Give The Gift Of Art

When it comes to shopping around for gifts for loved ones, we often forget about the gift of art. While clothes, shoes, and books are all great gifting options, there is something so special about receiving a work of art as a present. When we gift artwork from local artists, we’re not only giving a unique and special gift, but supporting talented creatives in a very tangible way.

We’ve rounded up a list of 10 women artists to buy artwork from. Not sure where to start or looking for more inspo? Check out our 101 on how to buy art online.

1. Stella Marie Baer

Stella Marie Baer is an artist originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, whose work incorporates elements of the desert and the cosmos. She is well-known for her paintings of the moon and planets, in which she sometimes uses Colorado dirt as pigment. Her exploration of women’s relationship to the earth is translated beautifully in her paintings of the human body. If you haven’t checked out Stella’s work you definitely should!


2. Ashley Lukashevsky

Ashley Lukashevsky is an illustrator and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her work focuses on activism, feminism and the dismantling of oppressive systems. Her beautiful illustrations incorporating bright colors and stunning images are beautifully intersectional, focusing on POC, body positivity, queerness and gender identity. Her prints are just as inspiring as they are beautiful, making them perfect for that empty wall in your apartment or office space.


3. Laura Berger

Laura Berger is a Chicago-based artist whose work explores the divine feminine. Her striking style is simplistic, yet powerful, focusing on the importance of relationships between women. Her work truly speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. Laura’s work reminds us of the need we have as women to build each other up in all that we do. We even have one of Laura’s prints framed here in the Good Trade Studio. It’s always a great reminder of the strength and resilience that inevitably comes with being a woman.


4. Seonna Hong

Seonna Hong is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her work often focuses on various scenes in nature, incorporating beautiful colors and comforting negative space. The tiny humans often represented in her paintings seem to serve as a reminder of how small we really are in comparison to the vastness of mother nature. Her work invokes a sense of calmness that invites us to explore nature with childlike curiosity.


5. Jennifer Bouron

Jennifer Bouron is an illustrator from France, whose French background is extremely evident in her playful designs. Her work incorporates elements of nature and everyday life, capturing the beauty of the simple things. Her Etsy shop is full of totes, calendars, posts cards and prints that make for perfect gifts for coworkers, family members and friends. Check her out!


6. Melody Hansen

Melody Hansen is an artist, graphic designer and musician living in Toronto. Her illustrations speak to the most vulnerable parts of ourselves—the insecurities and the sadness, but also the joy and the courage we all hold inside. Melody’s simple, hand-drawn figures and sentiments are simple reminders that it’s okay to be human.


7. Marialaura Fedi

Marialaura Fedi is a visual artist whose love of plants often shows up in her beautiful illustrations. Her illustrations, handmade in gouache technique, feature stylish women in peaceful settings, nearly always amongst some sort of foliage. The soft colors and lines invoke a sense of serenity and togetherness amongst women. Any of her framed prints would be absolutely stunning in any room in your house or apartment.


8. Frances Cannon

Frances Cannon is a queer, multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the body and the psyche. Her illustrations and paintings incorporate a variety of themes from relationships, sex, love, sexuality and gender. Her work is incredibly empowering, perfect for anyone in need of a little boost on their journey to self-love.


9. Molly Mendoza

Molly Mendoza is an artist living in Portland who describes her style as “chaotic yet rhythmic.” Her illustrations are very observational in nature, incorporating elements of everyday life and relationships. The bright colors she uses in her illustrations reel you into each piece’s narrative—leaving you wondering who the girl with the orange face is hiding from, or who the girl with the red ponytail is whispering to. Check out her work to see exactly what I mean.


10. Sammie Clark

Sammie Clark’s watercolor creations are reminiscent of the storybooks we all grew up having read to us as kids. Her work focuses on aspects of nature, incorporating playful elements such as fun outfits and accessories on her woodland creatures. If you know someone in need of some nostalgic comfort, a print from Sammie’s collection would be perfect!



Celeste M. Scott is the Social Media Coordinator at The Good Trade. She is a freelance writer who, in her not-so-spare time, dabbles in film photography, podcasting and the occasional YouTube video. She is passionate about race, Internet culture and all things Drake. You can find her work on her website and Instagram.