For Sustainable Sipping

Did you know that glass is 100 percent recyclable, again and again and again? Yet, only a third is recycled, particularly in the United States. And when new glass products are created for the first time, we use more energy and water than we need to.

By investing in recycled glass, we can remove millions of pounds of glass waste from landfills and cut the resources needed for production. Plus, we’d never know the difference—recycled glassware looks just as good as new glassware.

We’ve found a few brands offering recycled glassware for water, iced tea, gin and tonics, and every beverage in between. And for the ultimate impact, some of these companies take the extra step of ensuring fair trade production or giving back.

(Also, while you’re giving your kitchen an eco-friendly fix, why not add some sustainable flatware and ceramic plates?)

1. West Elm

Made In | Mexico Materials | Recycled glass Price | $42/set of four double old fashioned glasses

For sustainably sourced glassware, West Elm’s Mexican Luster set has caught our eye. Crafted in Mexico using recycled glass, this collection includes your pick of either highballs or double old fashioned glasses—both of which are perfect additions to upgrade any bar cart. Like 95 percent of West Elm’s goods, these glasses are made under fair trade conditions, investing in local communities, and are responsibly sourced.

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2. Hawkins New York

Made In | Morocco & Hudson, NY Materials | Recycled glass Price | $6/extra-small tumbler

Since 2013, Hawkins New York has traveled the world to partner with artisans and makers to create beautiful, quality products that elevate our everyday. Its handmade recycled glassware is a prime example of this. The set was crafted in collaboration with Moroccan artisans, resulting in a gorgeous collection that includes both tumblers and a pitcher. Dishwasher-safe and made to last, you’ll enjoy sipping out of these recycled glasses for years to come.

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3. Kessy Beldi

Made In | Morocco Materials | Recycled soda & beer bottles Price | $48/set of six mini glasses

Inspired by Beldi glasses seen in Moroccan homes, Kessy Beldi’s tableware is as stunning as it is sustainable. Made in Marrakech, each piece is individually mouth-blown from recycled soda and beer bottles, and includes unique touches like raised edges and bubbled middles. Available for purchase through Food52 or international stockists, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on these kitchen classics.

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4. Ngwenya

Made In | Swaziland, South Africa Materials | Recycled glass Price | $24/set of two tumblers

Ngwenya blends together two cultures from Swaziland and Sweden to make natural glassware for good. Back in the 1970s, Swaziland artisans learned Swedish mouth-blowing techniques and the results have spoken for themselves ever since. Using recycled glass for all designs, Ngwenya’s committed to eco-friendly production, gives back to wildlife conservation, and organizes regular clean-ups in the area. It’s 100 percent recycled and 100 percent impactful.

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5. August Sage

Made In | Guatemala Materials | Recycled glass Price | $45/set of two glasses

Featuring 100 percent fair trade, artisan, and eco-friendly goods, August Sage makes it easy to curate a sustainable home. Working with a cooperative in the small village of Cantel, Guatemala, artisans melt down recycled beverage bottles and broken glass and hand-blow them into tumblers, cocktail glasses, and more. In return, these talented makers receive living wages, insurance, education, and training. Your purchase invests in fair trade practices, local communities, and your own kitchen.

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6. LSA

Made In | Poland Materials | 100 percent recycled bottles & jars Price | £28/set of four low tumblers

Available in the UK and across the EU, LSA offers glass-blown collections handmade by Polish craftsmen, including champagne glasses, cake stands, and our pick, these recycled glass tumblers. (They’re also available in the USA). Many items are developed in partnership with the Eden Project, offering recyclable packaging and plant-based inks for a truly sustainable product. It’s no wonder LSA has been around for half a century—we see a long future ahead for them, too.

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7. Estelle Glassware

Made In | Poland Materials | Glass Price | $160/set of six stemless wine glasses

Named for and inspired by her grandma, Stephanie Summerson Hall launched Estelle Glassware in her honor. While not made from recycled glass, this WOC-owned and -run business offers luxury stemware lovingly handblown by glass artisans in Poland. The vintage-inspired line includes plenty of flexibility, with a range of stem and stemless designs, stunning jewel tones and soft pastels, and a mix-and-match option. Add some subtle color to your kitchen.

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What other sustainable swaps have you made at home? 🥃 Share in the comments below!