Bespoke Sustainable Fashion

Million of pounds of clothing are thrown away each year, simply because they don’t fit quite right. And that’s how fast fashion works: you buy clothing made in standard sizes and fits, only for it to end up in a landfill within a few wears.

But with the increase of more slow, intentional fashion comes more made-to-order clothing brands who are dedicated to keeping waste low and your satisfaction high. These five brands are crafting stylish pieces that fit you and your personal style, so you can invest in pieces that look great and last forever. 

1. Dressarte

Ethics | Made-to-order, low waste, ethically-made, eco-friendly fabrics
Product Range | Women’s suits, dresses, tops & bottoms
Turnaround Time | 10–15 business days
Price | $99–$399+

Ever bought a top that was just a little off, and you were convinced you’d make it work? Yeah, we’ve been there too, and so has Dressarte. Instead of shopping around for pieces that don’t fit, Dressarte wants to give you a perfectly tailored look. Every item in their store is customizable, so within three minutes, you’ll know exactly what you’re about to receive made right for your measurements. Feel confident, sexy, and bold no matter what you’re wearing.

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2. Fame & Partners

Ethics | Made-to-order, low waste
Product Range | Women’s apparel & wedding wear
Turnaround Time | Choose from 7–10 days, 2–3 weeks, or 4–7 weeks
Price | $99–$399

For the biggest occasions in your life, don’t opt for fast fashion. Go for Fame & Partners’ dresses and apparel instead. They offer all kinds of dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and more that are ideal for a night out on the town with elevated hems, chic bows, and gorgeous colors. Not sure where to start? Fill in your body type, preferred fit, or turnaround time and you’ll find options galore. Plus, they offer options for bridesmaids, guests, and even the bride herself, for a fraction of the typical cost. Yes, please.

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3. Citizen Wolf

Ethics | Ethically-sourced fabrics, organic and cruelty-free materials, zero-waste practices, fair labor standards, free alterations and repairs
Product Range | Custom made tees for women and men
Turnaround Time |
Price | $59–$69

A good t-shirt is hard to find in a world of cheap and ill-fitting fast fashion. Citizen Wolf, a bespoke brand based in Australia, aims to make the perfect tee accessible to everyone, no matter their measurements. This sustainable brand wants to help you care for your garment long-term as well, by offering free alteration and repairs on all their tees. Citizen Wolf offers free shipping in Australia, and ships internationally, too.

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4. SuitKits

Ethics | Made-to-order, low waste, ethically-made, gives back
Product Range | Suits & suit separates
Turnaround Time | ~8 weeks
Price | $279–$1599

If your style idol is Hillary Clinton’s iconic pantsuit, you’ll love SuitKits. With business professional, business casual, and fashion-forward suits, you’ll have heads turning from the red carpet to the C-suite, and everywhere in between. (Not in the market for a full suit? Worry not, for they offer suit separates, too!) Best of all, they give back with each purchase towards low-income, disadvantaged young women in need of professional attire. Currently, SuitKits has tailoring partners in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles—but they’re expanding, so if you’re not in one of those regions, sit tight and you’ll find your staple suit in no time.

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5. Tailor Store

Ethics | Made-to-order, low waste, ethically made, sustainable materials
Product Range | Women’s and men’s suits, shirts, accessories
Turnaround Time | 7–10+ business days
Price | $59–$299

For far too long, standard sizes and fits have dictated our clothing—but not anymore. Tailor Store, started in 2003 in Sweden, crafts men and women’s personalized workwear. Today, they own and operate their own manufacturing space in Sri Lanka creating ethically-made pieces with sustainable and CO2-neutral practices. Hop on to their site or their simple app, get your measurements, and expect the perfect fit within 2 weeks at an affordable price point.

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Header image via Dressarte