Our Favorite Wearable Electronics For Health & Wellness

With technology advancing faster than ever, we’re excited about what that means for our own health. Knowledge is power, after all, and wearable tech devices help us feel empowered by better understanding and taking charge of our individual health.

While there are many wearable tech brands and devices out there (notably Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch), we’ve found nine lesser-known but just as loved options focusing on more than push notifications and playlists. That’s right: these wearable tech devices monitor just about everything—from heart rates and oxygen levels to workouts and sleep data. Whether you prefer a ring or a subtle wristband, there’s something for everyone here.

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1. Oura Ring

Best For | Sleep & readiness tracking Features | Four colors, sleep, heart rate, & exercise tracking, up to 7 days of battery life, research-grade sensors, water-resistant, guided audio sessions, payment plans available, one-year warranty, pairs with Apple Health Price | $299–$399 for the ring; $5.99/mo membership

Founded in Finland, the Oura Ring has now taken the world by storm. Beautifully designed as a timeless wearable, the ring helps track everything from exercise and activity to naps and rest. Why did the team design a ring and not a watch? For starters, measuring your heart rate and vitals is easier since it’ll be right near your arteries. Plus, it’s water-resistant so that you can wear it everywhere, including hot tubs and ice baths. Easy to wear, use, and learn from.

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2. Withings

Best For | Long battery life Features | Five models, various colors & designs, interchangeable bands, up to 25 days battery life, pairs with Apple Health, free shipping, two-year warranty, water-resistant Price | $99–$399

With a Withings’ hybrid smartwatch, you can track your health for almost four weeks without a charge in between. Yes, really! This brand’s collection of sports watches, classic designs, and bands are made with state-of-the-art technology, from the batteries down to the monitors and sensors. This wearable tech will calculate your heart rate, steps, sleep cycles, and VO2 estimations for fitness—all in one. We love the various bands and designs you can choose from or swap out; it’s one incredible watch to rule them all.

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3. Fitbit

Best For | Smartwatches Features | Smartwatches & trackers, nine models, interchangeable bands, up to 10 days battery life, vitals tracking, water-resistant, one-year warranty, in-app guided programs Price | $79–$299; $9.99/mo membership

Fitbit—perhaps most known for its first-ever tracker—has an assortment of wearable products that boast both quality and design. Go for the more expensive smartwatches and enjoy an experience as strong as the Apple Watch, or try a tracker that can be worn with dozens of different bands. Fitbit helps track stress levels, sleep, fitness activities, and more while also alerting you of smartphone notifications on select models. (Employers: You can also sponsor Fitbit-specific programs for employee health initiatives!)

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4. Garmin

Best For | Children Features | Smartwatches & trackers, various models, up to 1-year battery life, vitals tracking, one-year warranty, in-app guided programs Price | $79–$399

Garmin has long been a leader in recreational and athletic tech; its wearables are pretty wonderful, too. With sporty smartwatches, chic bands, and even four models for kids to try, these thoughtfully made watches are great for fitness tracking. Garmin products tout compatibility with most phones, a Connect App and community for support, and impressive battery life (some carry power for an entire year!). If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, narrow it down by feature on Garmin’s helpful shop page.

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Best For | European & UK readers Features | Smartwatches & trackers, 10 models, up to 14-day battery life, vitals tracking, one-year warranty, water-resistant, one-year warranty Price | £44–£189

HONOR is a tech brand available largely within the UK and Europe—including Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Touted as a top wearables brand by the likes of Techradar, we like this brand for its powerful battery life, Android and iOS compatibility, and sleek models, some of which look as fancy as Breitling! (If bands are more your thing, don’t worry—there are band styles too.) The Honor Watch GS 3 is a sight to behold, a gorgeous wrist piece and functional wearable all in one.


6. circul+

Best For | FSA spending Features | Ring, available via FSA store, vitals tracking, records workouts, three adjustable sizes, 18 hours of readings, one-year warranty, water-resistant Price | $299

If you have access to FSA funds that you need to use (or risk losing), consider circul+! This wellness ring is available in three sizes (small, large, XL) for the perfect fit on any finger. Once on, the ring tracks up to 18 hours of vitals, including temperature, single-lead ECG, blood pressure, and more. Plus, the app makes it easy to share your activity and results with loved ones or doctors whenever needed. Pre-tax money you can use for wearable tech? Yes, please.

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7. Coros

Best For | Adventurers & endurance athletes Features | Six models, some with vitals & GPS tracking, up to 60 days battery life, one-year warranty, water-resistant Price | $199–$699

In training or adventure mode? Whether you’re swimming laps or trekking mountains, Coros smartwatches are a great go-to for monitoring your activity. Each watch is made to withstand the elements, made with diamond-like sapphire glass, aluminum, and titanium alloy—and with water resistance up to 328 feet. Coros tracking includes heart rate monitoring, thermometers, 3D compassing, activity alerts, and more. For daily use, the watch will last as long as two months in one go and then fully recharge in under two hours, so you can get back outdoors and do what you love most.

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