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We’ve researched and tested dozens of folding treadmills —these are our top selections that are compact, affordable, and monitor our health.

While they are certainly an upfront investment, folding treadmills can be game-changers: They get us moving throughout the day while working, keep us exercising despite whatever the weather is outside, and make exercise possible in the smallest of spaces. (And it’s got the best ROI of all: your health!)

Why should you consider a treadmill if space is limited? 

A folding treadmill can be a lifesaver if you’re tight on space but still want to keep up with your fitness routine. Walking provides numerous health benefits including improving cardiovascular health, strengthening muscles, and even boosting mood —but can be difficult to keep up if you’re short on time or live in a tough climate. With a folding treadmill, you can get your steps in whether it’s raining, snowing, windy, or sunny—all at home and at your convenience! They’re also easy to store, having the ability to slide under your sofa or desk, and store horizontally or vertically as needed. 

To maximize your movement, consider these five folding treadmill brands below, with options based on affordability, everyday exercise, and storage space. Nearly all offer monthly payment plans and can support both walkers and runners. 

Our criteria

  • COMPACT | Each of these folding treadmills are compact, taking up as limited space as possible. They are also relatively easy to transport, and many can be stored away by sliding behind or beneath existing furniture in your home.
  • AFFORDABLE | Traditional treadmills on average cost about $1000+; these folding treadmills are cost-effective in comparison, with prices starting at $399!
  • AVAILABLE FEATURES | While these treadmills are smaller than their conventional counterparts, they still pack a punch when it comes to their capabilities. Most offer helpful features like varying speeds, handlebars, bluetooth connection, and health monitoring.

When choosing which foldable treadmill is right for you, our personal review of the WalkingPad might help you in your decision making. Having comfortable running shoes and a high quality yoga mat can also level up your at-home workout. And once you’ve added the perfect foldable treadmill to your home, pair it with these sustainable office desks to maximize your productivity and beat your step goal—let’s go! 🏃‍♀️

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Highest Speed

1. WalkingPad

Best For | Under the desk treadmill
Specifications | 47” walking area, up to 3.7mph, WiFi & Bluetooth capabilities, health monitoring, pairs with app, remote control
Price | $599

Prefer a treadmill you can use while working? Look no further than WalkingPad’s mini foldable walking treadmills! With a number of models available, our pick is the C2, which is under $600 and available worldwide. The design leverages 180-degree folding, and it’s compact enough to store under the sofa or desk when not in use. And though there aren’t big screens or handlebars, WalkingPad still tracks plenty of stats through the KS Fit App and with automatic speed control. We tested the WalkingPad for two months and loved the convenience and compactness of the device. Move from the couch to a 5K in no time.

Walking Pad Review | “This treadmill is perfect. Small and can hide it when you want to. Quiet for zoom meetings and durable.” – N.C. (See all reviews)

2. Horizon Fitness

Best For | Everyday exercise
Specifications | 55” walking area, up to 10mph, up to 10% incline, USB, speaker, & Bluetooth capabilities, health monitoring
Price | $649; financing options with 0% APR for 12 months

Horizon Fitness makes it easy to get our steps in and our heart rates up. Its best-selling model, the T101 Treadmill, is often considered the best folding treadmill under $1,000. You can set it up (or break it down) in 30 minutes or less thanks to the auto-folding feature and walk, jog, or run on the durable 55” deck. With a Bluetooth speaker and device holder, you can also watch any workout class you prefer like Peleton or listen to the jams that get you motivated to move. Talk about a one-and-done!

Horizon Fitness Review | “I replaced my 16-year-old, worn out, no longer functioning treadmill with the T101 instead of a fancier one because I use it while watching recorded TV shows and movies. I’m a 71-year -old woman, live in northern Arizona, and use it for 30-80 minutes a day when it is either too hot, too cold or too boring to go for a long walk. My fitness app is the one that is on my Apple watch, which I have worn for 6 years. My fitness level is excellent. The T101 is sturdy and easy to use.” – Patricia A. (See all reviews

3. NordicTrack

Best For | Outdoor runners
Specifications | 55” walking area, up to 10mph, up to 12% incline, speaker & Bluetooth capabilities, health monitoring, pairs with 17,000+ workouts
Price | $1,299; financing options with 0% APR for 12 months

NordicTrack is already renowned for its treadmills, and the new EXP 7i is another winner in our book. Designed for convenience, this folding treadmill has an “EasyLift™ Assist” option so you can put it wherever you need. And for our friends who like hitting the pavement, the EXP 7i offers a 12 percent incline with hands-free automatic adjustments. With a free 30-day iFiT trial included in your purchase, NordicTrack also provides daily challenges, up to 17,000 on-demand classes, and trackable stats so you can beat your PR…and then some.

NordicTrack Review | “I love this treadmill. It’s sturdy with a nice range of speed and incline. I’m also a fan of the iFit classes. I figured I’d just do the free trial and then cancel, but I’m hooked on the guided runs that are based all over the world. The instructors are knowledgeable and they give you so much info about the location where you’re running. I really look forward to using it everyday.” – Katherine S. (See all reviews)

4. Echelon

Best For | Horizontal & vertical storage
Specifications | 60” walking area, up to 12.5mph, 12 incline levels, health monitoring, pairs with 15,000+ workouts
Price | $1,699; financing options with 0% APR for 12+ months

For those in super small spaces, consider Echelon’s Stride Treadmill. Stand it up or lay it down wherever you need since the treadmill has a patented auto-fold with vertical and horizontal transport wheels. (We’re impressed, too!) Set up and ready to go? Pick from pre-programmed workouts on the treadmill itself, pair with live and on-demand classes, or just walk as-is—the handlebar sensors will keep track of your heart rate, and the screen will share your distance, incline, calories, and more. Echelon offers its workout gear and memberships for 30 days risk-free, so you can get to walkin’ without worry.

Echelon Review | “At its $1,699.99 sale price, the Echelon Stride-6 is a bargain. There are other entry-level treadmills that come in under that price, but I’d say pound-for-pound this is a good machine. I’ve never had a mechanical problem with an Echelon.” – Brian B., Treadmill Reviews (Read the full review)

5. Sunny Health

Best For | Value
Specifications | Wide range of walking areas & price ranges, up to 8mph, incline control, health monitoring & Bluetooth capabilities
Price | $399+

Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or you’re training for a marathon, Sunny Health has a folding treadmill made just for you. With two dozen treadmills to choose from, you can work out in a home gym, at your desk, or anywhere in between. Use Sunny Health’s helpful filters like weight, features, price, and max speed to see the best option for you, though its Auto Incline Treadmill is our top pick for under $700. The treadmill offers various interval programs, three countdown modes based on your workout goals, and Bluetooth capability and speakers for listening to music or a class. Equipped with a soft drop hydraulic mechanism and wheels, you can experience hassle-free storage and unfolding every time.

Sunny Health Review | “ This treadpad/treadmill does not take up much space. It comes well packaged…[and…is easy to set up, easy to use, smooth walking and the functions work well. It is very quiet and very easy to move to different locations. I am walking 5 miles a week on my treadpad, so I am a light user, but it is really a smooth walk. I had to make slight adjustments on the belt when I initially started to walk, but that was easy as well. This is my second purchase from this company. They have excellent customer service and their products are quality products.” – C.H. (See all reviews)

Featured Image from Echelon