15 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses You’ll Love Saying Yes To

Say "I Do" In An
Ethical Wedding Dress

The wedding industry can make planning your big celebration a high-pressure, costly experience. This is why we encourage values-based wedding planning to not only ease your soon-to-be-married mind, but to make a positive impact on the world and other people.

Planning with sustainability in mind will help you set off on the right foot as you enter this exciting chapter of life. Plus, choosing a made-to-order design with high quality natural fabrics will only result in a dress you wholeheartedly adore. And for those who are less attached to their dresses, secondhand shopping and rental services are an excellent option!

Say “I Do” to these 15 brands with eco-friendly wedding dresses for every kind of wedding.

1. Reformation

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Eco-Friendly | Sustainable methods & materials, rescued deadstock & vintage fabrics
Availability | Designed for women 5’6 - 5’10, petites collection & C-DD cup collection available
Price Range | $248–$528

Reformation was born in 2009, and has since used eco-friendly & pro-social technologies and practices to create stunning, effortless dress silhouettes for all sorts of women. Reformation celebrates femininity with dress designs that accentuate a woman’s natural curves for the most elegant and flattering looks. At Reformation, they never settle for less than “the perfect fit,” so that every woman feels confident and flawless in her dress. We also respect their commitment to responsible production practices, and their green building infrastructure which minimizes waste. 

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2. Wear Your Love

Based In | Northern CA
Eco-Friendly | Organic cotton & bamboo fabrics
Availability | Made-to-order
Price Range | $640–$1,600

Wear Your Love’s vision is “for every bride to embody effortless beauty and femininity, in a classic and understated way.” Their online storefront allows brides the ease of a no-pressure shopping experience without bridal shop markups. Wear Your Love promises to never compromise individual style or comfort in their designs, and is dedicated to convenience, uniqueness, quality, and ecological-consciousness. They’ll never sell a dress unless you’re completely in love with it.

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3. Etsy

Based In | Worldwide
Eco-Friendly | Upcycled, handmade, vintage
Availability | Varies, made-to-order
Price Range | Varies

Etsy is the perfect website to shop for upcycled, vintage, and handmade wedding dresses, as well as accessories and bridesmaids’ attire. With a variety of styles, sizes, and prices, the online global marketplace is for everyone, whether you are searching for a custom garment made in Europe or a timeless designer gown from the twentieth century. We also love that every Etsy shop publishes recent customer reviews to help you feel confident in your purchase. If you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind or unique, Etsy is a great place to look for a non-traditional wedding dress.

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4. Once Wed

Based In | Online
Eco-Friendly | Secondhand dresses
Availability | All sizes, varies
Price Range | $60–$18,000

Once Wed is an incredible online listing service for secondhand wedding dresses. The company says, “We delight in simplicity with a twist of modern innovation, infusing beautiful design with meaning and emotion.” While browsing for a wedding dress, you’ll be able to filter your search by designer, size, price, style, material, silhouette, neckline, sleeve, color, length, location, and condition. This resource allows brides to find clean, like-new dresses that go beyond trend and tradition. There are also many resources linked for newly-engaged brides to use as inspiration and tools for planning their dream wedding. 

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5. Rent The Runway

Based In | New York, NY
Eco-Friendly | Rental, eco-friendly garment bags, faux fur, toxic-free dry cleaning & cleaning bags
Availability | All sizes, varies, membership options available
Price Range | $30–$210

Rent The Runway is changing the way brides say yes to the dress, one rental at a time. Named “the Netflix model of haute couture” by The New York Times, the U.S. fashion company is the perfect place to shop for your sustainable wedding gown, as well as eco-conscious bridesmaids’ dresses and family wedding attire. They even offer accessories! With dedicated customer service, a commitment to sending you the perfect fit (rentals include an extra size), and a no-stress return, cleaning, and insurance policy, Rent the Runway is a wonderful option to shop for your wedding gown. We also love that, at the end of each season, the company donates well-loved dresses to organizations like Operation Prom.

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6. Leila Hafzi

Based In | Kathmandu, Nepal & Stavanger, Norway
Eco-Friendly | Sustainable production
Availability | Sold at retailers in Europe and Asia
Price Range | Varies, inquire for quotes

Leila Hafzi, a luxurious and exquisite line of wedding gowns founded in 1997, has received praises as the first high-end ethical and sustainable fashion brand to also empower women and artisans living in developing countries. With romantic dresses classified as bohemian elegance, Leila Hafzi’s designs are often seen on the red carpet or the big screen, and the designer has won numerous awards. She is especially commended for her commitment to eco-conscious fashion and female empowerment.

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7. Indiebride

Based In | South London, UK
Eco-Friendly | Eco-friendly silk & lace, zero waste cutting techniques, local manufacturing
Availability | Made-to-order
Price Range | £500–£1,700

Indiebride dresses are simply exquisite. The London-based team creates their handmade heirloom quality gowns with individuality as a priority. At Indiebride, bridal trends take a backburner so that each dress can reflect the unique personal stamp of its bride, with timeless elegance and classic silhouettes. They promise to help every bride find her dream dress, without the stress of an excessively high price tag.

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8. Borrowing Magnolia

Based In | Chicago, IL
Eco-Friendly | Rental option
Availability | Varies, sizes from 0–24 (reversible alterations are allowed for borrowed dresses)
Price Range | $350–$8,500

Borrowing Magnolia is a dream for brides who prefer to try on dresses in the comfort of their home. After filling out a MyFit profile and browsing the online collection of wedding gowns, the Chicago-based company will send you a package with your choices. The best part? You have up to four days with your selection of dresses before you need to return the ones you don’t want. This gives you time to think about your decision and try the gowns on again, and again! You can pay for a gently worn dress or a never-been-worn one. The company also offers online space for former brides to sell their dresses in the Borrowing Magnolia shop.

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9. Christy Dawn

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Eco-Friendly | Handmade from deadstock & vintage fabric
Availability | Sizes XS–L
Price Range | $388–$788

Christy Dawn designs are inspired by the consistent landscape and lifestyle of Placerville, CA. The designer says, “There is something beyond the fabric I hold on to. Something honest about vintage. Something classic. Something timeless, that reminds me of home.” Every Christy Dawn piece is handmade by a local artisan using deadstock fabric to minimize their environmental footprint. They only ever sew a limited number of pieces, and each of their designs reflects a feminine, flowy, boho vibe. 

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10. Celia Grace

Based In | USA
Eco-Friendly | Natural fiber fabrics, handmade heirloom eco silks, local sourcing, gives back
Availability | Home try on, made-to-order
Price Range | $160–$3,000

Celia Grace dresses are designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Their designs are considered “lifelong” styles, meaning their versatility and convertible details allow the dresses to be worn again after the wedding. We are entranced by the delicate laces, classic silhouettes, modern touches, detailed embroidery, and natural colors in Celia Grace dresses. Beyond that, the company is committed to helping women in developing countries, as well as maintaining environmental responsibility. You’ll also be able to donate or upcycle your dress online after the wedding. 

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11. The Cotton Bride

Based In | New York, NY
Eco-Friendly | 100% natural fabrics
Availability | Made-to-order
Price Range | $2,160–$2,775

The Cotton Bride showcases wedding dresses that are both whimsical and classic and that you’ll love dancing in. Made from luxurious, all-natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk, these dresses are designed with comfort and beauty in mind for your big day. We love the airy designs and the versatility of The Cotton Bride’s Vintage Chic Destinations Collection. Their dresses go up to a size 30 and can also be made to order, so you'll get your dream dress in the perfect fit!

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12. Leanne Marshall

Based In | New York, NY
Eco-Friendly | Handmade, sustainable practices
Availability | Made-to-order, ready-to-wear
Price Range | $1,390–$5,266

Leanne Marshall's wedding dress designs have a “unique ethereal” appeal with light, flowing lines, timelessness, and stunning feminine detailing. Her pieces showcase bridal beauty without ever overshadowing the bride. The designer was was a beloved contestant on Season 5 of Project Runway—her designs have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, US Weekly, The Post, TV Guide, The New York Times, People, Elle, LIFE, National Geographic, Lucky, and more.

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13. Katherine Feiel

Based In | Canada
Eco-Friendly | Made from vintage, fair trade & deadstock fabrics
Availability | Made-to-order, choose from her designs or commission your own
Price Range | $2,000–$7,000+

Katherine Feiel dresses are each sewn by hand as a labor of love. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, designed and created to reflect the bride’s unique identity with a blend of new and vintage fabrics. Feiel advocates the slow fashion movement, taking an ethical approach to her business model. She believes a healthy mind and body are what reflect true beauty, and makes each of her dresses to perfectly fit the bride just as she is.

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14. Pure Magnolia

Based In | North Vancouver, Canada
Eco-Friendly | Sustainable fabrics
Availability | Made-to-order
Price Range | Varies, inquire for quotes

Pure Magnolia dresses defy bridal “rules” by playfully incorporating European laces, Indian silks, colorful patterns, organic cottons, and vintage and recycled fabrics into their classic designs. Each dress is tailor-made to fit the bride’s style, body, and wedding. Pure Magnolia specializes in variety, and is eager to make something that perfectly fits the bride’s vision and priorities with a stunning eco-friendly dress. If you don't live in the Vancouver area, they're happy to work with you remotely to get you the dress you've been dreaming about!

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15. Tara Lynn Bridal 

Based In | Vermont
Eco-Friendly | Natural, organic, & repurposed fibers
Availability | Made-to-order
Price Range | Varies, inquire for quotes

Tara Lynn is known for her highly unique, one-of-a-kind wedding gowns that utilize colorful vintage fabrics, lace, beads, buttons and trim. Each dress is made specifically for the bride in mind, and the designer works with the bride to make personal modifications and unique embellishments. Tara Lynn’s inspiration comes from a love of nature and her research in flora and fauna. Brides from all over travel to her solar-powered studio for eco-couture, custom dresses.

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