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Summary: While it is an investment, the 7th Avenue Modular Sofa is 100% worth it. It meets all the criteria for sustainability, ethics, and non-toxic certifications. It’s also among the most versatile modular sofas available, offering countless configurations to suit your needs. Additionally, it’s effortless to clean and designed for everyday comfort. It truly does offer a “cloud-like” experience!


  • The covers and fabrics for the 7th Avenue Modular Sofa modular sofa are OEKO-TEX certified, third-party tested, and formaldehyde-free, and free from flame retardants. The base is made from FSC-certified wood.
  • The modular sofa has numerous configuration possibilities, and you can add on or downsize to fit different spaces and seasons of life.
  • You can also change out the covers, which are washable, and coated with a nontoxic DWR coating technology. In my experience, I found that the couch was resistant to spills, stains, and daily debris.
  • While a bit more expensive ($2950+), 7th Avenue sofas will last a lifetime and are made to grow with you over time for long-term savings and sustainability.
  • If you’re in LA, you can opt to have the couch assembled by 7th Avenue’s delivery team. That’s what I did, but self-assembly seemed easily doable!


  • While the sofa is more affordable than some high-end options like the Restoration Hardware cloud couch, its significant price tag might be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget.
  • The color selection is relatively limited compared to other brands that offer a wider range of upholstery choices. Options include white, black, and heather grey.

I’m not usually one to fall for TikTok trends. But last year, I found myself scrolling through videos of cloud couches in high-rise apartments and sun-filled living rooms. Something about the oversized cushions and neutral aesthetic drew me in, despite my usual taste for darker tones and mid-century decor.

My husband and I had just moved into a new apartment where, sadly, our beloved velvet green couch no longer fit. The two-seater sofa was swallowed by the size of the room. After much reluctance, we sold it, then began searching for cloud couch lookalikes and dupes to fill our space. (The real thing from Restoration Hardware costs upwards of $10k. No thanks.)

But even as I scoured secondhand listings, I struggled to justify buying a couch with questionable materials. Many are filled with goose down, and sofa covers are often treated with toxic repellents. Sustainability is always at the top of my list, but nontoxic is an absolute must when it comes to bedding and fabric furniture. 

After months of searching, I came across 7th Avenue, a newish furniture company launched in 2022 with claims to have made “The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa.” And the couch seemed to meet my requirements for sustainability, ethics, and natural materials. 

“7th Avenue, a newish furniture company launched in 2022 with claims to have made ‘The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa.'”

For example, the covers and fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, third-party tested, and formaldehyde-free (they use water-based glue instead). The LA-based brand doesn’t use flame retardant chemicals either, according to California laws, which have been known to be carcinogenic and toxic. As for the cushions, they are filled with a premium down alternative, making the couch hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

The frame is FSC-certified too. 7th Avenue crafts its couches in Indonesia using Indonesian solid wood for construction — highly regarded as one of the strongest types of wood in the market. The brand is also making efforts to reduce waste by reusing and recycling as many packaging materials as possible.

Best of all, 7th Avenue’s cloud couch dupe is half the price of the real thing, starting at $2950+. I decided to go for it. 

Delivery & setup

One of the biggest selling points of 7th Avenue is the delivery and setup options. I’ve spent too many hours of my life carting couches across cities and putting them together like Ikea furniture. It once took us an entire afternoon to figure out how to get a sofa up two flights of narrow stairs. Let’s just say it involved a skateboard and some pulleys.

Because I live within a 60 miles radius of 7th Avenue’s LA warehouse, I opted to have their delivery team help with setup. (If you live outside of the area, you can still have help with this, they just use a verified third-party assembler.) The brand contacted me via call and follow-up email to schedule and confirm a date and time. On the morning of, I received a text from the driver confirming they were on their way. 

When a small van arrived at my apartment, I was curious to know where the couch was. Surely it didn’t fit in there? But the two delivery workers explained that everything was in boxes for easy transport and setup. This also means the possibility of expanding or downsizing the couch in the future — a feature I love.

I had opted for the 4-Seat Modular Corner Sectional with the chaise, and aside from answering questions about where I’d like to couch and which side I’d prefer the corner on (it’s interchangeable and can be left or right facing), the setup team handled everything. It took about an hour in all, and I got to drink coffee and read a book, all while the 7th Avenue team transformed my living room into a luxurious TikTok loft. 

“I got to drink coffee and read a book, all while the 7th Avenue team transformed my living room into a luxurious TikTok loft.”

Once finished, they showed me how to attach and detach each piece for future configurations and left me with a bag of down insert to create fluffier cushions if I wanted. Then they took the boxes away, leaving me with a new couch. It was a 15/10 experience. 

A note for DIYers: While putting the sofa together without a setup team may be intimidating, it’s definitely doable. Each piece is easy to move around and assemble, and the cushion covers go on seamlessly. The brand notes that each seat takes about 10-15 minutes for assembly.

Comfort & functionality rating

Of course, a couch can look beautiful and luxurious, but the real question remains: Is it comfortable? My husband and I loved our last sofa, so the bar was set high for the 7th Avenue modular sectional. I’m happy to report that I sunk in and napped as soon as the delivery team left. The reviews and hype were spot on. While this wasn’t the cloud couch, it was a cloud couch, and I was quickly in love. 

We’ve enjoyed our new sofa for about a month now, and the comfort level keeps improving as it adjusts to our bodies and home. The cushions are firm and supportive while giving you a “cloud-like” feel. It’s easy to move around too, and I’ve rearranged configurations multiple times on my own — I love that you can bring the chaise over to the corner section to create a mini-bed for movie nights or guests. We even had friends sleep on it for five nights while visiting, and it was way better than a pullout or even a fancy air mattress. Just make sure you use the included screws to attach the pieces once it’s set to prevent any sliding. 

Pro tip: Get the extra throw pillows for additional back support or to prop up your legs. 

Caring for the sofa

When I told my friends I’d opted for a white sofa after years with a very forgiving velvet green couch, they laughed. While we don’t have children, and our dog knows that furniture is off-limits, white is white. 

That said, 7th Avenue has promised a durable fabric solution.

“Our DWR coating technology is unique because we are taking a feature that is commonly used in outdoor jackets and applying them to indoor upholstery,” the brand told me in an interview. “Our fabrics do not easily absorb liquid, but can be easily cleaned if stained. [They] are also removable and washing machine safe.” 

In other words, the sofa is spill and stain-resistant, which has been our experience so far. The few times we’ve gotten dirt on the couch, it’s wiped off easily, and I’ve invested in a handheld upholstery steamer — just in case.

I’m still hesitant as I get used to it and put down blankets when eating. But I’ll be eager to see how the covers wash in the future. If white is too terrifying, the 7th Avenue sofas come in black and heather grey. You can even change out your covers in the future, further prolonging the life of our couch.

“Several states have legislation that bans microplastics such as PFAS and PFOA from household products by 2025…we believe we can do this much faster than legacy players.”

– 7th Avenue

As for PFAS and microplastics, I asked the brand about them since it’s such a pertinent discussion right now, especially with waterproof fabrics. I was pleased to hear they are committed to being free from microplastics, PFC, PFAS, and PFOA in 2023. 

“Several states have legislation that bans microplastics such as PFAS and PFOA from household products by 2025. As a fast-growing upstart in the furniture industry, we believe we can do this much faster than legacy players,” they said. 

Final thoughts: Is it worth it? 

The short answer is yes. While this sofa is far from “cheap,” I think it’s 100% worth the investment. It checks all of the boxes in terms of sustainability, ethics, and nontoxic certifications. And it’s arguably one of the most functional modular sofas on the market, with endless configurations and options for you and your family to grow. Plus, it’s easy to clean and made for everyday snuggles — kids and pets included.  

“Modular sofas are truly great for sustainability and longevity because they can be used as customers’ lifestyles change,” 7th Avenue said. 

“For example, those who currently live in apartments or smaller spaces will likely purchase modular sofas with a smaller configuration. Once they move to a larger space or a single-family home, they can simply add modular pieces to make their sofas larger [meaning] they do not have to discard the older smaller sofa that they had and buy a new one.” 

It’s a money-saving and environmental win. 

Kayti Christian is the Managing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.