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Conventional skincare products are filled with synthetic ingredients that do little to truly nourish and heal our skin. Primally Pure is dedicated to creating products that enrich your life—both your body and soul—with skincare made from real, recognizable, natural ingredients.

Prompted by a switch to a more natural approach to food, Bethany McDaniel began making natural skincare products as a hobby back in 2013 and launched Primally Pure in 2015. Now, Primally Pure offers a full line of skincare for men, women, and babies, all made from the most nourishing ingredients the earth has to offer. Their delightful natural scents and refreshing products will leave your skin luminous and soothe your spirits.

Primally Pure Uses Ingredients That Are

Natural – Fair Trade – Organic – locally sourced

A Few Words With Bethany McDaniel, Founder Of Primally Pure

We were able to chat directly with the creator of Primally Pure, Bethany McDaniel, and we were thrilled to learn about her design inspiration, the beginning of Primally Pure, and some of her favorite ingredients to work with. We also learned about upcoming products and the exciting next steps for this California-based brand!

We adore Primally Pure’s packaging and branding! Tell us what inspires your creative direction.

I seek simplicity in life and style more and more as I grow older. Our branding started out very colorful and cluttered and has evolved over time into what it is today (and we’re actually in the process of refining our branding and simplifying it even further). I’ve definitely bought into the idea of having fewer, better things and try to live by this rule in terms of what I purchase and surround myself with.

The world we live in is full of clutter, advertisements, and distractions fighting for our attention and it’s easy to be consumed by superficial things that don’t truly add any value to your life. I’m able to get away from that mindset and feel most inspired by my surroundings when I’m outside in nature. I’ve thought of some of my best product ideas at the beach and walking around my family’s farm.

It’s easy to be consumed by superficial things that don’t truly add any value to your life. I’m able to get away from that mindset and feel most inspired by my surroundings when I’m outside in nature.

What was your initial inspiration to create a completely natural skincare line?

I dealt with breakouts and skin sensitivity issues throughout my teenage years. Dermatologists prescribed me all sorts of creams and ointments and some helped for a short while, but none provided me with the lasting results I was so desperately seeking. Somewhere inside of me, I knew there had to be more to it than just taking a pill or using a cream to make my skin better.

While I was in college and working at Trader Joe’s, I was introduced to jojoba oil by a co-worker. I tried it and couldn’t believe what a difference it made in the overall health of my skin! After that, I was sold on the effectiveness of natural ingredients. But it wasn’t until later when my husband started an organic farm with his family that I became more serious about formulating my own products and then eventually mustered up the courage to share my creations with the general public.

What are your favorite eco-conscious ingredients to work with?

I love working with ingredients that are naturally colorful. We don’t use any dies in our products—just ingredients that are colorful in their natural state. Pink clay, green clay, blue tansy essential oil, and sea buckthorn oil are some of my favorites, just to name a few!

Do you have a personal favorite product from Primally Pure?

Our natural deodorant is my all-time favorite product that we make. It’s actually the first official product I ever created and launched, and it’s our best-seller! It makes me so happy every time someone tells us that they’ve tried loads of natural deodorants and ours is the only one that has worked. 

Any plans ahead or new products you’d like to share?

Part of our master business plan is to open a concept spa in Southern California, where we’ll offer customizable massages and facials using completely natural and organic ingredients (we’ve already started experimenting with treatment ideas in our in-office spa, or “spaffice” as we like to call it). In regards to new products, we’ll be coming out with a handful of new items this fall (including a charcoal deodorant).

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