Soothing Sounds For A Sacred Bedtime Routine

Not all of us have healthy relationships with sleep. I know the feeling of a terrible night’s rest well—I spent my twenties staying up too late and (consequently) sleeping in too long. Only recently did I begin understanding the sacredness of rest and investing in a bedtime routine (oh, and a good mattress). We do, after all, spend a third of our lives sleeping.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the science behind sleep or seeking a soothing audio series to drift off to, here are a few of our favorite podcasts for winding down and getting a good night’s rest. If you’re updating your whole bedtime routine, check out the most soothing essential oils for sleep and our tips on how to keep a sleep log. 😴

Podcasts For Falling Asleep

1. Nothing Much Happens

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Want to switch up your evening routine? Swap out mindless scrolling for a bedtime story with the Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups podcast. Episodes last between 25 and 30 minutes, and the host (Kathryn Nicolai) reads each story twice—so you can listen, and then doze off. One of our favorite sleep podcasts, in which “nothing much happens. You feel good and then you fall asleep.”

Reviews | “The detailed way Kathryn describes the simple pleasures in life is almost as enjoyable as experiencing them first hand. It makes me look forward to crawling into bed every night; the slower, second reading is especially cozy.” – Deidre M, iTunes Review

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2. Sleep Whispers

Best For | ASMR Where To Tune In | iTunes; Spotify; Stitcher; Patreon

“Whispered readings and ramblings for relaxation and sleeping,” Sleep Whispers is a podcast is for fans of ASMR. A Patreon-supported audio show, episodes include poetry, bedtime stories, readings of Wikipedia articles, and calming meditations. (Non-Patreon subscribers can access a handful of episodes via iTunes.)

Reviews | “Harris’ voice is so soft and soothing, so in 15-20 mins, you will be asleep! Even if you don’t sleep, it puts you in such a relaxing mood!” – Amber W, iTunes Review

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3. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

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While this one may not put you to sleep, we love Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls as an alternative to reading the best-selling children’s book before bed. Don’t get it confused—this book & podcast aren’t only for children (although, if you are a parent, we recommend listening with your child). Packed with positive content, engaging voices, and high-quality production elements, this podcast is a perfect alternative to classic bedtime tales.

Reviews | “Thank you for making this for people like me, now I can listen to stories of powerful women to inspire a night of rebellious happy dreams.” – Theresa N, iTunes Review

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4. Scare You To Sleep

Best For | Spooky Stories Where To Tune In | iTunes; Spotify; Stitcher; Patreon

If scary bedtime stories are more your thing, you’ll want to tune in to Scare You To Sleep, a Patreon-supported podcast hosted by Shelby Scott. Described by listeners as “soothingly spooky,” this podcast boasts a library of terrifying stories, with each one complemented by seriously convincing sound effects.

If you’re planning on staying in for Halloween this year, host a podcast party and listen to Scare You To Sleep stories with friends.

Reviews | “I’ve absolutely blown through this podcast and I’m pretty much in love with Shelby. She puts me to sleep every night but I always go back and listen to the episodes the next day so I can hear the full stories.” – Elisabeth C, iTunes Review

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Podcast About Sleep

5. Sleep Talk

Best For | Evidence-based facts on sleep Where To Tune In | iTunes; Spotify; PodBean 

Broadcasting from Down Under, the Sleep Talk podcast covers a wide-array of sleep-related topics, from sleep hygiene to how our rest is affected by sharing a bed with a partner. Hosted by health psychologist Dr. Moira Junge and sleep physician Dr. David Cunnington, episodes air monthly and include interviews with various sleep experts. The doctors also share fascinating facts and practical advice for improving your quality of sleep. This one’s not only for our Aussie friends—we’re tuning in, too!

Reviews | “As a fellow health professional, I find this podcast a fantastic way to stay up to date with the latest developments in treatment and research on sleep. It’s great to hear directly from a range of experts in the field.!” – Giselle W, iTunes Review

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