The Future Is Solar ☀️

As the cost of electricity rises (along with inflation!), solar companies are becoming more and more mainstream, whether for your home, camper, or business. Solar panels reduce your electricity bill, and they are also significant tax credits available for US homeowners since solar power is an alternate energy source over fossil fuels. Best of all, a state-of-the-art solar panel system increases the value of houses and buildings, all while providing renewable energy that lasts.

However you want to add a solar panel to your home—whether to the window, the roof, or an RV—there are eco-friendly, accessible options for you. Here are seven of our favorite companies brightening up the industry for cleaner, more reliable energy.

1. Grouphug

Best For | Phone solar charger
Range | Solar chargers you hang in your window
Features | 10W panel, USB port, repair program
Price | $149

For personal devices that need a recharge (looking at you, smartphones and smartwatches!), we like Grouphug, a successful Shark Tank pitch and WOC-founded company. Rather than requiring a roof, Grouphug’s solar panel hangs in your window with a suction cup hook. After about 10 hours of sunlight, your new window solar charger can power up any USB-connected device, making it the perfect phone solar charger. We love this affordable, accessible go-to option, particularly if you live in a rental home or travel frequently.

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2. EcoFlow

Best For | Solar devices you can buy at REI
Range | Portable power stations, portable solar panels, portable banks, solar generators
Features | Quick charging speeds, portable options, accessible
Price | $249–$6,489

EcoFlow’s mission is to help you live without limits, whether at home or out in the world. This popular biz crafts all sorts of solar and eco-friendly power solutions, from affordable portable solar panels to off-grid solar generators and premium power banks. If you’re unsure where to start, click a category and compare options! Every EcoFlow product comes with a standard warranty for up to three years and the company has a refurbished section. Reviews praise its helpful customer service, availability at stores like REI, and on-the-go solar power options.

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3. GoGreenSolar

Best For | DIY solar installation & custom configurations
Range | Solar panel kits, solar panels, off-grid solar, batteries
Features | Solar panel kits & configurations, DIY options, tax credits, free support
Price | $5,000+

Based in sunny Anaheim, CA, GoGreenSolar is a one-stop shop for making the sustainable switch to solar power. The company works with you to create custom solar configurations for your home and has several helpful resources and calculators on its site so that installation can be done by you or with the help of licensed contractors. Not only is this company’s customer service top-notch (free support, permitting, rebates), but GoGreenSolar also offers a sizable federal tax credit to offset the cost of going green. The best long-term investment you can make for your home, guaranteed.

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4. Goal Zero

Best For | Solar generators
Range | Mountable & portable solar panels, solar generators, charging kits, power stations & banks
Features | 30-day guarantee, gives back to humanitarian causes
Price | $60–$8,450

Thanks to an extensive product line, Goal Zero is helping us say buh-bye to fossil fuels. There are both portable and mountable solar panels, starting at just $60, through solar generators and heavy-duty home backup kits. Plus, the team makes it easy to shop, with local in-store options, US-based customer service support, and generous warranties and refund policies for the most flexibility. With a comprehensive eco-system of eco-friendly products, it’s easier than ever to get energized…by the sun, that is.

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5. BioLite

Best For | Off-grid electricity
Range | Solar panels, solar home generators, battery banks
Features | Climate Neutral Certified, USB charging & lighting, off-grid power & cooking options, brings solar energy to Africa & Asia
Price | $30–$280

BioLite’s vision is to make the future bright for everyone. Based in New York and Nairobi, Kenya, BioLite’s team helps to bring solar energy to Africa, Asia, North America, and beyond. (See more about the company’s impressive impact here.) Many power products are available, including affordable powerbanks, foldable solar panels, and an “emergency kit” for our friends going off-grid. The SolarHome, in particular, is perfect for vans, campers, and anyone prepping for outages.

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6. SunPower

Best For | Mountable solar panels
Range | Mountable solar panels
Features | Serves all 50 states, ISO-certified production, gives back via SunPower foundation
Price | Contact for quotes

SunPower has been one of the leading brands in the US for solar solutions since 1985. (And you’d be in good company, too, as some of SunPower’s clientele includes the US Department of Energy, LG, and USPS!) To get started, you can try out its interactive design studio or schedule a free virtual consultation to see if its solar panels are right for your space. You can also fill out a short form to see how much money you’ll save by making the switch! With a 25-year warranty, a sleek minimal design, and ISO-certified production, you’ll love SunPower’s, well, sun power.

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7. Silfab

Best For | Businesses
Range | Home, commercial, & business solar power
Features | ISO certified production, vertical integration, 25+ year warranties
Price | Contact for quotes

Silfab is so popular even household names like Tesla uses its technology for solar panels. Based in Washington, Silfab offers solar power options for home, commercial, and business use, and it’s one of the top brands across all of North Africa. Everything’s crafted in-house through Silfab’s vertically integrated supply chain, and the factories are also ISO certified for safety. With 40 years of experience, the team is so confident you’ll love its panels that they offer a whopping 25-year warranty on workmanship and a 30-year performance warranty. Sign us up for solar, stat!

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