Solar Companies For Your Home

With the cost of electricity on the rise, solar energy systems are becoming increasingly attractive for home and business owners alike. In addition to reducing your electricity bill, there are significant tax credits available to US homeowners for installing solar panels as an alternate energy source. For the last decade, solar panels have significantly increased the value of houses and buildings, while providing comprehensive and renewable energy.

Overall, solar energy is a cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable energy system. We’ve rounded up 10 companies brightening up the solar industry by offering solar panels and installation, so you can harness the power of the sun. 


Products | Solar roofs
Pricing | Customized for each home
Installation | Requires consultation
Warranty | Powerwall

SolarCity specializes in solar roofs that “not only generate energy on your roof, [but] can also generate cash in your pocket.” SolarCity promises to help you save on your monthly utility bill and stay super-charged through any outage. Each package is custom-designed, whether it’s for your home, business, or a government building. With Powerwall, you can trust that you’ll have energy 24/7. SolarCity also offers an industry-leading cost structure.

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Products | DIY solar kits
Pricing | Customizable, 30% federal tax credit
Installation | DIY
Warranty | Free support, permitting, rebates, and interconnection

GoGreenSolar sells DIY solar kits with a mission “to help homeowners install solar and reduce or eliminate their electric bill.” Since 2006, they’ve been packaging solar kits which have been featured on CBS, NBC, and USA Today. This American-grown company is based in California, and dedicated to empowering people to set up their own renewable energy systems.

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Products | Systems for homeowners, business & government, power plants
Pricing | Lease, loan, or purchase
Installation | Available in 10 states
Warranty | 25-year Combined Power and Product Warranty

Based in Silicon Valley since 1985, SunPower empowers people through education, and by donating energy in cases of need. They closely monitor supplier ethics, and regularly review how their business is interacting with its supply chain. Eco-friendly practices are a top priority for them, as well as sustainability. Their philosophy is “Beneficial by Design” and serves as a regenerative force.

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Products | Solar service plans
Pricing | Available with consultation
Installation | Ensure convenient, efficient installation and 24/7 monitoring
Warranty | Comprehensive warranty & insurance package for life

Since 2012, Houston-based Sunnova has been obsessive about quality solar power. They offer affordable, simple solutions for renewable energy while supporting the local economy. This happens through their partnerships with regionally-qualified installers and a streamlined process. Ultimately, Sunnova’s goal is “transform the energy industry by giving people the choice of affordable, reliable solar power.”

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Solar Sphere

Products | Solar power kits, lights, wind power generation
Pricing | Components sold individually
Installation | Order Online
Warranty | Independent warranties from product-manufacturers

Solar Sphere serves eco-conscious consumers out of Denver, Colorado. For them, customer satisfaction means everything. They are dedicated to productive relationships with customers, and promise to provide high quality equipment, leadership, education, and quick delivery. They say, “Our vision is to help fuel the alternative energy revolution through our online store.”

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Solar Direct

Products | DIY kits and energy-efficient products
Pricing | Financing via GreenSky
Installation | Available in the state of Florida
Warranty | Independent warranties from product-manufacturers

Solar Direct is an excellent resource for solar and renewable systems, professional installation, DIY kits, and other energy-efficient products. With links to a variety of helpful information, eco-conscious consumers will be able to learn all about renewable energy solutions. Solar Direct specializes in designing, installing, and servicing solar products. Though the business is based in Florida, services can be provided in most parts of the continental US. Most products come with free shipping, too!

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Silicon Solar

Products | DIY solar products
Pricing | Product price varies, individual object or full kit options available
Installation | DIY resources available
Warranty | Independent warranties from product-manufacturers

Silicon Solar is another excellent resource which offers solar energy news, a blog, a DIY learning center, and an online store. Through videos, images, and infographics, eco-conscious consumers will be equipped with a plethora of information about the ins and outs of solar and renewable energy solutions. Products can be ordered online, and come with hassle-free return options.

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Products | Residential solar
Pricing | Customized payment plans, solar lease available
Installation | Available in 17 states
Warranty | Free Sunrun lifetime support

With A+ ratings from the BBB and Angie’s List, Sunrun is an all-star brand. Each solar system is custom-designed to fit the customer’s home and savings goals. With over 15 years of experience, the team provides high-quality installations that include the completion of any necessary permits. Sunrun is the largest residential solar brand in the US, and it is known for “A history of blending innovation with expertise.”

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Dividend Solar

Products | Residential solar
Pricing | Available with consultation
Installation | Available in 24 states
Warranty | Long-term manufacturer warranties

Dividend Solar will guide you to immediate savings on your energy bill, claiming, “Together, we make solar an investment – not just another monthly expense.” Through Dividend Solar’s business strategy, all members of the solar value chain benefit. Installation, and payments are streamlined, and they never settle for less than the highest quality. This San Francisco business seeks to challenge the solar status quo by making renewable energy more accessible.

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Products | Solar panels & installation
Pricing | Buy, lease or loan
Installation | Available in 13 states
Warranty | 25-year warranty

Sungevity sources solar technology from the world’s top companies, ensuring you have high-quality panels and low-impact mounting hardware. They send top local solar installation professionals to ensure your system is installed to the highest standards. Sungevity’s program also allows you to track your energy savings online or on your phone.

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