When it comes to sustainability, progress is better than perfection, and living intentionally is a lifelong journey. Living more sustainably can seem like a big task, but if you take it one day at a time, you’ll be surprised at how simple and rewarding it is. Thankfully, there are people on and offline that make it easier for us to learn about what steps we can take to be better to our home planet. 

It’s especially important to follow intersectional environmentalists who are committed to addressing inequalities in the climate space and advocating for the protection of both people and the planet. Supporting sustainability leaders who are advocates of social justice and environmentalism will help us to expand horizons and become aware of the ways privilege and prejudice lead to environmental racism and discrimination. 

So if you’re looking for more sustainability influencers to gain inspiration and learn more about eco-friendly living, check out these social accounts!

1. Leah Thomas | @GreenGirlLeah

Leah, the founder of Intersectional Environmentalist and contributing writer to The Good Trade, is our go-to for bringing together equity and environmental justice. We love her approachable content around traveling sustainably, rest and food as resistance, and breaking apart systems of oppression.

2. Sustainable Sabs | @SustainableSabs

Sabs is a vegan low-impact blogger using her platform to educate her following about sustainable living, thrifting, allyship, and environmentalism. Her IGTV is filled with sustainable and thrifted outfit inspiration, as well as styling tips. 

3. Elizabeth Teo | @ZeroWasteCutie

Elizabeth is a zero waste blogger and environmental educator in Toronto, creating lovely graphics with tips on living more intentionally while keeping sustainability in mind. Follow for content around recipes, diversity and inclusivity, environmental justice, and more! 

4. Gina Danza | @WildGina

Gina is a nature photographer and creative that advocates for the protection of both people and the planet. You’ll find stunning nature photography along with educational content about making sure all voices are heard in the sustainability space. 

5. Jhánneu Roberts | @Jhanneu

Jhánneu is a low waste sustainability and holistic blogger with a wonderfully informative YouTube channel. On her page, you’ll find recommended readings, products, and brands to follow relating to money, home, and wellness.

6. Aditi Mayer | @aditimayer

Aditi is a digital creator at the intersection of sustainability, social justice, and style—and she’s a National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow to boot. We turn to Aditi’s feed for inspiration for small, slow brands to support, calls for climate policy, and conversations around modern-day colonialism.

7. Sally | @callmeflowerchild

Sally is an avid thrifter, park advocate, and lover of representation and inclusivity. We love her bright feed for thoughtful questions around climate change, midsize ethical fashion, and the fight for park access for all.

8. Jazmine Rogers | @ThatCurlyTop

Jazmine is a Black and Mexican “sustainable baddie” and lifestyle content creator, using her colorful platform to advocate for social justice and sustainable living. Her inspiring Instagram highlights include ethical outfits and tips on how to quit fast fashion.

Who are some of your favorite leaders in the sustainability space? Drop their handles in the comments below!