Woven Circle Bags Are Here To Stay

When it comes to responsible fashion, we’re all about having a well-rounded wardrobe (pun intended). These gorgeous circle bags are all the rage, and rightfully so! It’s the perfect accessory to give you the bohemian feel you’ve always wanted without the risk of changing up your style too much.

We know it can be tricky to find products that are both beautifully and responsibly-made, so we’re so happy to share 7 brands that didn’t compromise either.

Happy shopping! 

1. Woven Drum Bag – Metal Handle by 31 Bits, $88 | Thoughtfully & ethically made in Bali

2. Rose Bag by Bembien, $185 | Artisan-made, gives back, uses natural materials

3. Lyla Wicker Handbag by YIREH, $72 | Ethically made, fair labor

4. Round Rattan Bag by Boho Bags, $79 | Quality materials, fair labor

5. White Wash Basket Bag by Ellen & James, $75 | Ethically made in Bali

6. Atta Moon Woven Purse by HumanKind Fair Trade, $89 | Certified Fair Trade by the FTF, handcrafted, nonprofit

7. Ellie Tote by Indego Africa, $175 | Artisan-made, helps fund education programs, uses natural materials