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We’ve kept dry in many sustainable raincoats over the years — these are our top picks for women’s raincoats that are verifiably waterproof and PFAS free.

Staying dry in downpours can feel a bit like an Olympic sport. Alas, rain is an inevitable part of life. But worsening climate change also means more precipitation in the future, so we’ll need to protect ourselves against the elements.

Whether you’re a city gal trying to walk your dog or a country girl heading out in a storm to work outdoors, a good raincoat is a must. But most waterproof raincoats contain PFAS and PFCs and that’s not always the safest or most sustainable option. 🌧️

What are PFAS — and why are they in my raincoat?

PFAS are manmade chemicals known as “per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances” — they’re best-known for their water-resistant properties, hence why they’re often used on pieces like raincoats and jackets. Unfortunately, despite their ability to ward off rain and snow, PFAS are also hazardous to humans — they disrupt hormones, are linked to cancers, and more. (Check out our full run-down on PFAS here.)

Luckily, there are newer materials and technologies that eliminate the need for PFAS or PFCs entirely on waterproof apparel. For example, Fjällräven uses a paraffin and beeswax mix as an alternative. In addition, there are other brands trying to create entirely new fabrics that are water-resistant and don’t require a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish at all. Some of them are featured below.

Our criteria

Our editors have worn and researched dozens of raincoats — and vetted thousands of customer reviews — to select our favorites from sustainable brands. We regularly update this list with new favorites that meet our criteria:

WATERPROOF | All of the brands below have waterproof or water-resistant styles, made possible by PFAS/PFC-free finishes. Some designs include additional layers or padding for extra dryness, too.
NONTOXIC | Since these brands are all verifiably free from PFAS and PFCs, they are all non-toxic as well and regarded safe for regular human use.
ECO-FRIENDLY | The majority of brands below are using upcycled or recycled materials, like plastic water bottles or fishnets rescued from ocean waste, to be as eco-friendly as possible.

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1. Fjällräven

Natural materials
Recycled materials

Best For | Heavy-duty rain jackets
Materials | Recycled polyester, organic cotton
Price Range | $175–$575

For more than 50 years, Fjällräven has made some of the most popular outdoor apparel including rain jackets and heavy-duty coats. Hailing from Sweden “where mountains meet the sea,” their mission is to make nature more accessible while also acting responsibly towards animals and people. That’s why Fjällräven has also been a leader in PFAS- and PFC-free clothing for many years. There are dozens of waterproof and water-resistant coats here to protect against the elements, in various styles and colors, and for all genders — whether you’re looking for a daily raincoat or a heavy-duty anorak, you can find it here.

Customer review | “My new Nuuk parka keeps me cozy even when the temperature is in the teens and the wind is blowing. I admit that I hesitated to spend that kind of money on a coat but I’m so glad I did. I read a lot of reviews on various sites before placing my order…It’s not an inexpensive parka, but it’s beautifully made with great attention to details and I’m not going to grow out of it. I expect that I’ll be wearing and enjoying it for many years to come!” —Elaine D. (Read more reviews)

2. Patagonia

1% for the planet
B corp
Fair trade
Recycled materials

Best For | Women’s rain jackets
Materials | Recycled nylon from fishnets
Price Range | $179–$449

It’s hard to think of an outdoor brand more sustainable than Patagonia — the team focuses on fair trade production, PFAS/PFC-free natural and recycled materials (like upcycled fishnets), a low carbon footprint, and more. Beyond being exceptionally well made, their rain jackets are also exceptionally effective at being wind-resistant and water-proof. Each product page shares exactly how each piece is thoughtfully made — including the water-repellent finish, the stormproof cuffs, and watertight pockets. If Patagonia’s prices are out of reach, check out their Worn Wear secondhand collection for discounted rates.

Customer review | “Love this item for hiking, and running in the elements. The waterproof zippers gives me that extra security for all my belongings knowing they will stay dry. The material and the lack of crunchy sound the material makes puts it far above most any rain jackets.” —Samantha (Read more reviews)

3. Reima

Budget friendly
Plant trees
Recycled materials

Best For | Kids
Materials | Recycled polyester
Price Range | $44.95–$74.95

We’ll do anything to keep our little ones safe — and so too will Reima, an outdoor apparel company especially for children. Given how prone kids are to hand-to-mouth behaviors, making chemical-free clothing is one way to protect them from unnecessary chemical exposure. The company’s rain jackets are free from PFAS and other toxins, plus they’re waterproof and dirt-resistant. The patterns and colors are as cute as can be (plus they’re especially helpful to recognize them in inclement weather!). Keep ‘em dry from head to toe with Reima’s raincoats (and matching rain pants).

Customer review | “We absolutely love this rain coat! It’s very durable, thick rubber. The zipper is sturdy and of high quality. It fits true to size. It’s been perfect for my daughter who goes to an outdoor pre school. She wear [sic] this with her rain paints every day. Also the bear print is adorable! We are very happy!” —Olivia D. (Read more reviews)

4. Nau

Natural materials
OEKO-TEX® certified
Recycled materials

Best For | Gender-neutral rain jackets & trenches
Materials | Recycled polyester
Price Range | $170–$375

Originally born in Portland and now inspired by Korean fashion, Nau designs gender-neutral raincoats and trenches that are both stylish and sustainable. Crafted for all seasons, Nau’s outerwear leverages the use of recycled and low-impact materials like recycled polyester, recycled denim, and PFC-free DWR. We especially love how widely their waterproof collection ranges — from light, breathable layers, to warm down jackets and parkas, to sleek trench coats — all built to keep you dry. (PS: Keep an eye out on Nau Heritage for discounted rain jackets — they’re marked down from previous seasons!)

Customer review | “This is such a stunning jacket to wear in wet weather. It’s comfortable and roomy enough for an extra layer when it’s cooler outside. Love Nau Heritage pieces! Styled for everyone.” —Carol A. (Read more reviews)

5. Ecoalf

B corp
Natural materials
Recycled materials

Best For | European raincoats
Materials | Recycled polyester
Price Range | $359–$1,010

European friends: Let us introduce you to Ecoalf, if you’re not already familiar with this incredible brand. As a certified B Corp, Ecoalf prioritizes people, planet, and profit simultaneously — and they’re committed to sustainability through and through. The majority of Ecoalf’s raincoats are made with recycled plastic bottles, helping to minimize water and CO2 production. Plus, these waterproof jackets are chic, effortlessly combining form and function. While an Ecoalf raincoat is an investment, it’s one that will last for years to come — without a huge footprint.

6. Houdini

Natural materials
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Outdoor winter coats
Materials | Recycled polyester
Price Range | $180–$800

Skiers, hikers, and Mother Nature enthusiasts: You can’t go wrong with Houdini’s outdoor winter coats. With both water-resistant and waterproof options, there’s a style here for everyone — all made using circular design principles, recycled sources, and natural materials. (And yes, of course, Houdini’s coats are free from PFAS.) You can also check out affordable secondhand options via the Houdini Reuse collection if you want to take your sustainability game to the next level. These jackets are expertly insulated, protective, and warm so you can enjoy snow, sleet, rain, and everything in between — without a drop on your skin.

Customer review | “A really good shell jacket for both summer and winter! I cross-country ski in it in the winter and hike in it in the summer. It breathes very well and withstands a lot of rain. The best thing about the jacket is the ventilation function under the arms and that it is so incredibly SOFT in the fabric. Love this jacket.” —Maria (Read more reviews)

7. Lundhags

Natural materials
OEKO-TEX® certified
Recycled materials

Best For | European heavy-duty coats
Materials | Recycled polyester, organic cotton
Price Range | 1,000–5,800 kr ($95-$555 USD)

Calling all Nordic natives (okay, and all nearby neighbors), Lundhags needs to be on your radar. Founded in 1932 by a Swedish shoemaker, this sustainable brand crafts jackets and coats made to withstand even the most extreme of climates. They’re all free of fluorocarbons like PFAS or PFCs, using toxin-free DWR finishes and recycled polyester, and the durability of their fabrics is truly impressive. Lundhags is currently only available in Europe, and if you’re local to the Nordic region, you can also stop by to try their pieces in stores.

Customer review | “A TOP JACKET for my needs. Will use when skiing with my sled dogs, walking and general outdoor life. Windproof and water repellent. Love the hood which always comes in handy. The pockets are great. Can recommend this jacket. Satisfied customer 🙋 —Kerstin E. (Read more reviews)

Featured image is from Ecoalf