Energy-Efficient Heaters For Home

Staying warm in the winter can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have an HVAC system. On the one hand, even if you do have central air and heat, you’ll risk incredibly high electricity costs (not to mention wasted power!). On the other, many space heaters won’t warm you up enough, and you’ll have to pile on the blankets.

Luckily though, there are options: Energy-efficient space heaters. You can warm up quickly and easily without turning on the heat throughout the rest of your home, leading to less energy and lower bills.

Which kind of space heater should you go for? Most safety-certified heaters are electric, which include oil-filled radiators, ceramic heaters, and infrared space heaters. Oil-filled radiators are the oldest kinds, the ones you probably imagine your grandparents lugging around—but they provide long-lasting warmth. Ceramic heaters are the most popular since they’re light, effective, and can quickly warm up a space. Finally, infrared space heaters work via “line of sight,” which means you’ll save energy in empty rooms—but they can also use more energy.

Ultimately, you’ll want to compare your needs and preferred heating style with the options out there, but we’ve found five energy-saving space heaters that are a great starting point. This list includes all three types (oil-filled radiator, ceramic, and infrared), and we’ve noted the eco-features, safety certifications (i.e., CSA, UL, or ETL), and the room size capacity of each one.

Finally, if you need some quick ‘n easy ways to maximize heat if a space heater isn’t an option, consider thermal curtains, draft guards, and window insulation. Stay warm this season.

1. Lasko

Best For | Eco-friendly use Energy-Saving Features | AutoEco technology, remote control, 8-hour auto-off timer, widespread oscillation Room Size | 300 sq. feet

Out of the many heater options out there, Lasko was the one we’ve seen again and again (and have in our own homes!). The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater is our favorite energy-saving pick since it comes with AutoEco technology. The AutoEco feature is an automatic thermostat that “maintains comfort while using less energy,” perfect for warming up a room but not overusing electricity. There are three heat settings, optional oscillation to spread the warmth, and built-in safety features as well as a remote control so you can snuggle in without having to get up. Lasko heaters are ETL listed and come with a three-year limited warranty. Find this model (or similar sustainable ones) at Target, Home Depot, and online.


2. Dr. Infrared

Best For | Infrared heaters Energy-Saving Features | Eco-mode option, remote control, 12-hour timer Room Size | Varies, up to 1,000 sq. feet

For infrared heaters that will warm you up faster than any HVAC, Dr. Infrared’s electric space heaters are unmatched. There are seven options to choose from starting at $129.99 (though often on sale), each equipped with 1500 watts and with add-on features like a remote control, oscillating fan, humidifier, and—you guessed it—energy-saving eco-mode options. Based in the Bay Area, Dr. Infrared heaters are specifically engineered to be quieter than ceramic heaters, safer without exposed heating elements, and light to use and move around from room to room. These space heaters are UL and cUL certified with a three-year warranty.


3. Vornado

Best For | Portability Energy-Saving Features | Auto climate control, “vortex” airflow, automatic shutoff system Room Size | 250–300 sq. feet

Vornado’s AVH10 Whole Room Heater is as impressive as it is efficient. Designed with “vortex action” technology, this little space heater leverages walls and ceilings as pathways to disseminate warm air. The result? An instantly warmer space, without having to pay to heat up the whole house. The AVH10 also comes with Auto Climate Control to adjust and maintain a steady room temperature, two heat and one fan settings, and a handle for easy portability. Backed with a five-year guarantee and ETL and UL certifications, Vornado’s heaters will pack a serious punch while still keeping you safe. (Psst—want something a bit more vintage? Consider the Vornado VHEAT with many of the same features!)


4. De’Longhi

Best For | Oil-filled radiator space heater Energy-Saving Features | ECO Plus technology, longer-lasting warmth due to the oil, automatic shutoff timer Room Size | 250–300 sq. feet

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? That’s the mantra behind De’Longhi’s radiator-style heater, the Radia S. Filled with oil, this portable space heater can keep a room warmer longer than most ceramic or infrared heaters. Best yet, the ECO Plus technology “selects the ideal power level based on the difference between the current room temperature and the set temperature.” (Uh, yes, please.) Finally, its low noise levels and digital timer make it easy to keep on overnight if it’s too chilly outside, without worrying about exorbitant electricity costs or fire hazards. The Radia S will check every box and keep you cozy and comfortable all season long.


5. Dyson

Best For | Heater, fan, & purification combo Energy-Saving Features | Focus control, oscillating fan, remote control Room Size | Varies, up to 800 sq. feet

Don’t purchase different appliances for different seasons! Instead, consider Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier Heater. Not only does this bad boy provide heat to your specific temperature, but it also has a cooling fan and state-of-the-art HEPA filter with activated carbon. You can choose from long-range personal heating à la infrared heaters or go for fast, even room heating à la ceramic heaters—whichever option you go for, you’ll enjoy purified, clean air. (Plus, for families with little ones, there aren’t any blades or grilles to worry about!) While these are investments, they qualify for monthly payment plans—and if you really want to splurge, we recommend the HP04 that’s Wi-Fi compatible and voice-activated. Enjoy free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and a two-year warranty.



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