products like daily soft gels and drops to relieve both physical and mental ailments. For a regular subscription, you’ll receive enough supply for a month as well as access to a personalized “dosage” specialist, so you can adjust each dose to your needs. Get ready for a new sense of peace and calm.

Use code “thegoodtrade” for 15 percent off your first order!

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9. Package Free

Best For | Natural soaps & lotions Standout Ethic | Zero waste Ships To | Worldwide Price | Starting at $3 per product

For all the basic personal care items in your life, like natural soaps, washes, and lotions, look no further than Package Free. The zero waste brand carries everything from floss to lip balm in recyclable and compostable packaging, making it easier than ever to live according to your sustainable values. Since Package Free’s launch, it has kept four million straws, three million plastic bags, and 1.5 million non-recyclable bottles and cups out of landfills. That number will only grow with your product subscriptions and refills.

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10. Bite

Best For | All natural, zero waste oral care Standout Ethic | Recyclable, biodegradable packaging Ships To | US, Canada, Australia Price | Starting at $30 per four-month supply

Did you know that one billion toothbrushes will be disposed of this year… in the United States alone? That’s a lot of waste. But Bite is here to revolutionize sustainable oral care with its bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste bits (sans plastic tube!). With a monthly subscription, you’ll receive bits made of vegan ingredients in glass bottles, and each month’s refill will come in compostable packaging. You’re one step closer to a brighter smile and a better world.

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