We’re officially in daylight saving time, which means that it’s finally spring in my heart. Sure, it might snow again, but the longer days and the warmer sun signal those true spring days ahead. This means it’s also time to start storing my winter sweaters under the bed and replacing them with spring clothes — and if you’re looking for spring clothing inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find the types of garments we’re styling this season, along with our favorite selections from sustainable brands at a range of price points. Consider it inspiration for creating your own dream capsule however you’d like. Try shopping your closet first, host a clothing swap with your friends, or follow our DIY and upcycling tips below to customize your capsule on any budget.

Why consider a capsule wardrobe?

If you’re embarking on a capsule wardrobe for the first time, or want to get inspired by the variety of capsule wardrobes people practice, check out our deep dive into what capsule wardrobes are. In short, creating a capsule wardrobe is a more sustainable way to think about clothing. Rather than snapping up tons of trendy pieces, it encourages you to curate a streamlined handful of clothing pieces that you truly love, and then mix and match them with each other for endless outfits.

Paring down your wardrobe to just your favorites will make sure you’re not cluttering your closet with pieces that aren’t serving you, and it encourages you to invest in high-quality, well-made pieces that will last for years and years to come.

I was inspired by current trends when curating this year’s dream spring wardrobe. Keyword: Inspired — because we want to keep you updated on some of the latest trends without making you feel the need to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff that you don’t love. Trends, to me, are an opportunity to consider branching out of what I typically wear, and incorporate new items I’ll cherish for a long time.

You’ll find a few “mob wife” pieces because we absolutely love looking at the trend’s sumptuous, figure-hugging silhouettes, statement-making accessories, animal prints, and reds and blacks. And while we recognize these aren’t always practical for everyday wear, you’ll find some much more realistic ways to incorporate the mob wife trend into your wearable capsule wardrobe.

You’ll also find some looser fits, chunky jewelry, a new jacket trend, and flats. When choosing pieces, I also looked for ones that were layer-able and versatile for springtime, and you’ll find specific picks from some of our favorite sustainable brands, too. 🌷

These are the 12 garments and accessories that are inspiring my spring capsule wardrobe. Be sure to share in the comments what garments you have on heavy rotation this season!

1. A casual button down

This one stays in my ideal capsule wardrobe for every single season, but it gets the most use in spring. A nice cotton or jersey button down is breezy and lightweight, easy to care for (you can usually throw it in the washing machine and the dryer), and even easier to pair with any sort of bottom, from jeans and trousers to skirts and shorts. We love a button down that’s linen or chambray and gets softer with every wash, too, making it just as good for running casual errands as for running to the office. Plus, check out how cute these DIY flower buttons are if you want to spruce up your button downs!

2. Light wash denim

We’re living in kind of a jeans golden age right now. High rise or low rise, fitted or baggy, cropped or full length — you can find pretty much any pair of jeans you fancy. A light or medium wash is perfect for the spring and summer months, and investing in the right pair of jeans that you truly love will get you dozens of new outfits. If you have more time and patience than budget, here’s our guide for finding vintage denim that you’ll love for years to come.

3. A classic white tee

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — a well-made, high-quality short-sleeved white tee shirt will get you far in a capsule wardrobe. Throw it on to lounge around the house or hike, or wear it under a cardigan or a blazer to kick it up a notch. And you can even throw on a skirt or a little heel, too. If your current tops are looking a little dull, here are some ways to whiten them without bleach.

4. A short-sleeved sweater

This is one of my holy grail transitional pieces. Short-sleeved sweaters are perfect for those days when it’s not too hot but not too cold, and they look instantly more elevated than short-sleeved tees for less casual situations. I love a good short-sleeved cardigan, too, because it’s one of the rare pieces you can easily layer both over (tees, camis, long sleeves) and under (blazers, jackets) other pieces. And sweater vests work great here, too, and are still totally in.

5. A breezy midi skirt

Another piece that’s incredibly versatile, midi skirts can take you from a casual day of errands to a nice night out, depending on how you style them — with a tee and sneakers for the former, and a blouse and heels for the latter. In the spring and summer months, I especially love a lightweight, breezy-looking skirt made of silk or linen (and I’m always looking for natural materials over synthetic ones, anyways).

6. A leopard print dress

One of our favorite ways to experiment with the “mob wife” trend, prints like leopard print are fun, sexy, and super easy to wear. It’s a subtly powerful look, and, as fashion journalists pretty much universally agree, leopard print is a neutral. These leopard print (and in some cases, leopard print-adjacent) dresses and skirts are so much fun and easy to dress up or down all season long.

7. Lightweight trousers

A well-fitting, tailored pair of trousers will never not be one of the most useful (and best looking!) garments you can own. When shopping for warmer-weather trousers, we like to look for materials like linen or cotton rather than heavier wool. And this tutorial walks you through how to turn your tight pants into ones with a little more breathing room for your ankles.

8. A lady jacket

I’ve started to see these adorable lady jackets around a lot lately, and I’m so into them. They’re feminine and easy to wear, evoking a little bit of old-school Chanel or simple practicality depending on which one you choose. You’re sure to find lots of options for these on second-hand sites (or maybe your mother’s closet), or shop our new picks below.

9. A dreamy linen or cotton dress

Everywhere we look, we’re seeing stunning dresses in timeless silhouettes and patterns (including the quilted look!). A long, flowy dress that makes us feel good is one of the cornerstones of this season’s capsule, and we’re especially excited about dresses with generous waistlines and stretch for our ever-changing bodies. If a new dress isn’t in the budget (they get expensive), here are some tips on styling robes that don’t all look like loungewear.

10. Statement earrings

The statement earring trend isn’t going anywhere, especially with the whole mob wife movement. Elevate the simplest of ensembles with a pair of standout earrings that are fun, funky, and not necessarily expensive — you can find some great secondhand options here on sites like Etsy. A simple black outfit with a pair of chunky gold earrings is one of my go-tos right now. 

11. Slide-on flats

Ballet flats have been all the rage lately, but this spring, we’re reaching for our tried-and-true slip-on flats for an easy, warm-weather alternative. Shoes that are comfy yet elevated? Yes, please! You’ll find some of our favorite flats from sustainable brands below.

12. A strappy mid-rise heel

Another shoe I’ve been seeing a lot lately? Strappy heels. But instead of those early 2000s, break-your-ankle-type strappy heels, we’re looking for alternatives that are more comfortable, practical, and sustainably made. We’re looking for mid-rise or low-rise heels, and lots of supportive straps — so we can combine flirtiness and comfort this season.